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New World Musket Build - All You Need to Be a True Sniper!

The Amazon Games New World is one of the most recent and biggest releases in the MMO genre. It is the first attempt by the company that promises to come up with more games in the future. New World brings a whole world full of incredible unique features and things for players to explore.

Among all the features of New World, there is a great weapon system with many possibilities and different strategies. Knowing how hard choosing weapons can be, MMOPixel will help you with the decision. Now, it is time to check on the New World Musket – we’ll discuss musket abilities, the best musket builds, and more!

An Overview of the New World Musket

The New World Musket is a reliable long-range weapon. It offers a fair amount of DPS damage and is useful in both PvE and PvP scenarios. As a New World musket player, you know that some attributes scale with musket, ensuring better weapon damage.

One thing you should pay attention to while looking for more musket damage is the reload time, as the weapon needs some time before starting shooting again to give more damage. You will also focus on crowd control, traps, and hitting headshots. Far more than just dealing damage, these factors will improve your numbers a lot, allowing you to give some devastating damage.

The New World Tree System

As the musket users know, it has two mastery trees – the sharpshooter tree and the trapper tree. These abilities determine your weapon combos and how you apply your musket damage. Both have some great results for PvE and PvP. 

Depending on your choice, you will deal lots of critical hit damage when consistently landing headshots on your enemies. On the other hand, depending on where you go, trapped enemies may be your best way to deal damage. Let’s learn a little more about the trees.

The Sharpshooter Tree

This is a tree highly focused on standard attack headshots privileging good aim. It gives you tools to look for consistent headshots and ranged damage. It brings an entire set of abilities and passive. The correct use of the skills will allow you to give big damage every time. Each skill has some improvements you can also use to give bonus damage.  Let’s see the basic skills.

Active Skills

Shooter’s Stance: The player crouches and enters a shooting aim stance. This move enhances shooting performance. Each shot will deal 100% weapon damage. Your reload speed increases by 75%, but your mobility is reduced to zero. The shooter stance ends after three shots.

  • Shoot More Improvement: This first improvement increases the number of shots you can make to five.

  • Marksman Improvement: If you hit three consecutive shots in the same target, all your musket cooldowns are reduced by 25%.

Power Shot: Overload musket with gun powder. Any overload shot has increased damage. The numbers go to 150% of the weapon damage. It does not stack with any other overload shots. 

  •  Initial Engagement: You gain empowerment when hit with a gun powder shot, increasing damage by 10%.

  • First Blood: Power shot deals 10% additional damage. But it only works in targets with full life. 

  • Bullseye: Power shot ability cooldowns reduced by 15% per headshot given. 

Powder Burn: Once again, you will use an overload musket. The extra gun powder will make your next shot deal 110% of weapon damage. It also inflicts a burn that deals 20% of damage over 9 seconds. (It doesn’t stack with other overload shots).

  • Backdraft: Standard musket shots give 12% additional damage if they hit targets with the burn status effect over them. 

  • Chronic Trauma: If powder burn is applied with a headshot, its duration is extended by 4 seconds.

The Trapper Tree

If the last tree is about distance and good aim, this one focuses on your movement and stopping enemies. Here you will deal direct damage to trapped targets. Like the last one, there’s also a set of skills focused on giving you extra damage. The thing is: the headshot gives space to the trapped damage.

Active Skills

Traps: Deploy a bear trap that lasts for 20 seconds. Enemy stepping into it will be rooted. Trapped targets remain immobilized for 3 seconds.

  • Scent of Blood: Dealing damage to trapped targets heals you. The incoming health is equivalent to 100% of the weapon damage you deal.

  •  Trapped Damage: Enemies that fall into a trap will suffer rend. It will increase musket damage by 20% for 3 seconds.

  • Double Trap: Ability allows you to have two active traps.

Sticky Bomb: A small range bomb that will stick to anything that it touches, dealing the equivalent of 210% of your weapon damage and staggering the target for the time of 3 seconds.

  • Unflinching Walk: The sticky bomb grants the player 40 extra stamina when an explosion deals damage. 

  • Sticky Slow: Any target that suffers a direct hit from the sticky bomb has its movement speed reduced by 15% for 3 seconds.

Stopping Power: A special shot that gives 120% of weapon damage. Enemies hit by it are staggered and knocked back 3m. You can do it as hip firing or while you aim.

  • Lasting Impression: All the enemies hit by stopping power get exhausted, reducing stamina regeneration speed by 10%. It lasts for 8 seconds. 

  • Supplementary Repulsion: Enemies hit by stopping power receive a movement speed slow of 10%. It lasts for 8 seconds.

