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New World Refining Guide

The crafting system in New World is remarkably complex, divided into three categories and 16 skills. Each one can be levelled up as you complete particular tasks, and a variety of tools and upgradeable crafting stations further improve your performance. So, if you are beginner or you have playing the game for a while but still couldn't craft items or refine them, then this article is for you. In our New World Refining Guide we will put together all the pieces required so that you can become good at it.

Like in any MMORPG, crafting is an integral component of New World, allowing you to make lethal weapons and armour out of the materials you gather. These steps of the process, which are broken down into Gathering, Refining, and Crafting, can all be levelled up so that you can produce better and more effective equipment. Additionally, you’ll need to finish these tasks at Workstations that must also be upgraded by finishing side missions just on Town Projects board.

What is the New World’s process for crafting?

Gathering Trade Skills, Refining Trade Skills, and of course Crafting Trade Skills are the three main categories under which crafting can be categorised in the New World. Gathering items is not all that difficult, especially when you have few extra coins to buy or trade items. But even if you don't have extra coins, worry not, just visit MMOPixel and buy them at the best price available.

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Depending on the activity you’re engaging in, each of these steps in the process can be levelled up separately, allowing you to focus on a particular area.

New World Refining


With your collection of materials in hand, you are almost ready to begin crafting; just a little bit of refining remains. You must level up each of the five classes that New World divides these into if you want to create the finest gear in all of Aeternum. You must, however, pay much attention to ones refining stations as well. These could be updated as portion of a Town Project, but the local Governor must first give his or her consent. You will have more options when refining the good the refining station. These stations are ideally placed on your world map and can be discovered in most settlements.

  • Woodworking: Done in a woodshop, users can transform logs of wood into lumber that is useful.

  • Leatherworking: When done at a tannery, leatherworking allows raw hide to be transformed into usable material.

  • Weaving: Done at a Loom, users can create linens from harvested materials like fibre and other materials.

  • Stonecutting: Done at a Stonecutting Desk, this process transforms stones and uncut gemstones into usable stone blocks.

  • Smelting: At a Smelter, users can transform ore into ingots that you can later use to make weapons and other items of gear.


You must first gather a variety of materials before you can begin crafting. You can level up four distinct types of gathering skills, each of which is linked to a different kind of resource and calls for a particular tool. You’ll be able to use better tools, gather access to more resources, and even see resource nodes labelled on your compass as your skills advance.

It is strongly advised that you concentrate on developing these trying to gather skills as rapidly as feasible unless you intend to purchase resources from other players. In addition to being a good money maker for new players, they’ll make sure you have a supply of materials on hand so you can level up your crafting and refining abilities quickly in the future.

  • Skinning: Getting raw meat as well as hides requires skinning, which is done with a skinning knife.

  • Logging: Using a logging axe to gather different kinds of logs and wood which are necessary for making tools and other important weapons.

  • Mining: Requires the use of a pickax to collect different ores. Mining can also include mining of precious stones and gems.

  • Harvesting: Using a sickle to gather herbs, fibre, and other plant resources during harvest is necessary.

New World Gathering


You have gathered resources, transformed them into useful materials, and are now prepared to begin crafting. There are seven different skill lines for crafting, and just like with refining, you must be aware of the rating of the crafting station users are using. Here are the seven crafting abilities and the things you can make using them:

  • Melee: Weapons and Shields

  • Arcana: Drugs and Psychic Weapons

  • Furnisher : Player Housing Furnisher Goods.

  • Cutting on armour: All Forms of Armor

  • Cooking: Food, Drinks, and Fishing Bait

  • Engineering: spears, ammunition, and long-range weapons

  • Jewelcrafting: Trinkets and Gems

Level Refining Procedure in the New World

Refining levelling in the New World is fairly simple. Simply refine the best materials at the best refinery station that is available. For instance, if you have the ability to produce Infused leather in tanning, you should do so to level up as quickly as you can because you will earn the most experience (XP) points. The more items you refine, the higher your refining station will be. Your yield opportunity while refining will increase as you level up. Below, we’ll explore this matter further.

Refining Methods in the Modern World

Refining Trade Skills come in 5 different varieties in the New World. Different raw materials can be refined using each refining skill.

  • Woodworking – raw material refined js Wood

  • Smelting – raw material refined is Ore

  • Weaving – raw material refined is Fiber

  • Stonecutting – raw material refined is Stone and Gems

  • Tanning – raw material refined is Leather

New World Crafting

Where to Buy Refining Equipment?

There are various refining tools available worldwide that raise the likelihood of Yield. These are restricted to a single trade skill, but having the full ensemble raises your odds by 10%. In order to maximise the yield from your refining, refining equipment is crucial, and all when used, each item raises the Yield Opportunity by 2%. Each item is also available for purchase at the Trading Post since the components are dropped by specific open-world monsters and are Bind on Equip.

Gaining More Refining Yield

The likelihood of an item replicating while being crafted or refined is known as the yield chance. Your level of refining trade skill has a significant impact on yield chance. For instance, if your level of smelting is 200, your default yield chance is 20%. The calculation method for your base yield possibility is shown below:

(Trade Skill Level / 10) Yield Chance in %..

The daily cooldown mats (phoenixweave, runic leather, etc.) have a 100% reduced chance to yield more than other special items in the game. Getting refining equipment is the only way of raising these chances. Below, we’ll cover more on refining gear. The refining station users use has an impact on your refining yield as well. Once refining a tier 2 item at a crafting station, you will notice this. The yield opportunity per tier decreases as you move beyond layer 2.

Tier decreases: 0% for Tier 2. Reduced Chances of Yield

  • Tier 3: 2% Reduced Chances of Yield

  • Tier 4: 5% Reduced Chances of Yield

  • Tier 5: 7% Reduced Chances of Yield

Gems don’t use the tiered system, and your stonecutting level is the only factor that affects the yield chance. When cutting, you will receive a 20% chance to create an additional tier 5 gem thanks to the declines from the higher tier.


New World offers various job roles and several ways to level up in all those roles. Crafting is one of the most exciting ways. You gather items, put them together to know what you can make out of them and then craft them using the tools you have. You can level up each of your skills by spending more time on that particular skill and gather items related to it. If you think you can craft something extraordinary, or something simple which will be useful to survive in the lands of the New World, then what are you waiting for. Get your gears and join others to craft items. This will be all from us for now. We will be updating the article with new information. Stay tuned with us for more updates.

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