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New World Quests - Define Your Path in the Aeternum!

Discover everything about New World Quests at MMOpixel

Are you ready for the greatest adventure of your life? Do you want your character to go through all the quests that are essential in New World?

Explore the vast world of Aeternum island and do not doubt your mission. Leverage your time and complete the quests that will give you the best rewards and experience. 

In this New World Quests Guide, we’ll do a quick review of the essential quests you must complete in this MMO. 

Table of Contents

Main Story Quests

Side Quests

Faction Missions

Town Project Missions

Legendary Weapon Quests

New World Quests Final Thoughts


Explore ruins, mountains, rivers, woods, and complete New World quests.

Main Story Quests

Completing quests of the main storyline will conduct you across the main path of New World and allow you to get a huge amount of XP and some relevant weapons. 

As you can imagine, to progress in the game, you must complete all these quests. 

Some main quests require you are a certain level to start with them. The best way to reach this required level is to complete other quests, such as side quests or factions quests. 

As you can infer, to progress in the game storyline, you need to complete main story quests. There is an incredible number of them. Thus we’ll mention the most relevant ones.

Solve Survivor

The first quest of the game. After a huge storm, you’ll wake up on a beach. Then, you need to make your way up by killing some enemies. After walking up the mountain, crossing the corrupted area, and speaking with the Watcher, you’ll have your first main quest.

Argent and Aether

Walkthrough several quests, including Argent and Aether, for leveling and advance in New World

The quest giver of this quest is Yonas Alazar. He asks you to acquire 5 silver ingots. You need to forge the ingots at a settlement smettler using silver ores. You can find them in Mines de Miclot near Monarch’s Bluff Settlement, and other places. 

Upon crafting 5 silver ingots, you need to head to Armine Temple near Windsward Settlement. Here you need to defeat Ezra the Forgemaster. Then, forge the Crosspiece for your Staff and head back to speak with Yonas. 

Forge Your Azoth Staff

It takes place in Everfall. The quest giver is Yonas Alazar. Just visit the Shattered Obelisk to forge the Azoth Staff at the Sacred Altar. The entrance to the Obelisk is in the South of the temple. Upon crafting the staff, travel to Fisherman’s Bend, return to Yonas, and claim your reward. 

Recipe for Destruction

Exploration quests. Such as Recipe for Destruction, will unravel for you amazing secrets

This quest sets in Edengrove. You need to speak with Adiana Theron to start this quest. The goal is to find the caretaker of the sanctuary, Ixia. It’s located 250 meters northeast of the Blighted Shrine. Upon reaching Ixia, you need to find her hugged in the mountains with blue-green shrubbery. You’ll receive a level 53 Weapon case. 

Side Quests

Get good loot and rewards thanks to completed New World side quests

Side quests are also known as Journey quests. Objectives and tasks in Side Quests are optional, so it’s up to you to decide if you want to play them. Side quests will reward you with extra experience points and special rewards. 

Side Quests can also have their own unique story progression and influence other aspects of the game, such as activity unlocks.

 Below we’ve included some quests that, we believe, are worth completing.

To Be a Grandmaster

Sell items, including fishes, armor, etc, in the trading post, and get a good amount of money

This side quest is part of the Fishing Quest chain. To Be a Grand Master takes place in Reekwater. To start with this mission, talk with the NPC Gaspar Machera located in the northwest tip of Siren’s Stand. 

  • Goals: Return to Machera upon reaching Fishing level 100.

  • XP: 3,750.

  • Gold: 157.50.

  • Territory Standing 175.

  • Azoth: 30.

Treasure Island

The quest giver, Claire Fergus, entrusts you to this mission. She’s in Cutlass Keys. Tasks are simple: follow the treasure map and collect Silver Doubloons from chests in Yafda Steps. 

  • Goals: Gather 4 Silver Doubloons. 

  • XP: 1,560.

  • Gold: 77.5.

  • Territory Standing 175.

  • Azoth: 10.

Story of the Stones

The Architect Na Li, the quest giver located in Weaver’s Fen, will entrust you to gather stone samples from the rubble. 

  • Goals: Collect ancient stone samples for Rubble.

  • XP: 1,460.

  • Gold: 75.

  • Territory Standing 175.

  • Azoth: 10.

Ebonscale Alligators

Bartram Hopkins, the survivalist and the quest giver on this mission, will entrust to collect Ebony Scales from ebonscales alligators. As a reward, you’ll get the best bag for perks in the game.

  • Level: 52.

  • Goals: Gather 8 scales from alligators. 

  • Reward: Tanner’s Burden (tier IV).

  • XP: 2,350.

  • Gold: 102.5.

  • Territory Standing 175.

  • Azoth: 10.

Faction Missions

Faction missions will give you reputation in your current faction

When you reach the level in New World, you can join a faction. But first, you need to complete a series of starter quests to be admitted to the faction. In New World, there are three factions:

  • The Marauders.

  • The Syndicate.

  • The Covenant. 

