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New World Leveling Guide - Reach the Max Level With MMOPixel!

Learn how to get XP in the Nwe World with this guide

New World is the new sensation of the video game’s world. Right now, thousands of players from all over the globe are trying to conquer the territories and build their own kingdoms. In this context, surviving is a really hard task. 

To be the best in this new continent, you’ll need to be stronger than most players. Luckily for you, you’ve arrived at the right place. This New World Leveling Guide covers all you’re looking for, giving the best leveling tips for your path.

General tips and tricks you see in this article will help you level up quickly and plunge into a chaotic world of PvP fort assaults, expeditions, and monster-infested wilds. Are you ready to rule over different territories and be better than other players? Let’s start, conquer!

New World Level Up for Beginners

Get massive XP in New World with this in-game guide

Just like any MMORPG, New World features a lot of ways to get experience points. We’ll list the best ways to reach higher levels, so you don’t waste time on useless activities. 

Main Story Quests

Main story quests are the cornerstones of leveling in any massively multiplayer online role-playing game. 

It’s relevant you prioritize any main story quest the game introduces you, but don’t forget side quests and faction quests, which we’ll talk about later.  

For purposes of this guide, main story quests can be divided depending on your level. Main story quests net you a huge amount of XP. Besides, main scenario quests indicate which areas are the best for your level. 

Furthermore, main story quests give you access to essential items which you can’t get any other way but through the leveling process. 

Level 1-5

Make sure you complete all the main quests on the beach, your starting location. You need to complete them in order to progress with the quests in the settlement. 

Get extra XP with Sole Survivor and other quests in New World

Sole Survivor mission- The first quest of the game

Level 5-9

When you arrive at the nearest settlement, continue with the Main Tutorial Quests. This is the moment when you join a faction. At this point, you get a second weapon slot and survivalist quest (camp tier upgrade).

Some good places that can be easily farmed at these levels are:

  • First light.

  • Everfall.

  • Monarch’s Bluff.

  • Windsward.

Level 9-18

Complete main quests until you acquire the ring slot and Azoth Staff. At level 15 you get the third consumable slot. 

The Azoth Staff is one of the amazon weapons you’ll get in main storyline

The Azoth Staff.

Level 18-23

At this point, it’s recommendable to complete PvP and PvE missions

Level 23-30

Complete Amrine Excavation all the way until 30. This is one of the first raid dungeons in the game. Here you’ll find strong monsters that give you huge amounts of experience points. At level 25, you get the fourth consumable slot. 

Expeditions eventually lead you to get massive exp and gathering materials

The Amrine Excavation location.

Level 30-40

  • Main Story Quests in Brightwood. Search for locations marked with yellow marks to start new quests according to your level. At level 30, you get the second bag slot.

Yellow marks indicate more quests available

  • Starstone Barrows. This next expedition sets in South-East of the Everfall Settlement. Beyond gaining experience by killing mobs and bosses, you can complete the repeatable quest “More Bones for Barkimedes.” The quest giver is in front of Amrine Expedition. Inside Starstone Barrows you’ll find the bones. 

Starstone Barrows is the nest expedition you should complete

  • Corrupted Breaches. Focus on small portals. You don’t need to get the kills but you need to be getting a few hits in for it to count. Also, close the portal to receive a good amount of XP. 

  • Brightwood Island. Mobs that appear on this island are level 26-35.

In Birghtwood Island you can hunt wild animals to go from lower levels to higher levels

  • Weaver’s Fen. This is a desolate swamp full of ruins and old settlements. Complete the main story quests of this territory. 

In Weaver’s Fen you can develop your mining skill, and refining skills, at the same time you level up your character

Level 40-48

  • The Depths. This level 45 expedition is located in the North East of the Restless Shore Settlement. Here you can complete the repeatable quest “Meat for Nekumanesh.” The entrance of this expedition is behind a waterfall. At level 40, you get the Earring Slot.

The Depths is a perfect location to gather resources to craft armor and level up your character

  • Restless Shores. The main storyline is Restless Shores. There, you’ll face mobs of level range 42-46. Quests such as “Lupine Observations” and “Pirates Will Pirate” should be interesting for you. 

Restless Shores you can find a fewer resources and leveling the level ranges in a easy way

  • Eridanus Grind. This is an elite point of interest. It features Elite Angry Earth at level 46.

Eridanus Grind is an outpost rush where you can kill elite mobs

Level 48-53

  • Great Cleave. This is a snowy region north of Brightwood and south of Shattered Mountain. Visit Cleave’s point and Eastburn outpost to receive main quests. 

