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New World Logging Guide

Three of the seventeen trade skills available in the New World are gathering, refining, and crafting. One of the most practical Gathering Skills is logging. In New World, woodcutting, or cutting trees with an axe, is known as logging. It provides the basic materials for numerous manufacturing processes.

It is one of the most essential skills in the game if you're making weapons or setting up camps. Even though it is one of the easier talents to level up, it takes longer than other skills, so be ready to put in the time. Players only need a Logging Axe and an abundance of trees to start logging. In New World, logging skill leveling effectively needs a little more thought.

It generates materials for engineering, furnishing, and weaponsmithing. Players disperse around the island of Aeternum to engage in combat, exploration, and resource collecting. The mechanics of crafting are heavily prioritized in New World. When completing quests, players are encouraged to gather materials at all times.

Before you Begin

Players must acquire their logging axe, constructed of one flint and one green wood, to begin logging in New World. These can all be picked up off the ground without the use of a tool. Make your first logging axe beside a campfire or a community.

Your logging expertise will advance when you begin logging. Therefore, you should enhance your tools and raise your logging level to make logging go more quickly.

Logging Tools

The flint logging axe should be leveled up as soon as possible because it is just meant to be a beginner tool. However, soon after you begin logging, you can make an iron axe by mining iron or buying it from the trading post. Depending on the qualities, this can enhance your logging speed by 125 percent to 139 percent.

You will require two leather, three timber or refined wood, twelve iron ingots, and crafted to enhance your axe. These resources can be obtained by logging, mining, and animal skinning.

The speeds of each tier of craftable axes are listed below:

  • Flint: 100 %

  • Iron: 125 %

  • Steel: 250 %

  • Starmetal: 400 %

  • Orichalcum: 625 %

Logging axes are available from the following sources:

  • Crafting at a camp

  • Crafting in a community at a crafting station

  • As compensation for finishing quests

  • Drops by adversaries

  • Trading Posts

Lumberjack's Discipline is the most crucial among the top three perks for your logging axe. Your skill will level up more quickly, thanks to that specific benefit. Try to pick up Azoth Extraction next to pay for the cost of going back and forth quickly.

The crafting station requires engineering and is the best place to find improved logging axes. You could also purchase some in-game currency to get yourself a high-tier axe.

 You can visit our website MMOPixel and purchase New World Coins.

New World Logging

Let's Begin!

We will now start with the spots and trees to farm for the quickest leveling experience after finishing the setup. Young trees are harvested for their green wood, while mature trees are harvested for their aged wood.

Level 1-50

The easiest levels to the farm are these:

Young Trees: The most effective place to farm young trees is here; despite being the simplest step, it all depends on how well you navigate your way there:

The greatest place to farm young trees is in Newhaven because it is a low-level zone with little competition. Simply travel in Newhaven's north, south, and east directions.

Level 50-100

Everyone is debating how to level up from 50 to 100 as quickly as possible. But we think you can continue farming Young Trees or switch to Mature Trees. Our advice for farming is:

  • Young trees till level 60

  • Continue with mature trees till 100

Keep in mind that you must use at least an Iron logging axe and be level 50 in logging to cut down mature trees.

The greatest place to cultivate mature trees is just south of Greenhaven.

Level 100-175

The complexity of the guide and the required player levels increase between 100 and 175. You must cultivate:

  • Young Trees

  • Mature Trees

  • Wyrdwood trees

Cutting down Young or Mature Trees will still result in the same amount of experience, but to advance to the next level, you will need more experience overall. Essentially, this means that if you want to level up quickly, you must farm WyrmWood Trees.

Here is a fantastic WyrmWood agricultural route:

Starting in the east and moving north of Bearclaw Pass, you will farm WyrmWood.

Level 175-200

The last level in your logging progression is 175-200. You must now concentrate on the Ironwood Trees. As we previously stated, all trees contribute experience to logging skills, allowing you to cut down additional trees to reach the maximum level. But because this is a guide on leveling quickly, farming Ironwood trees is the most effective strategy.

