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New World Lazarus Instrumentality Expedition Guide

In the center of Reek Water, exists a Level 66 Expedition called the Lazarus Instrumentality. We'll go through the drops you can get, the monsters you'll face, and more in our Lazarus Instrumentality Expedition Guide!

Before beginning the Expedition


This expedition is situated exactly to the north of the Reekwater Settlement. Its suggested level in-game indicates that it is level 60, indicating that it is an endgame expedition made for characters that have attained that level, are equipped well and are aware of their place in an expedition. We advise waiting until your High Water Mark gets close to 600 before joining this expedition because it is an endgame expedition and can drop up to Items Score 600 gear.

Various Types of Enemies

The majority of the enemies in the Lazarus Instrumentality are Ancient Foes that are resistant to Slash and Fire damage but vulnerable to Strike, Lightning, as well as Void damage. Combating the difficulties of this expedition can be greatly aided by the use of weapons that deal ‘Strike’ and Lightning damage. In this Expedition, you may also employ Infused Ancient Coatings to improve your damage, although we suggest storing them for the challenges you are having. The final boss of this expedition has a special ability that prevents them from taking more damage from any type and makes them vulnerable to all types of harm.

New World Lazarus Instrumentality Expedition Guide

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Commencing the Expedition

Someone in your team must be at the entryway to be able to accept the Lazarus Instrumentality. To discover a group and join the adventure, you may also use the dungeon expedition group finder. By selecting the Expedition map symbols on the map or using the expedition entrance UI, you may access the group finder.

You can look through player-created listings or submit a request to join the other users on your server. You can use this tool to identify your ideal team position, such as healer, tank, or DPS. On the basis of such positions, you can hire. You may also set prerequisites for hiring, such as a minimum level and gear score, and then evaluate members to find out their typical gear scores and weaponry.

First Confrontation

Only a short distance from the entrance is where you have your first confrontation with the Expedition. A minor boss named Damysys will appear. He carries two adds and uses a shield and spear. The two additions are standard mobs with the name Lazarus Avengers and are quick to dispatch.

After removing the two adds, hit the boss hard to deplete his stamina bar. He is weak and easily defeated because of his low health. The archer with the ad set that is located behind the monster in this fight is something to be careful of. If you're not careful, you could drag them into the conflict. Just be conscious of their presence.

New World Lazarus Instrumentality Expedition Guide

The Portal Glyph Puzzle and the Ostium

The Ostium is the room you will enter after that. A puzzle platform is in the room's middle and a portal directly ahead is surrounded by a number of mobs.

The portal and a second portal on the left wall will both release foes during this puzzle phase. One person must match the illuminated glyph above the door with the glyph upon that puzzle platform in the room's center in order to solve the problem. An animation on the floor-based glyph begins to light up when the person on it remains still for a little while.


Continue towards the right door to activate the respawn pilon after solving the riddle. Dolos will appear shortly after that. Dolos, a boss of the Reaver race, will run over players as well as slow them down. He isn't particularly challenging and ought to be simple to defeat.

To the right of Dolos is an Archer who is watching over an Orb. To open the next door and move on to the following section, you must beat the archer and deal with the orb. A group of three easily defeated mobs is located on the other door's other side. After then, you must move through the dungeon killing garbage creatures until you reach Cilla.


Another group of monsters will spawn after speaking with Cilla. They must be eliminated before you may proceed back up the route to Alcyon. Be sure to handle the archers in the backside and be cautious of Alcyon's AOE nova ability. You can resist and evade the AOE, but if you are caught in it, you risk being one-shot.

The area surrounding Alcyon's weapon has a purple glow, which signals the activation of the AOE. The AOE will then be caused when he slams the weapon to the ground. To go on to the cleansing ritual, avoid the AOE and kill the boss.

The Cleansing Ritual

Enter the second room after beating Alcyon. After disposing of the garbage mobs, the entire gang must engage with the pillar in the center of the room to clean. You won't be permitted to speak to Cilla to start the boss encounter if no one accomplishes this.

Another group of enemies, including the identified mini boss Palas, will spawn in the area after everyone has cleared it. He uses a spear, so it's rather simple to lock him with CC and take him down.

Before starting the battle with Cilla, make sure that you grab the Respawn Pylon immediately after leaving the chamber.

Boss Fight-Cilla

Cilla will use spear throws, swipes, and throws. Be sure to deflect the spear's powers by blocking them.