Great Cleave is a good place to the end game and get turning orbs

  • Edengrove. In this region, you can visit the Tower of Malevolence, which is protected by Dryads, the Valor Hold, and The Last Stand. 

Edengrove can be a quiet a bit hard but still it’s a great zone to kill elite mobs

  • Svikin’s Stand Grind. This is a great spot with elite mobs, which will give you many experience points. 

Svikin’s Stand Grind is a good place to enhance the three leveling systems in New World

Level 53-60

  • Ebonscale Reach. The quests you find here are recommended for players at level range 51-60. Two interesting points are the Ebonscale Reach Settlement and the Ebonscale Reach Fort. 

Ebonscale Reach is a good place to get raw materials and develop the crafting skill

  • Dynasty Shipyard. This is an expedition located in the southern region of Ebonscale Reach. Inside, you’ll find corrupted pirates which give you a decent amount of points. Also, you can complete the repeatable quest “Justice for the Dynasty.” The quest giver is at the entrance of the expedition. 

Complete expeditions in New World to reach level 55 easily

Alt-text: Complete expeditions in New World to reach level 55 easily

  • Shattered Mountain. This is the crown of the Aeternum, a mountain full of corruption. Some main quests you must consider are “The Tempest’s Heart” and “In Soul, In Stone.” Completing the expedition “Baetylus Headpiece” is also a great way to receive a lot of XP.

Visit Shattered Mountain and other sites to get good XP

Side Quests

New World has a great number of interesting side quests to improve the player’s immersion. Many of them are given by NPCs that are in the wilderness. Every side mission will reward you with XP bonuses when you complete them. Let’s take a look at some of the most interesting side quests:

Misplaced Treasure - Weaver’s Fen

  • Level: 30

  • Quest Giver: Dr. Leonie Roggeveen

  • XP: 1460

  • Gold: 75

  • Territory Standing: 175

Treasure Island - Cutlass Keys

  • Level: 32

  • Quest Giver: Claire Fergus

  • XP: 1560

  • Gold: 77.5

  • Territory Standing: 175

Bear Co-Habitation - Brightwood

  • Level: 33

  • Quest Giver: Holt Hutchison

  • XP: 1610

  • Gold: 78.75

  • Territory Standing: 175

Keen Temper - Cutlass Keys

  • Level: 47

  • Quest Giver: Antonia Lucian

  • XP: 2740

  • Gold: 134.75

  • Territory Standing: 250

Story of the Stones - Weaver’s Fen

  • Level: 30

  • Quest Giver: Architect Na Li

  • XP: 1460

  • Gold: 75.0

  • Territory Standing: 175

Recipe for Disaster - Cutlass Keys

  • Level: 36

  • Quest Giver: Plute Swampy

  • XP: 2180

  • Gold: 115.5

  • Territory Standing: 250

Sweet Secrets - Brightwood

  • Level: 32

  • Quest Giver: Yargui Khunbish

  • XP: 1560

  • Gold: 77.5

  • Territory Standing: 175

Fenton’s Fiend - Weaver’s Fen

  • Level: 39

  • Quest Giver: Evelyn Van Heck

  • XP: 2330

  • Gold: 120.75

  • Territory Standing: 250

Mother Ocean - Cutlass Keys

  • Level: 30

  • Quest Giver: Wistful Billian Rowen

  • XP: 1460

  • Gold: 75.0

  • Territory Standing: 175

New World XP Farm

New World XP farming is just a classic, and something you must do most of the time on Aeternum if you want to level up fast. We know that it can be a little time-consuming, but still is one of the best practices you can do.

We’ve already mentioned, in the first part of this article, some good places where you can farm. Regarding our personal preference to reach the level cap, Deadman’s Cove is a great place to kill Elite mobs and keep your XP gains flowing steadily. 

Farming places such as Deadman’s Code will give you good XP

Deadman’s Cove location

Get the Rested XP Bonus

When you log off from New World, you should make sure to do it in a settlement. This way, you’ll accelerate your XP gain up to a certain point on your XP bar. Maybe it’s not to much, but still is a good chunk of experience points. 

Town Board Missions

Complete town projects to reach level 60 as soon as possible

Every settlement in New World has a Town Project Board, usually near the Town Hall. Town projects are assigned by the Governor of the company that owns the settlement.

