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New World Life Skills Guide

A vast range of trade talents focused on gathering, repurposing, and producing resources and goods from around Aeternum is available in New World. This tutorial will show you how to level up all of the game's gathering, refining, and crafting trade abilities. It will also show you how to begin crafting as soon as you get on the beaches of Aeternum.

Players can develop in various ways in most RPGs when they level up through grinding. The same is true of New World. The standard leveling method for your character comes first. It involves accumulating experience points (XP) using various techniques, enabling you to improve your attributes.

We must first examine the New World trade skill groups before moving on. Pressing 'K' will bring up the tab so you can see these. Trade skills come in three categories: refining, refining, and crafting. Compared to gathering talents, crafting and refining skills level up more quickly. Similarly, when you level up each trade skill, you'll be able to either unlock new recipes or harvest rarer materials.

New World Crafting Skill

Gathering trade skills

These activities are the most fundamental in the game and give you a way to gather unprocessed resources from the wild. Trade abilities for gathering include the following:


Fishing involves going to a body of water with a fishing pole. Finding a fishing pole tool is the first and most crucial step in the fishing process. The first fishing narrative provides access to this tool. You can apply several perks to your fishing rod to boost experience points earned and the likelihood of catching better fish. Of course, the next step is to locate a body of water. These water bodies are also found in several towns. In New World, unique pools with fish exist only in those locations. A mining node and a hotspot for fishing are pretty similar.

Skinning and Tracking

Hunting and killing wild creatures like turkeys, wolves, and boars are required for tracking and skinning. Press' E' to begin skinning them after that. Players must bring their skinning knife, constructed of one flint and one piece of green wood, to start tracking and skinning in New World. They can all be picked up or found on the ground without needing any tools. You'll need to upgrade your tools and raise your tracking and skinning levels to boost tracking and skinning speed.


You'll need to cut down trees to level up your logging skills. You should always aim to chop the highest level tree possible for the quickest method. If you keep this in mind as you go, you will eventually get better logging skills. If you have the resources, it's ideal for enhancing your weight capacity. Using a logging axe, locate trees to cut using the 'E' key.


These can be seen on the field as rocks or nodes. You will initially mine iron and silver deposits and crack open rocks. Players can collect experience points (XP) and gather materials to build the gear they need for their adventures by mining the different veins and deposits strewn throughout Aeturnum.

The degree of skill required for the mining trade, which spans from 1-200, determines the kinds of ores you can mine. A player with better mining skills can gather the premium metals and ores needed to make better gear.


You'll need a sickle for harvesting, so prepare that. Your expertise will rise as you gather stuff, and you will benefit from superior resources like magic plants. Additionally, it will enable you to monitor additional resources based on your proficiency level. Use interactive maps to rapidly locate vast quantities of hemp, herbs, or agricultural plants. As you increase the terrain's level to collect resources more quickly, you should keep an eye on how quickly they are being collected.

Refining Trade Skills

The process of refining involves transforming unusable raw materials into useful products that may be utilized to create recipes and blueprints. Once you arrive at a town (First Light in this case), you should come across several stations where you can transform your collected resources into more valuable things.

Having a lot of raw materials on hand will help you rapidly level your refining trade skills. In addition, you might be able to purchase some at the Trade Post if you don't want to farm in the wild (though items here would require a bit of gold).

We would recommend buying some materials to get yourself started in the game using real money.

To aid you, you can also just visit MMOPixel and purchase New World Coins.


Utilizing the Woodshop, woodworking transforms logged wood into lumber. Players can refine fibers into more superior pieces of wood material for constructing better gear as they advance in their woodworking skills. It is carried out at a Woodshop, which is frequently located in settlements. By accepting Town Projects, woodworkers can raise their Tier level. It should be noted that a particular tier level is necessary to produce each sort of wood material. This tier level is equivalent to the tier level of the Woodshop.

New World Woodworking


Utilizes the Smelter to transform mined ore into ingots and wood harvested from trees into charcoal. One feature of smelting and other refining talents frequently ignored is the capacity to produce extra goods. At the Smelter, you can create more goods as your smelting progresses. But using a better flux will have an impact on this figure. As a result, you may substitute Shelldust Flux and Obsidian Flux for Sand Flux.