Where you should farm Ironwood is as follows:

  • Edengrove

  • Reekwater.

  • Shattered Mountain

With its Ironwood trees, Edengrove is the ideal place to cultivate because it is the ripest. However, to farm these trees and hit all other mature/young trees along the road, keep in mind that you must have a Starmetal Logging Axe or above.

How to speed up logging?

You should be aware of a few things to speed up logging. First, since the prizes are simple to earn as you travel the area, Territory Standing is a fantastic way to level up more quickly. You have three options for upgrading each time you reach Territory Standing in a region. Sometimes, one of those possibilities is to quicken the gathering process. If chosen, every time you choose that reward in that zone, your speed will rise by 3%.

Some additional Buffs for logging

Enhancing Logging Luck with Food

If you want to level up your logging skill, you can only eat one kind of food. It is made with 1 cabbage, 1 Dil, and 1 cooking oil and is called Roasted Cabbage. Your health progressively becomes better while you're dealing with these negative effects. You have a better chance of finding valuable, uncommon resources like tree sap if you eat roasted cabbage. You can see the luck increase of some food items below:

  • Herb-Roasted Cabbage: 1,700 for 30 minutes

  • Boiled Cabbage: 1,400 for 25 minutes

  • Salted Poultry with Cabbage: 2,000 for 40 minutes

  • Cabbage-Wrapped Roasted Fish: 1,900 for 35 minutes

  • Roasted Cabbage: 1,000 for 20 minutes

New World Boiled Cabbage

Choosing the right equipment

To aid in obtaining uncommon things, players can equip logging equipment in one of three tiers. Numerous foes will drop or you can find a Lumberjack shirt, pants, gloves, cap, and shoes in Elite Chests. Your chances of discovering uncommon goods will improve with different equipment scores.

Logging and Constitution

Along with Strength, Constitution is one of the two traits that increases your gathering abilities. A tree can be chopped in one blow with a 25% chance if you have 300 Constitution points. If you don't mind spending some Azoth, you could switch your spec to pure Constitution for leveling logging.

When you have 300 Constitution, it's a good idea to start chopping a tree, then repeat by leaping after each swing. If you do it this way, you'll try to procure the 25% chance of continually taking down the tree in one blow. In addition, it expedites the logging process of leveling.


You can add charms when making your logging axe. The Lumberjack's Discipline granted by the Steel Lumberjack's Charm allows its user to gain 3 % to 9 % extra logging experience. The logging luck granted by the Vial of SapDraught of SapStarmetal Lumberjack's Charm, and Orichalcum Lumberjack's Charm raises the likelihood of discovering rare goods by 2% to 9.3%.


You can also ingest remedies to improve your logging skills. Each one boosts the harvest from logging for a specific period.

  • Common Proficiency Booster: 7 % for 15 minutes

  • Weak Proficiency Booster: 5 % for 10 minutes

  • Powerful Proficiency Booster: 15 % for 30 minutes.

  • Strong Proficiency Booster: 10 % for 20 minutes

Owning houses

Additionally, you can obtain logging trophies if you have a home. The minor logging trophy awards the luck bonus of 500. A basic logging trophy awards a 1,000 luck bonus, and a major logging trophy awards a 1,500 luck bonus.

Some tips to consider

Bag Space / Carry Weight

Since logs are heavy, having extra bag capacity is crucial for leveling up logging. Therefore, for every 50 levels, we advise upgrading your carry weight by adding larger bags or improving your home chest.

Boost Other Profession Levels

Utilize the resources you earn while leveling up logging to improve other skills. Running through herbs, animals, and mining veins gives you a rare chance to develop other life skills while concentrating on logging.

Give Away Extra Materials

In the New World, logs are necessary for many occupations, so post your goods on the Marketplace as frequently as possible. You can buy bigger bags, better gear, and advancements for gathering by selling this natural resource.

New World Logging Guide


That concludes our in-depth tutorial on how to level up logging like a pro. Now that you know how things operate, you may rank up your logging swiftly to get the desired level and enhance your gameplay. Inform us if you have any questions.

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