Town projects are about upgrading a specific part of the settlement. When a project begins, the Town Board will gain a set of quests that any player can get since these projects are community quests. A town project quest is very likely the fastest way to reach a higher level. 

When you complete these quests, you’re contributing to the settlement upgrade, which grants you a small chunk of XP, mainly in the early game.

Pick the Territory Standing XP Bonus

Territory Standing to gain XO bonuses

The Aeternum is divided into several territories, each of them governed by a settlement. When you complete quests in those territories, you increase the standing with the specific territory. Every time you reach a new level, you can pick the XP Boost perk to gain an XP bonus for all activities you complete in the territory.

Look out for Lore Pages

When you start to explore New World, you notice that there are lore notes that are distributed wherever you go. They’re really hard to miss. When you find some of these lore pages you receive a decent amount of experience, especially in the early levels.  

It’s not worth going out trying to find them. The idea is you find them when you’re carrying out quests or searching for resources. 

Faction Missions

Head to the faction board and accept some faction missions for fast leveling

After you decide to be part of a faction, you can accept faction missions from the faction representative. In exchange for completing faction missions, you’ll receive special rewards, such as specialized equipment, and of course, experience points. There are two types of faction missions: PvE and PvP.

PvE Missions

As its name suggests, the goal in these missions is to defeat creatures, stockpile resources, kill high-threat foes, or craft supplies. In some cases, you will be sent to defeat the most dangerous villains of Aetermun. 

PvP Missions

When you accept a PvP mission, you will be auto-flagged. If you unflag yourself in the middle of a PvP mission, you will automatically abandon it. Some things you have to do in PvP are gathering tactical information, delivering critical messages, or patrolling areas of opposing factions. As a reward, you’ll get a good amount of XP, better gear, and access to special perks. 

Besides, completing a PvP mission generates influence for your faction inside the territory. This reinforces the control of the faction. Generating influence for a faction that does not control the territory brings the territory closer to a war declaration. 

There is a daily bonuses of 200 % XP when completing your first 3 faction missions of the day. 

Hit Enemies that Others are Fighting

Hitting enemies is a main way to get extra XP

From time to time, you’ll accept faction missions that ask you to kill a certain number of enemies. Since it’s not easy to find them, hit enemies that other players are already hitting. This way, you’ll get character and weapon XP. Although it’s not a huge amount, it will help you to level up fast in New World.

Level up Your Gathering Skills

Gathering materials and resources, such as green wood or ores, gives you XP. Just make sure you’ve leveled mining and harvesting to at least 30. You can also use a fishing pole for fishing at any pond or river you find, or hunting animals to get interesting resources to cook food.

Furthermore, one or another quest of the main storyline requires you to gather some resources. Also, you can use these resources to craft items or sell them at the trading post. 

Level up Your Crafting Skills

You must level up your crafting skills as well as gathering skills. Crafting skills fall under the broader “trade skills” category. The only way to level up this skill is by crafting a lot. Create all consumables, apparel, weapons, and house furnishings you can with gathered and refined materials. Later, you can sell your crafting items in the Trading post to gain some extra money.

Leveling Build

Leveling build New World guides

Weapon combinations are a great way to get the best of both weapons you have in any weapon slot. Combining the strength of melee weapons and the dexterity of ranged weapons is a good strategy to level up your weapons faster. Thanks to this, you can make use of the abilities and bonuses from weapon skill trees and reach weapon mastery. 

In these terms, the hatchet is a good choice as a primary weapon. Berserk Mode will increase your damage, speed, and grant you a healing effect. Let’s take a look at two good choices.

Hatchet and Bow

Pairing the hatchet with a bow is a good choice to end the fights quickly. This build adds to Berserk Mode speed increase with passive movement speed bonuses of the bow. A good example of this is the Archer’s Speed in the Skirmisher skill tree. 

Hatchet and Life Staff

This build is perfect for survivability. It combines the Berserk Mode passive healing of the hatchet with the healing abilities of the life staff. The Sacred Ground ability from the staff’s healing skill tree will heal you for a decent period of time.

New World Leveling Guide Final Thoughts

New World Leveling Guide

New World by Amazon Game Studios is a game with thousands of opportunities, and hundreds of ways of gaining experience and more XP. New World leveling rewards you if you’re persistent and keep exploring new zones of the Aeternum. 

Defeating mobs and completing quests will be your cornerstones if you want to level up faster and reach the max level. Weapon skills, crafting skills, and trade skill levels work in the same way. Just complete all the quests related to these abilities and you’ll reach higher levels in a short amount of time.

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