Utilizing the loom, weaving transforms fibers into linen, which can then be transformed into Sateen or silk. You may immediately create linen from hemp fibers in the game for a cost of four fibers for each piece. Next, take your accumulated hemp fibers to any nearby settlement's loom to refine them into linen. The next best fabric, Sateen, can be created if you have reached weaving level 50. This pricing includes one Crossweave, a Material Weave refined from materials collected from supply containers in Landmarks, and four articles of linen.


Utilizing the Stonecutting Table, stone from mining is transformed into blocks during stonecutting. This is where objects like Fire Motes, Soul Motes, and Life Motes can be transformed into defective gems. Cutting stone has advantages of its own. After cutting, you can insert these gemstones into the vacant armor or weapon sockets to give yourself a protective or offensive bonus.


Utilizing the tannery, leathermaking transforms the hides from skinning into leather. Players need to gather hides from the animals that wander Aeternum before they can begin making leather. The player will need a skinning knife for this and a recently killed animal. There can only be one skinning per animal. The level of animals a player can skin depends on their animal-skinning proficiency. You have a greater probability of producing more pieces if you have high skill levels and have produced large quantities of coarse leather.

Crafting Trade Abilities

The trade skills that provide you with the finished product in New World are the crafting trade skills. These are consumable goods or pieces of equipment that can be carried. The following are the New World crafting trade skills:


Utilizing the Outfitting Station, jewel crafting creates amulets and other small objects out of metals and cut gems. Jewelcrafting skill advancement is quite simple. Your ability to level this skill will increase as you produce more rings, amulets, and other ornaments. Jewelcrafting can be leveled up by producing the same low-level item. There are no other techniques for group jewel crafting. This work may be difficult, expensive, and time-consuming.

Armoring and Weaponsmithing

Using the Forge, you can make new weapons and armor using these trade talents, and each recipe calls for a different quantity of ingots, wood, and leather. Weaponsmithing also oversees weapons production, including war hammers, shields, and swords. You will undoubtedly come across many resources that can be used to make gear while adventuring.

New World Armoring and Weaponsmithing


Utilizes the Workshop to manufacture furnishings and fixtures. The furnishing skill is utilized for more than just aesthetics. But, then, it would be essentially worthless. More storage space and awards that offer passive bonuses are the key advantages. Because only homeowners can utilize it, it is more of an end-game talent. As a result, it is not suggested for new players. However, you may make beds, chairs, tables, lanterns, chests, carpets, awards, and many more house decorations in the New World thanks to furnishing. Later on, they can all be sold at a trading post.


Uses the Arcane Repository; enables the creation of potions, wisps, and magical weapons like the life staff, fire staff, and frost gauntlets. You can make a variety of potions and weapons with varying difficulty levels in this profession. It functions in perfect unison with the gathering professions of harvesting and mining. It will be exceedingly challenging to raise your arcana level if the level of these gathering vocations is low. Mana, Weapon Coating, and health may give your character several extra benefits.


Uses both the Workshop and the Forge in engineering. It allows you to make weapons and tools for gathering. The design of some weapons, such as hatchets, spears, bows, and muskets, is also governed by engineering.


This action uses the kitchen and enables you to prepare foods for healing, enhancing, and restoring purposes. You can also carry out this action while camping. Making dishes that can be recovered from levels 0 to 200 is the most popular cooking technique. Recovery foods offer less than other foods with comparable degrees of experience. The components needed to prepare them, however, are pretty adaptable. A fantastic technique to get ingredients for cooking is to rob supply crates or visit any farm and gather whatever is nearby.


You now know the fundamentals of leveling in the New World. You will dabble in a little bit of everything as you play the game, but New World is adaptable. Everything is possible if you want to. You may concentrate on that if all that matters to you is being the best possible swordsman. Alternatively, you may spend the entire day chopping down trees and gathering uncommon flowers. You now have a better idea of advancing through the New World, whatever you wish to do.

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