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New World Trapper and Sharpshooter Passive Skills

Besides all the normal active skills and their improvements, both trees, sharpshooter, and trap, have a list of passive skills. There are 18 passive skills considering the trees together. Let’s see some of them. 

Skill Name



Called Shot Resupply

Headshot attacks reduce all musket ability cooldown by 10%



Gain haste for 3 seconds after a dodge.


Kick’em When They are Down

Any enemy with active crowd control effect suffers 10% more damage.


Empowering Headshot

You gain empowerment after a headshot. It increases damage by 10% during 5 seconds. 


Ballistic Advantage 

Any damage fall off is removed from musket shots on targets more than 50 meters away.


Hit Your Mark

Standard musket shots will give an increased headshot and critical hit. Damage increases according to how far the enemy is from the musket players. The maximum increase is 15% at or beyond 100 meters. 


Heightened Precision 

Successful aimed shots stack damage increases by 2.5%. The effect ends after musket users give more than 5 steps or stop aiming. 


Called Shot

Musket damage increased by 5% after aiming for more than 3 seconds. 


Weakened Defense

Stamina damage from standard shots  is increased by 50% against enemies blocking with shields. Armor penetration is increased by 10% against enemies without shields. 


Energy Burst

If you attack an enemy with an active debuff, you restore 5 of stamina.


Lethal Combo

Musket damage increases by 20% against targets affected by trapper tree status effects.


Tactical Reload

Dodging reloads the musket.


Salt on the Wounds

Any target with less than 30% health suffers 10% more damage. 


Critical Reload

Landing three headshots within five seconds grants an instant reload.


Greater accuracy 

Hipfiring doesn’t give you any accuracy penalty anymore.



Using the mouse wheel allows you to add an optional 3x zoom while aiming. It also increases headshot damages by 15%. 


Empowering Weakness 

Hitting an enemy with active debuff triggers empower. With that, your damage increases by 5% for 5 seconds. 


Back It Up

Increases movement speed when walking or strafing if an enemy is within 8 meters of the musket users.


New World Musket Builds

Now that we have already seen all the skills from both trees, it is time to start talking about musket builds itself. It is impossible to fully determine the best musket build. That’s because meta gaming is constantly changing, and, after all, the best musket build for you is the one that fits you better.

Lethal Combo

As the first of the list, the lethal combo build focuses on giving players more DPS. This means that you will deal consistent damage rather than explosive burst damage. This DPS-focused build will work better in PvE situations.

It has stopping power, powder burn, and traps. These three skills are your active ones. If you want to level with it, the good news is that you will do it effectively. If you go for PvP, you must look for medium/long-range encounters. You don’t want to be dodging all the time, so look for good firing spots to deliver your attacks and deal all your DPS.

Ability Picking

The first thing you will do is upgrade traps and the trapped damage. Second, go for the stopping power and the lasting impression improvement afterward. After that, you can go for a tactical reload. Only then will we change for the sharpshooter three.

After going for the new tree, you will get a critical reload and powder burn. Alongside it, we will get both powder burn improvements: backdraft and chronic trauma. They will help to improve our early game DPS. After that, move back to the trapper tree.

There, we get the scent of blood improvement for traps and the supplementary repulsion for stopping power. After that, we are really close to getting the lethal combo skill itself. To get there, you need the skills Kick  ’Em When They are Down, Empowering Weakness, and weakened defense. These skills will stack with a lethal combo to turn our direct hits into a critical strike.

Getting the lethal combo will prevent you from getting sniper in the sharpshooter tree. Due to that, all you can do is go for the passive skill list. From there, get Called Shot Resupply, as its cooldown will increase the number of special shots fired. Then, go for an empowered headshot since it will give you powerful headshots. After that, choose ballistic advantage and Hit Your Mark.

Best Perks

Even though they are not listed above, perks are also an important part of your build. They give specific small bonuses that can end up making a huge difference. Crippling Powder Burn and Refresh are two of the best. They will give even bigger slows and CDR. If you want some defensive perks to increase armor or health, you wouldn't be making a bad call.

Skill Rotation

Now, we will give a sequence of skills for you to perform a combo and ensure the biggest amount of damage possible. A final blow in the targets hit.

1. Powder Burn

2. Dodge 

3. Light Attack

4. Traps

5. Light Attack 2

6. Stopping Power

7. Dodge

8. Light Attack 

Sniper PvP Build

Now, we go for the best musket build PvP. This build focuses on more damage per shot, even more, if you start landing headshots. This build also works in PvE situations, and you can level up with it pretty well if you want.

