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New World Leatherworking Guide

The amazing MMORPG New World, which has amassed hundreds of thousands of players since its release, has managed to win over the hearts of the majority of gamers. The game provides players with a variety of careers and advancements.

These abilities can be refined either in-game or through separate practice. The game has three primary vocations: crafting, refining, and gathering. These are referred to as trading skills. Today's topic will be the Leatherworking profession, a subset of the refining skill. The process of refining unprocessed animal hides obtained through the Gathering talent of Skinning is known as Leatherworking. And leather is made using it. Like any other video game, New World features a variety of interconnected talents. For instance, you might gather the skins using Skinning, make them with Leatherworking, and then sell or craft with the finished item.

The products can be made with the tanneries' New World Leatherworking Skill. As you may already be aware, these stations have several Tiers. They are reachable by Settlements. You should focus on the Town Projects if you're eager to build the tanneries in your settlement. If not, browse the map to locate the tanneries of the necessary tier in the other Settlements.

New World Leatherworking

Before you begin

You must consider the following before starting the leatherworking process.

Getting a Skinning knife

One of the essential tools in the New World is the skinning knife because it is required to acquire the necessary materials for numerous occupations. Even the development of Settlements depends on it.

Here is information on how to obtain the Skinning Knife, as well as information on resources that can be collected and occupations that use it as a base instrument.

Tools have several tiers, the same as weapons. The better tools you can equip increase with level. The Skinning knife has five stages, each with progressively better bonuses:

Tier I - Flint Skinning Knife:

  • 100% Gathering speed

  • Level 1

Tier II - Iron Skinning Knife:

  • 125% and above Gathering speed

  • Level 1

Tier III - Steel Skinning Knife:

  • 250% and above Gathering speed

  • Level 17

Tier IV - Starmetal Skinning Knife:

  • Gathering speed: 400% and above

  • Level 37

Tier V - Orichalcum Skinning Knife:

  • 625% and above Gathering speed

  • Level 60

Skinning knives are available from the following sources:

  • Crafting at a camp

  • Crafting in a community at a crafting station

  • As compensation for finishing quests

  • Drops by adversaries

  • Trading Posts

Just Tier 1 tools can be produced in your camp, so keep that in mind. The crafting station requires engineering and is the best place to find improved knives. You could also purchase some in-game currency to get yourself a high-tier axe.

 To aid you, you can visit MMOPixel and purchase New World Coins.

Types of leather

There are five kinds of leather in the game, each with different Tier levels. The level of the item you want to make corresponds to the Tier level of the Tannery facility that you need. In other words, a crucial element in your development is the Tannery center's level. You might need to locate another if yours doesn't.

  • Coarse Leather: You can learn the first 50 levels with coarse leather, but you'll also need rawhide from zoo animals. Players can purchase coarse leather at the trading post, which is also used for tasks related to municipal construction.

  • Rugged Leather: You can start making Rugged Leather once you've reached level 50. You'll need four coarse pieces of leather, as well as Tannin, Rested Tannin, or Aged Tannin, which you can obtain in world chests or make yourself starting at level 50 in the Leatherworking profession.

  • Layered Leather: The first Layered Leather can already be created at level 100. The costs at the trading post are extremely high since thick animal skin is more expensive and challenging to acquire.

  • Infused Leather: You can create Infused Leather once you have reached level 150. Layered leather and resistant animal skin are required for this.

  • Runes Leather: Epic Leather, required for extremely valuable armor and tools, can be crafted starting at level 200. For skinning animals, you also need Smolderhide and Scarhide, which are extremely rare.

New World Tannery Tier 5

The Process of Skinning to Leatherworking

 Let's now look at how to obtain these leathers. You should also pursue the profession of Skinning if you wish to advance in Leatherworking and create brand-new leathers. You can track animals in the wild while working as a skinner, as the profession's name suggests. Animal hides, which are needed for recipes in Crafting and Refining, can also be obtained using this Gathering skill.