Completing faction missions will improve your faction’s rank. Also, you’ll generate influence for your faction within the territory where you complete the mission. Faction missions will reward with tokens, which you can exchange for unique faction rewards. 

There are two types of faction missions, which we’re going to explain next.

PvE Faction Missions

As its name suggests, these missions are related to the environment. Here you will have to defend the territory from powerful enemies, against incredible creatures, lead expeditions to unknown regions, gather resources, craft, etcetera. 

PvP Faction Missions

PvP missions can be undertaken either in an attempt to control an enemy Faction’s territory or in defense of your own territory. This way, you can be sent to recover tactical information, patrol some specific area of the enemy’s territory, deliver a critical message, etc. 

When you generate influence in opposing territory, you undermine that Faction’s influence, while generating influence in your own territory will reinforce your Faction’s control.  

Town Project Missions

Seek for town broads to participate in Town Projects and start with th event

Towns in New World are progressing all the time. You can be part of this process by completing special missions for Town Project. 

Town projects are activities that people can make to upgrade their settlement. These activities require a lot of effort from all the players who have settled home in that town. 

Town projects are activated by the Governor or one of their consuls. When the project is active, you can take missions that progress the project towards completion. When you complete a mission, you’ll receive a good amount of experience points and currency in exchange for your services. 

You can pick town missions in the town board. 

Discovery Missions

In this type of mission, you head to a certain area and search for crates or enemies’ bodies to bring back to town. 

In this regard, the First Light Settlement and Windsward Settlement have unique missions of this type.

Resource Missions

You must collect a certain amount of different materials and resources to give back to the region. These materials could be raw or refined materials.

Sometimes, you’ll have to gather wood, iron ores, rawhide, among other things. Also, it gives you boosts to your harvesting, tanning, stonecutting, and other abilities. 

Hunting Missions

As its name indicates, in hunting missions you need to hunt, forgive the redundancy, several types of animals or creatures. These hunts can go from killing an innocent turkey to slaying a powerful bear. 

Sometimes, the most difficult part of these hunts is finding the creature due to the vast world. 

Last but not least, sometimes you will have to go fishing.

Legendary Weapon Quests

Get the recipes for max weapons thorugh legendary weapon quests

Legendary weapons will give your overall gear score a big boost. 

To start legendary weapon quests, you need to complete some requirements before it shows up. These prerequisites are:

  • level 60.

  • 20 Weapon Mastery in the weapon of your choice.

  • completed a series of quests offered by the NPC Eintou Madaki.

Upon you fulfill all these prerequisites, Eintou Madaki, who is located in Mountainhome in the Shattered Mountain, will offer you the legendary weapon quests. 

Madaki’s Stratagem

Unlocking legendary weapons through the Madaki’s stratagem quest

This is the quest that entrusts you with finding the legendary weapon’s molds. Next, you must find the required materials to craft each of the weapons. 

There are seven parts to collect. Most of them are near dangerous locations and powerful enemies.

When you collect everything, return to Madaki to turn in the quest. Eventually, you’ll receive your weapon. 

The weapons are the following:

  • Sword: Twilight’s Fall.

  • Tower Shield: Rook’s Defense.

  • Hatchet: Azure Ravager.

  • Rapier: Frozen Lament. 

  • Round Shield: Boundless Ward.

  • War Hammer: Rampant Conviction.

  • Great Axe: Reformation.

  • Ice Gauntlet: Rimelash.

  • Spear: Heavensplitter.

  • Fire Staff: Prime Resolve.

  • Life Staff: Glimmering Mercy.

  • Musket: Clamorous Vox.

  • Bow: Torrent.

New World Quests Final Thoughts

Build your destiny in New World through New World quests

We’ve arrived at the end of this article. We hope we have helped you clarify your path for this incredible game. Nowadays, we’re writing new guides of New World, which we believe will be very useful to you. 

If you’re interested in reading news about your favorite games, or related topics, do not doubt in visiting our website from time to time. We´re updating our content almost every day. 

You can always register and create your account, and sign in to it to be aware of our latest tips, guides, recent changes, future updates, and much more. MMOpixel is your gamer friend!


Are There Quests in New World?

The Main Quests of New World will cover almost all of Aeternum alongside NPC interactions, lore, settlements, and more. If you are looking for Side Quests or Faction Quests, we do have these sections available, as well!

How Many Missions Are in New World?

There are over 200 hundred missions in New World, including main story quests, side quests, factions missions, town project quests, weapon quests, and skill quests. 

What Are Main Story Quests in New World?

Main story quests are missions in New World that build your path in the main storyline. Also, main story quests are fundamental requirements to advance and progress in New World.   

What Side Quests Should You Do in New World?

  • To be a Grand Master.

  • Misplaced Treasure.

  • Treasure Island. 

  • Keen Temper.

  • Story of the Stones.

  • Recipe for Disaster.

  • Sweet Secrets.

  • Fenton’s Fiend.

  • Mother Ocean.

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