As we don't focus on traps, we lost some of the crowd control and safety in close-range combat against foes. The main three abilities we will use are from the sharpshooter set, which allows us to get them fast. The abilities are Powder Burn, Power Shot, and Shooter’s Stance.

Ability Picking

After getting the three base abilities for the build, we go for Backdraft to increase the damage the next shot will give to burning foes. Then we go for Called Shot Resupply and Shoot More, from Shooter’s stance, as it improves cooldown and shots muskets can make.

After that, we get the improvements for power Shot: Initial Engagement and First Blood. Both of them increase the damage the ability deals. Following, Ballistic Advantage and Hit your Mark combo will remove damage drop off with distance. At the same time, they will do the exact opposite thing: increase damage based exactly on the distance. Therefore, it turns weakness in strength. Long-range rules!

After that, we get Sniper and, alongside it, Heightened Precision and Empowering Headshot. This combo effectively increases the damage dealt. After all that, you will have another point to put on this tree. You can go for Powder Burn improvement as it will extend burn duration. Also, you can go for Shooter’s Stance or Power Shot if you want more cooldown reduction.

Salt On The Wounds, Empowering Weakness, Hustle, Tactical Reload, and Kick ‘Em When They’re Down – we’ll go for these skills on the trapper tree. The objective is to improve reload time and its features. It will also help by increasing movement speed boost. Our weapon damage against targets hit with crowd control. 

Hitting a target with an active stun makes it even easier to aim our weapon attacks at the head, no matter the range of our foes. Remember that New World mechanics ensure that good mobility also depends on the armor. This means that skills like hustle will be more effective if you use light armor.

Best Perks

For the sniper PvP build, some of the best perks to use are Enchanted, Keenly jagged Vorpal, Vicous, or Keen. The last two will increase your critical damage if you’re not getting that many headshots. Enchanted and Vorpal, on the other hand, demand a good headshot frequency but will give the hugest damage you can. Keenly Jagged will stack with Powder Burn and give lots of damage over time.  

Skill Rotation

1. Power Shot

2. Dodge Rolls

3. Light Attacks

4. Powder Burn

5. Shooter’s Stance

6. Dodge Roll

7. Light Attack

Burst Combo Build

This New World Musket build is for those who want damage over anything else. If you think that the best defense is attacking with all you got, the build brings a combination of Powder Burn, Stopping Power, and Sticky Bomb. This is a very hard combo to perform, so you must be careful.

If you are good with it, the build will work for PvE and PvP scenarios. It will also be a great tool for leveling, as everything you hit will suffer a huge amount of damage. Many times, max health will mean nothing.

Skills Picking

The first thing you will do is get Stopping Power and Sticky Bomb skills. Salt on the Wounds next as you want to increase damage in low HP foes. Follow with Tactical Reload to reload your musket while dodging. Now, we move to Sharpshooter.

There, we go for Critical Reload, to improve it even more. Then go for Powder Burn and Backdraft upgrade as you want some DoT. Back to the trapper tree, it is time to get all the improvements for Stopping Power and Sticky Bomb as we want them as strong as possible, and with that, I mean we want our enemies as slow as possible. That is because we are going to get Empowering Weakness, Kick ‘Em When They’re Down, and Lethal Combo trio. All three skills hugely increase damage against enemies with debuffs or trapper status effects.

Now, back to the Sharpshooter, we get all the improvements for Powder Burn and Called Shot Resupply. The icing on the cake is Empowering headshots. Think about that: lots of slow mean easier headshots. With this last skill, headshot means even more damage. Sounds fun. The extra points are yours to get whatever you prefer. Go for more mobility, CDR, or damage as you want.

Best Perks

Now, we go for the weapon perks once again. The best ones you can get to perform this combo are Keenly Empowered, Keen, and Vicious. The last two increase critical hits, mainly when talking about the sticky bombs. The first is there to ensure more empowerment, which, guess what? INCREASES DAMAGE. Personally, I would hate to encounter someone who mastered this combo.

Skill Rotation

1. Load Powder Burn

2. Sticky Bomb

3. Fire Powder Burn

4. Dodge

5. Light Attack

6. Stopping Power

7. Light Attack


Now you know not only the skills you can use with a musket on your hands but also how to combine the abilities to fit your playstyle better. This complete New World guide will help you improve with a musket, face all the dangers hidden in Aeternum, and destroy other players in combat.

To get more tips, guides, and news about New World and any other MMO you like, remember to hit MMOPixel with a musket shot! We share content about more than 40 different games, so you can always be ahead of other players!

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