Furthermore, it provides drops based on the level of the animal after killing wild animals like boars, elks, and wolves. Players with higher levels of Skinning also acquire an acute sense of tracking, which helps locate such creatures in the wild. So you can pursue rarer and more advanced animals.

In addition, Skinning is a skill utilized in Leatherworking and armoring. The Skinning Knife is used for this procedure. In addition, as the level of this weapon increases, so does your gathering speed.

Additionally, you will gain perks unique to your Skinning skill if you choose a Dexterity build. For every 50 points you provide the stat, this feature improves.

Best Locations for Skinning

  • The location where the Boars are is the greatest place to do Skinning up to level 25, regardless of whatever settlement you begin the game. Skinning can also be done rapidly in the vicinity of the Watchtower building in your settlement's first location.

  • You can improve your Skinning by killing the wolves nearby Inkwell Cave, slightly to the right of the Windsward Hamlet Settlement. They respawn quickly.

  • By eliminating the animals known as Lushhunt Pointer, who demand high level and gear level, you can fast reach the maximum level for your skin. But since the creatures and environment in this location demand a high level, we caution you to be careful. It is situated close to where the Cutlass Keys Hamlet Settlement's castle.

In addition, depending on the skin you want, the level of the animals you must kill is significant.

  • Rawhide: Level 0-30.

  • Thick Hides: Level 35-45.

  • Iron Hide: Level 45-60

New World Tracking and Skinning

Benefits of Leatherworking

You have gained a lot of priceless leather and raised your level in Leatherworking. The leathers you obtain in the Leatherworking profession can be used for Crafting in the more complex game levels, such as Armoring and Weaponsmithing. Both of these will improve your character and bring in money as gold. In addition, there are recipes for the Arcana and Engineering professions that call for leather. In other words, we advise you to spend extra time developing each profession because they are all connected in the game.

Some buffs to use while skinning

The charm of Starmetal Skinner

Consider it a gem that is affixed to your Skinning Knife. When wearing, you have a 9.3% higher chance of dropping rare items while skinning.

Skinning Trophy for Gathering

Your chances of successfully skinning as an active buff will rise if you display these awards someplace in your house.

It has levels as well:

  • Major Trophy: 1500 luck bonus

  • Basic Trophy: 1000 Luck Bonus

  • Minor Trophy: 500 luck bonus


You will also temporarily enhance your probability of peeling when you eat certain meals.

  • Herb Roasted Carrots: 1400 points for 25 minutes 

  • Roasted Carrots: 1000 points for 20 minutes


As we previously established, you gain more Skinning benefits when you invest attribute points in Dexterity. The number of buffs and their features increase as you advance. In other words, performing Skinning for a Dexterity player is better.

Some additional tips

  • You might find it more cost-effective to secure them in your luggage or send me back to the city to unload them in place of your suitcase, allowing you to bring more items.

  • Supply Crates include the ingredients needed for Leatherworking, such as Tannin and Crossweave.
    The Material Converts you buy from the Faction Store give you the chance to convert at the Tier level you wish just once if your tannery's Tier level is insufficient to create high-level skins.

  • The most sophisticated fertilizer potions you can make in the workshop using water and mops will enhance the amount of rawhide you acquire. Some homemade dishes will also make your fingers tremble more.

  • You can buy the materials if you don't want to deal with skinning to advance in the leatherworking industry, but we do not advise this approach due to its high cost. Additionally, your career as a skinner will always be useful to you.


What we have written is considered part of the New World's leatherworking profession. However, dozens of themes are still relevant to other vocations and call for in-depth crafting knowledge. You can fully understand the professional system in New World by adhering to the specifics and tips in our other articles. In addition, you can keep following us if you want to learn more about the game's endgame, which includes the builds to be constructed beyond level 60 and the upcoming job upgrades.

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