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New World Mining Guide

In the New Worldmining is a trade skill that allows for the harvesting of raw gems, ores, as well as valuable metals from mining nodes. These materials are then utilized to manufacture the trade skills of armoring, engineering, cooking, and furnishing. It's also going to be utilized in the trade skills of stonecutting and smelting. This New World Mining Guide has information on all of this and more.

You may acquire high-tier ores like Starmetal or Lodestone in New World by leveling up your mining skill. Your level of mining, not just the quality of the pickaxe, determines your capacity to mine these ores. You acquire mining experience by, well, mining ore. To boost up your skill, you may also break through rocks and harvest mote ores like Scorchstone. Additionally, there are a few alternative ways to swiftly level up the mining ability. 

Mining Overview

Mining makes use of the Pickaxe tool to collect rock, ore, as well as gems from mining nodes across the globe. These resources may then be used to level nearly any other profession within the game, significantly boost the strength of your characters, or be exchanged for a big Gold profit. Mining would be most closely associated with the refinement skill of Smelting, which allows you to turn all of the ore that you mine into ingots for use in subsequent crafting.

After the first game introduction, just create a Mining Pickaxe at every campfire or sanctuary; it requires materials identical to those used to make the Flint Sickle, which you craft immediately after that (Flint plus Greenwood), and you are then prepared to mine.

New World Mining

Getting a Pick

The flint mining pick would only increase your harvesting speed by 100%. Although 100% may seem like a lot, this speed is really rather sluggish. You can make the iron mining pickaxe very quickly if you have other collecting talents that are leveled up or gold to invest at a trading post. Depending on the traits you receive, making the iron mining pick axe can raise overall harvesting speed to 125%–139%.

Best perks for your pick

Depending on your needs, several mining pickaxe bonuses may be preferable. For instance, you could like the Prospector's Discipline perk, because it increases your mining experience, while you level up your mining skill, but once your mining skill reaches level 200, you should probably trade it in for something else. We advise including the following bonuses on your mining selection at 200 Mining.

  • Azoth ExtractionMining Yield

  • Mining Luck

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How to level up Mining?

You may level up the mining trade skill with the use of the information in this section. Try to mine on the highest Tier nodes that you get access to as a general rule of thumb. Level 200 requires a minimum of 435,280 experience points.

New World Mining Level Up

Levels 1 to 50

You will require at least 15,087 experience points to level 50. The greatest method for getting to 50 is to mine silver and iron. You must mine about 85 Silver/Iron nodes. The Iron/Silver nodes average 6.7 XP/second.

Levels 50 to 100

A cumulative of 76,551 experience points—61,464 more than level 50—are required to attain level 100. The general approach remains the same, but you start including Alchemy Stones in your gathering rotation. You must mine between 375 and 400 Silver, Iron, and Alchemy nodes. 7.9 XP/second is the norm for Alchemy Stones.

The between 50 and 100 leveling process remains the same. If you're looking to raise your level, stay on the Iron/Silver. You must mine between 925 and 980 Silver, Iron, and Alchemy nodes.

Level 100 to 150

You will need an overall of 217,509 experience, which would be 140,958 more experience than level 100, to reach level 150. Starmetal is now available to you, however, the default experience rate is only 4.3 XP/second. A 550% boost in collecting speed results in a 77.5% higher gathering rate, changing starmetal to 19 XP/second; iron/silver, however, climbs to 30 XP/second.

Level 150 to 200

You will require a sum of 435,280 experience, which would be 217,771 more experience than level 150, to achieve level 200. Gathering Orichalcum, which offers a basic average of 9.2 XP per second and 41 XP per sec at 550% gathering speed, is currently the most effective route to reach 200.

A total of 210 Orichalcum nodes must be mined. These are frequently tented, so you might need to keep mining the iron routes. Simply put, it will take more time to get to the maximum mining level.

Additional Perks

Prospector's Discipline is very much an experience perk for your pickaxe that you should look for. Based on the Mining Pickaxe's gear score rating, this perk improves your mining experience. Only Mining Pickaxe is eligible for the bonus. If you want to power-level Mining, you absolutely need to have this perk. It's useful to have at level 200 for raising aptitude levels.

When leveling, a strength of 300 points is desirable. For further details on the benefits, this provides, see the section on improving your mining.

Attribute Bonus

If you want to maximize the benefits of your mining, we strongly advise that you concentrate on acquiring Strength on both your gear and the attribute choices, up to 300 for the ultimate perk. Even while mining will be a slower farm if you don't have a Strength-based character at the moment, you may still benefit from it greatly. A listing of the Strength-related benefits of Mining is shown below.

  • 10% faster mining at 50 Strength.

  • +20 Encumbrance at 100 Strength.

  • 10% Less material weight from mining at 150 Strength.

  • 10% faster mining at 200 Strength.

  • Mining increased yield by 10% at 250 Strength.

  • 25% chance of completely mining every ore node with just a single swing at 300 Strength.

Gems and Luck for Mining

Your likelihood of receiving uncommon resources from mining is considerably increased by luck. Finding such legendary rare resources and jewels requires accumulating quite enough luck as you can across all of your equipment, tools, and meal buffs. The Miner Gloves, Goggles/Hat, Pants, Shirt, and Shoes are the clothing required for mining, however, the perk may be used with any type of equipment.

Although they are less common, gems may also be discovered in iron, starmetal, as well as orichalcum veins in addition to the more common veins of silver, gold, and platinum. Only the Orichalcum Veins contain some of the most elusive materials needed for end-game construction, such as Cinnabar, Tolvium, & Void Ore.

New World Mining Gems


In New World, you are presently allowed to own a total of 3 homes, and you are allowed to keep up to 5 trophies in each of these homes. You may enhance your overall Mining Luck by putting a mining trophy inside your home. You can also put one in each of your three homes, which will further increase the Luck. Additionally, by earning both Surveyor's Tools or Adamantine Dust, you can permanently boost the strength of these prizes. The profession of furnishing might produce awards.

  • 500 Luck for a minor trophy.

  • 1000 Luck for a Basic trophy.

  • 1500 Luck for a Major Trophy.

Territory Perks

Territorial incentives can be used to increase the gathering pace. This is achieved by frequently performing town assignments while they are on cooldown, which raises your status with the region you are in. The best course of action in this monotonous slog is to concentrate on one colony where you have a good gathering bonus. Because this prize is stackable, it will appear more than once as you earn more territorial rewards.

It is a little buff once more, but if you are mining hundreds of ores, it will ultimately be worthwhile because of the same reason as you are improving your mining equipment. When you grind it out, it all adds up as you mine tens of thousands of ores.

Additional Tips and Tricks to remember

  • If your mining skill level is 10, you should start exploring Inkwell Caves and searching for Silver Ores until you hit 20 or 45. Since boulders give you points for your mining skill, mine whatever you come across.

  • Moving from highland to highland, exploring caverns, and climbing mountains are the finest ways to level up mining.

  • By hitting "M," you may bring up your map and select the tab for resource locations just on the left side of the screen. This need to display the entire landscape as well as the resources that go with it. It will make it much simpler for you to decide where to travel and whether or not to take up any tasks along the road.

  • It is better to get new Mining Tools as you advance or get more resources to hasten the speed using which you mine veins. It will be much simpler to mine after you've had a higher tier tool, which is crucial for leveling up so you can easily gather veins throughout the various places.


The value of low-level ores decreases more quickly as you progress through the game the higher levels there are. This is very dependent on demand, so you need carefully monitor the market if you wish to profit from improving your mining abilities. That’s all for this Mining Guide, we hope it answers any question you had regarding Mining.

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