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New World Outpost Rush Guide

In New World, Outpost Rush is a 20v20 instanced PvPvE mode. Each team must work together to balance out how much time it spends eliminating adversaries, seizing objectives, collecting resources, and constructing outposts. Outpost Rush is only open to players who have reached level 60.

Beginning Outpost Rush

You need to be level 60 before you can join the queue for Outpost Rush. By clicking ESC, selecting Game Modes, then selecting Outpost Rush, you may join a queue anywhere in the world. Additionally, you may line up at any outpost, settlement, your faction vendor, or the Outpost Rush NPC. You can line up by yourself or with up to five other people. You will be allowed to begin as long as 32 people join the queue. Once the conflict has begun, you will be teleported to the island of Nauthynos.

Each squad will begin at their own fortress once you get on the island. Luna, Sol, and Astra's three outposts are located between the two forts. Standing within the outpost's central capture point will allow you to take control of any of the outposts. For defending the outposts or killing adversarial players, your squad will score points. Killing a player earns 1 point every kill, while holding an outpost awards 1 point each 3 seconds. If you have acquired resources, you will also dump them upon death for the opposing team to take. The game is won by the first side to accumulate 1000 points.

New World Outpost Rush Guide

Mode Objectives

Baroness Hain

A strong creature called Baroness Hain arises every 10 minutes. The team who successfully eliminates the Baroness will receive a powerful buff that boosts their defence and life regeneration for the following 2.5 minutes. Additionally, it will stop the adversary from earning points from outposts and kills for 2.5 minutes, freezing their score. An Outpost Rush match's momentum can be swiftly changed by completing the Baroness objective.

Corrupted Portal

Corrupted creatures watch over the Corrupted Portal. By navigating the corrupted foes, your squad may deliver Azoth Essence towards the portal. The gateway opens when a team invests 750 Azoth Essence into this, and the player who made the last deposit to get the number to 750 receives a Brute Summoning Totem. The beast can then be summoned by bringing the totem to any of the summoning locations at any of the outposts. A summoning circle that already includes a creature summoned on it cannot be used to call a brute (or any other monster).

Summoning Circles

This same summoning totem can be used by the player who received it by travelling to a Summoning Circle. These Summoning Circles are a series of important stone platforms scattered around the battlefield that let any player who has the totem call a monstrous companion to protect them from invading players. On player death, summoning totems are lootable.

Resource Objectives

You can obtain supplies to aid your side in winning the game as you look around the island of Nauthynos. These resources are essential to winning an Outpost Rush match since they are utilised to strengthen your outposts. Your team should acquire the following four resources.

  • Wolf Dens feature home to a number of wolves, including a huge Alpha Wolf that will supply a lot of Infused Hide. Use Infused Hide and the supplies to strengthen your outpost.

  • Ancient Groves are places with a lot of Infused Woods, which is called Infused Wood. You must eliminate the hostile Dryads guarding these sites in order to get to the resource.

  • The only area where you may discover and mine infused ore veins is in infused ore mines. The greatest vein of infused ore is guarded by corrupted ogres Ug & Dug, who are among the corrupted that have overtaken the mines. You will receive a Wraith Summoning Totem and a blast of Azoth if you slay Ug or Dug.

  • When you defeat an enemy that is not a player, they will yield Azoth Essence. Utilizing this essence at the corrupted portal will provide you access to a summoning totem.

New World Outpost Rush


Whenever an outpost has just been taken, a team can acquire the aforementioned materials to construct and improve several structures. It is crucial to keep the structures well-repaired because the adversary has the ability to demolish any of the buildings.

  • Gates may be strengthened twice, preventing the adversary from accessing the outpost with each improvement.

  • Protection Wards give the team that is in control of an outpost a place to respawn while also preventing that outpost from being captured.

  • Each fort has turret positions in addition to the outposts Astra and Luna. There is an exterior turret emplacement at these points that may be utilised to attack and protect the outposts. The group in charge of the outpost or fort to which they are connected must build these turrets.

  • You may construct a command post that will provide your squad more armour and damage. You may improve your command post, boosting the bonuses and making it stronger over time.


Structures are already in place at each Outpost and can be used by the commanding team. Players may buy potions, powder kegs, ammunition, Ursine Summoning Totems (often used summon a bear companion), meal buffs, and armour in an armoury using Azoth, which they earn by taking down enemies and engaging in PvE tasks in Outpost Rush. Each squad spawns with an arsenal in each fort. Players will be able to distribute Azoth and infused supplies with their team through storage sheds. If you are unable to construct anything, you can give to the shed to prevent the opposing side from taking your resources if you are killed.

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Tips and Trick to keep in mind

  • When your squad has taken control of a fort, you may use Azoth to buy combat breads, potions, zephyr cakes, as well as other valuable goods from the farming mobs at the armoury.

  • Outpost Rush only allows teams of up to five players. It is improbable that you all will be using voice communications at the same time. You must thus converse through the in-game text chat. Remember that the /Army command in chats allows you to speak with the whole army. Your entire team will be able to see the discussion as a result. By using /group command in chat, you may also send messages to your five-person team.

  • Help ensure you or a team member is conveying the drive towards crucial goals like the Baroness.

  • To remove them from the fight, make sure you are locating the healers and the backline damage-dealing targets. Avoid using your damage against tanks and brutes.

  • The squad who defeats the Baroness in the decisive battle will be rewarded. It is NOT dependent on damage. The squad that delivers the fatal blow receives the bonuses and perks.

  • You may allow the opposing team do the majority of the damage before rushing in for a move to snipe one kill from the Baroness. Take advantage of this strategy.


An Outpost Rush prize cache is one of the rewards for the game. This cache contains a variety of things, including a weapon and two sets of armour unique to Outpost Rush. A fourth item is 15% more expensive. There is a 2.5% chance that this thing is an item with the name Outpost Rush on it. You will now receive an assured Expertise Bump from the Outpost Rush cache. Regardless you win or lose during the game, you will still get the cache. For finishing a match, you will also get coins and Azoth. The amount of currency and Azoth you get depends on how the match turns out. More money and Azoth will be awarded to the victorious squad. You will earn 1 Ruby Gypsum in addition to the Outpost Rush Cache for playing the very first 2 Outpost Rush games each day.

Additionally, the victorious team receives 100 Umbral Shards, while the losing team only receives 50 Umbral Shards. Upon finishing an Outpost Rush match, players receive faction tokens, faction reputation, PvP reward track experience, and salt. It's vital to remember that in order to qualify for the awards, you must score at least 501 points during the game. 3000 points are required to receive the maximum benefits.

New World Outpost Rush Rewards


After covering everything you need to know about this mode in New World, we conclude this guide and hope that this end-game mode will now be as easy for you as any beginner expedition!

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