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New World PvP - Perform Your Best in a Player vs Player Battle

New World PvP at MMOPixel

New World PvP is very likely one of the most relevant and interesting features in the Amazon Game Studio video game. Like in some other MMOs, in New World players must fight for territory control. 

Those dynamics are diverse and you have to consider all of them and many other factors that determine the defeat or victory. In this New World PvP guide, we’ll focus on these aspects of the game. This way, you can face enemy players with the certainty that you’ll win!

What is New World PvP?

Two factions fighting each other in New World PvP

PvP is a totally optional mechanic in New World, where players face other players for different objectives. There are a few activities related to PvP, but you can choose to avoid this type of encounter and play New World without combating other players. Anyway, we recommend that you try PvP for a complete experience of this successful game. 

That said, there are four main types of PvP encounters in this Amazon’s MMO. Each of them gives you specific rewards related to the mechanic and PvP content. Let’s take a look at these. 

New World PvP: Dueling

Two characters in a duel in New World PvP

We can say that duels are the most basic type of PvP in New World. You can be part of a duel as soon as you join a faction and reach level 10. Dueling is excellent for novices who do not know exactly how the system works. 

Duels will not provide you with durability loss on your gear, and you won’t have to worry about other players trying to rip your head off. In this PvP aspect, dueling is secure since it can’t be initiated within a settlement or during a war. 

To begin with a personal duel, just approach the character and type “/duel player name” into the chatbox. You can start a solo duel or in groups. 

New World PvP: Faction Wars

A faction soon to start an encounter in New World Faction Wars

Being part of a faction brings several advantages, such as linked storage between settlements owned by the same faction, a resource cart in town, and the possibility of participating in Wars.

Every war takes place in the Aeternum when a faction tries to control a big part of territory by force. When you and your faction complete enough faction missions in the territory you want to take over, a guild belonging to the opposing faction can declare war. 

If the guild has enough men to fill the vacancies, you don’t need to participate in the war unless you’re part of the guild in question. If you’re interested in being part of the war by defeating enemy players, sign up on a War Board and wait for the moment to be selected. When this happens, you’ll be teleported to where the war between your guild and the other faction will occur. 

But, What about these wars?

In short, wars are invasions or sieges where the invading army wants to give the coup de grâce. You can be on any part of the conflict, both performing the siege or defending the territory. In both cases, you‘ll fight against other flagged players in the middle of a mortal battle until one team takes control of the zone. 

Each side of the war can bring up to 50 warriors and a huge number of siege weapons. Join other factions members and either conquer the territory or defend your people from capturing objectives. Keep in mind that companies claim territories frequently, so you can be participating in wars from time to time. 

Open-World PvP and Faction Missions

New World Syndicate Faction Missions

You can fight against other players in the open field if you’re flagged for PvP, and the other player also has PvP enabled. To flag yourself for PvP, press ‘U’ in any settlement or at a fast travel shrine. When you leave the safe area, a countdown will start until you’re ready to battle against other players. You can notice PvP contenders since they have a red indicator next to their name.

Regarding the PvP flag, there is a new PvP currency called Azoth Salt used to buy unique items to help you in your personal battles in the Aeternum. Any time you gain 10,000 experience points being flagged, you’ll earn Azoth Salt.

The most common PvP Hotspots are the forts found in any part of the territory. To enter one, you need to have PvP enabled. When a faction has a huge number of players inside the fort by holding outposts, it gains control points. With enough points, this faction will start to capture the fort decreasing the time needed. 

Players that participate in the controlling faction will earn specific rewards while staying in the fort’s territory and a unique global buff useful in all areas. 

Specific Buffs:

  • 5% experience gain.

  • 20% increase in influence (depending on the territory where the control point is located);

Global Buffs:

  • First Light: Reduces fast travel weight costs from 5 azoth per 10 weight down to 1 azoth per 10 weight for controlling faction.

  • Windsward: Increases volume of items gained when gathering by 5% for controlling faction.

  • Monarchs Bluff: reduces fast travel distance costs from 5 azoth per 100 meters down to 1 azoth per 100 meters for controlling faction.

  • Everfall: reduces trading taxes by 5%.

  • Cutlass Keys: reduces base Azoth cost of fast travel by 50%.

  • Brightwood: reduces housing taxes by 5 %.

  • Restless Shore: increases coins, XP, and faction token rewards from corrupted breaches by 5%for the controlling faction.

  • Ebonscale Reach: reduces refining taxes by 5% for controlling faction.

  • Weaver Fen: increases coin, XP, territory standing, and faction token rewards from Faction Missions by 5% for controlling faction.

  • Mourningdale: increases coin and experience rewards from expeditions by 5% for the controlling faction.

  • Reekwater: reduces crafting taxes by 5% for the controlling faction.

New World PvP: Outpost Rush

Chracters defending a territory in New World PvP Outpost Rush

When you advance enough in the New World experience and reach level 60, you can be part of Outpost Rush. In perspective, it’s an endgame instance where two teams of 20 players fight against each other on Nauthynos Island. Outpost Rush features gathering resources, capturing objectives, and defeating other faction members. You’ll gain points anytime you perform some of these actions. 

There are two modes in Outpost Rush: you can join solo or with a group of up to five similar leveled players. To access Outpost Rush, head to any settlement and speak to either the Faction Representative or the Outpost Rush NPC. Next, select Join Outpost Rush, and then decide whether you want to join solo or with more players.

The Best PvP Build in New World

A warrior wielding a sword and a shield in PvP New World

To be safe with a PvP above your head, you’ll need the best PvP build that allows you to kill players easily and be agile. Thus, we recommend you choose a weapon with mobility skills, such as a rapier or a bow.

Besides, a weapon that deals significant area-on-effect damage and that provides good crowd control, such as an ice gauntlet, is fundamental to attacking directly and killing enemies.

You must focus on mobility to avoid a large part of enemies' attacks and, of course, deal good damage without risking yourself more than necessary. In this case, a combination of a void gauntlet and an ice gauntlet is a good choice. A musket and rapier can be a good option to attack from a distance and stab enemies faster.

But you can also choose to run like a tank. In this case, heavy armor with a great axe will give you the possibility of pulling enemies to you, then striking them. The great axe can be combined with a War Hammer to perform significant attacks and deal even more damage.  

New World PvP Tips

A battle between different guilds in PvP New World

  • It’s important you equip a mobility skill to escape from Great Axe’s Gravity Well since you cannot escape it with a simple dodge. This is an excellent way to avoid powerful strikes from opponents, but remember that you can only block attacks from a single enemy.

  • Learn New World’s weapon timing and movement skills to use it to your advantage. Knowing how an enemy can attack will give you an edge over someone that didn’t learn other skills and movements. 

  • You can ambush in open-world PvP if you’re prone because the enemy won’t see your PvP flag above your head. 

  • When you finish a dodge roll, your character will stop for a second. You can avoid this by swapping your weapon or using an ability. If you achieve above 50 stamina, you can chain three dodge rolls in a row. 

  • Do not forget to carry potions and travel rations to assure you a certain amount of health immediately and then to heal a small amount over 20 minutes. 

  • Attach perks that boost your weapon’s skills, either healing while hitting or increasing your damage. 

New World PvP Final Thoughts

New World by Amazon Games Studios is one of the most relevant MMOs of recent times. You can participate in PvP fights as well as PvE encounters and get the best of yourself facing new always-changing challenges.

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