Buff stacks on Cilla will increase with time. She becomes much more damaging as these stacks accumulate. An orb will appear at any of the platforms surrounding the boss arena if she achieves 10 stacks. The orb must be turned on by someone in the party for Cilla to lose her bonus stacks. The player who activated the orb will acquire a debuff that increases the amount of arcane harm they take, and Cilla will go to that area. This penalty will accumulate. To nullify the mechanism, you can remove the debuff using a cleaning touch or an ice block.

Cilla will start accumulating buffs once she moves to the spot where the orb was dropped, and you will need to repeat the process. She will therefore enter phase 2 once a specific period of time has elapsed and a specific number of orbs have already been ignited. After that, she will immediately cast an AOE wipe mechanic.

New World Cilla Boss Fight

2nd Phase

She will cause all of the team members to generate purple orbs. You must build up on the enemy until all of the orbs are gone. A big purple AOE will form on the ground when the orbs vanish. In order to live, you must quickly leave the area and find a secure location.

Each player is in a zone where the AOE decreases. Since you won't be able to locate safe ground to retreat to, the AOE will span the whole arena if you don't stack up, wiping out your party. The bottom line is that when Cilla builds 10x buffs, drop the ball to eliminate buffs, pile up on the monster when purple orbs appear on people, run out of AOE, and avoid additional damage.

The Last Walk

Players will teleport to the Last Walk chamber after fighting Cilla. Three pressure plates are present on the ground. This can be divided into 1 of 2 ways. Three in the center, with a tank at the front, and DPS at the rear can be your way to go. One tank to the front, two in the center, and two in the rear are also viable options.

All of the pressure plates need to be activated once everyone is positioned. All three rooms will produce enemies. You might require three persons in the middle chamber because there are the most foes there. Waves of adversaries will appear in every room. Players can enter the middle area to complete wiping out the last waves as soon as you finish wiping out the monsters in the top and bottom parts. When each wave is finished, the gate will open, allowing you to go on with the mission.

You may continue through the rest of the Expedition after the Last Walk Room by removing the advertisements and other mini-bosses in your path. The majority of these foes are trash mobs, who are quickly vanquished. The remaining mini-bosses have few mechanics and are quite simple to defeat. After eliminating all of these adversaries, you will be in the final boss area.

Boss Fight - Chardis

The Lazarus Instrumentality Expedition's last boss in New World is Chardis. For the entirety of the battle, your DPS should remain directly in front of Chardis, and ranged players should position themselves exactly behind the right shining circle on the floor next to the wall.

You will notice two orbs on either side of the boss when you start the battle, each of which is protected by an energy shield. To roll the orb on the luminous circle on the ground, one DPS must approach the orb to the right, attack it to take down the shield, and then move the orb. A cleaning area will then be activated as a result. Then turn left and continue. The DPS should return to their respective spots and proceed to DPS the boss after triggering the cleaning regions.

The boss will throw his arms over through the players while you are DPSing him and slam his hands to the ground. Simply stay still in your separate places; these attacks provide little to no damage and are manageable. As the battle goes on, your healer can restore your health to 100 percent.

New World Chardis Fight

The Damage Phase

At some point, Chardis will use a laser to aim at a player. The laser has to be cleansed, thus that player needs to walk over to where the team has set up a floating orb. Chardis will tumble to the ground & sustain substantially more damage if the orb is destroyed.

The boss will overlay the left side of the arena (when facing them) to cut off access towards the left orb when Chardis has about 65-75% to go. You will start receiving damage right away if you chance to rush into the mist, and you won't be able to utilize your skills because of the quiet. The dangerous layer appears on the right side, but the same thing happens when there is 40 to 50 percent health left. If the boss isn't beaten after using both orbs, he will aim his laser at a member of the party. Until that player dies or Chardis is vanquished, the laser will stay on them. You can keep up during the endless laser cycle with the help of your healer.

Once Chardis has been vanquished, you can proceed via teleport to retrieve your last chest and leave the Expedition.

Loot Drop

The maximum gear score for Lazarus Instrumentality loot drops is 600. These goods do, however, adhere to the New World Expertise System. Therefore, unless you have already increased your Expertise up to that level before earning the drop, the prize will just not drop with a gear score of 600. However, the Expedition bosses throughout this dungeon will always give you an Expertise bonus, and there's also a chance that their chests will do the same.


This Lazarus Instrumentality Expedition Guide is now complete. This endgame expedition will be a piece of cake for you from now on!

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