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New World Sandwurm Raid Guide - How to Defeat Sandwurm in New World Season 2

In the latest season of New World, we got to experience some spectacular new mechanisms. One certain boss that everyone is hyped about is the Sandwurm. If you are having trouble defeating him, we got here a New World Sandwurm Raid Guide, in which we share with you details on How to Defeat Sandwurn in New World Season 2.

What is Sandwurm Raid?

New World Sandwurm Raid Guide - How to Defeat Sandwurm in New World Season 2

Sandwurn is the short Raid that goes by the name of the Arena of the Shah Nashen, which is an Elite Trial in the game. Shah Nashen is a Devourer in Season 2 of Blood of the Sands. 

Being a beast, the Sandwurm focuses more on one type of damage, which is acid. The secondary damage that Sandwurm focuses on is Strike Damage.

This Raid requires 20 players, all put in a PvE event where they can fight Shah Nashen, the Sandwurm himself. The minimum you can go with is 12, but the more you get, the easier this raid gets.

Where to Find Sandwurm Raid?

Where to Find Sandwurm Raid in New World Season 2

If you are updated to the latest season of New World, which is the second, you will be able to find Sandwurn in the Southwest Brimstone Sands. 

To reach this location, you first have to travel toward the Wurmsign Obelisk. From there, take the north, and then you will have access to the trials.

There are two sides you can take. The one we mentioned has a door through which you can enter the arena, while the other one has some spikes, and you can’t get inside through that.

Proceeding inside the Trials of the Devourer is quite difficult as you need to be present inside a raid group. The group should have a minimum of 12 players and a maximum is 20. 

Best Equipment for Sandwurm Raid

Before entering into the Raid itself, there are a few things you need to get. Most of the equipment and items we are going to discuss below have Acid Resistance or Strike Damage absorption. These include the following;


  • Being a beast, you might require a Best Ward like Shadewalker Mask of the Sentry. It will make the raid quite easy. 

  • Equipping Beast Bane Weapons will also help you out because Sandwurm is a beast, and these beast gears are quite helpful.


There are a few trophies you need to put in your houses that might help as well. These are;

  • Major Wildlife Combat Trophy to deal extra damage to beasts.

  • Major Angry Earth Combat Trophy to deal extra damage to the angry Earth beast. The other enemies that are going to spawn in the Sandwurm Raid are earth beasts. 


In terms of gems, you might be looking out for the padding stuff. It is referred to as the Chitin Padding. As we mentioned earlier in our Sandwurm guide, the beast himself throws off Acid.

The Chitting Padding will enhance your Acid Resistance in the game, which makes life much easier during the Raid. These are legendary resources in the New World. If you don’t have one, you can make it yourself in the forge. 

Then again, why waste time when you can simply Buy them yourself through the Trading Post.

Talking about Buying New World Items and New World Gold Coins. You can save a ton of time by simply going to MMOPixel.com and getting your favorite items and gold stocks at the cheapest rates.

The other Gem you might want to look out for is the Cut Pristine Jasper. It will give you Strike Damage absorption because, after Acid Damage, Strike is the primary damage Sandwurm can give you.


If you want to take another route, you can simply miss out on the Padding and then go for the Padded Pristine Jasper Amulet of the Sentry. It will help you with the Strikes Damage from the Beast. 


Food that gives you the appropriate stats. Mostly, it depends on your build and what you are looking for. Our recommendation would be to go for the food that boosts your Focus, Constitution, Intelligence, Mana Regen, Infused Health, Honing Stone, Infused Regeneration, and Infused Beast Ward Potions. 

This is quite basic, and you can move around according to your needs. The one thing, however, that we recommend highly for the Sandwurm is the Acid Tincture Potion. Always get it for this Raid Run in the game. 

You can also put something like Powerful Incense which is quite rare to get. So, basically, in the end, it depends on you which one suits you best.

Sandwurm Raid Best Team Composition

To Defeat Sandwurm in New World Season 2, you need to have the appropriate team with you. Below, we got you covered on that as well. 


You need to have at least two tanks on the team. The maximum number of tanks you can have are four, and we recommend the latter one. The obvious reason is that you need to have a backup tank in the team, as well as 4 to go with the 4 DPS who are going to be standing on the Light Mechanism.


It might seem kind of off, but we recommend you stick with four healers in the team. It is a sweet spot to have them on the team so that you can survive for a longer period. 


Finally, you need to have around 12 to 14 DPS in the team. For the remaining, you need to have slots for Healers and Tanks. Out of these 12 to 14, you need to have a minimum of 4 ranged DPS attackers in the team.

Ideally, you need the Bow and Musket in the team because the Sandwurm takes bonus damage from thrusts. The extra is around 10 percent, which is quite low, but still, it is extra.

If you are looking to increase the Ranged Attackers amount, you can go with six as well. But don’t cross this threshold here because it will make the team unstable.

How to Defeat Sandwurm in New World Season 2

Now that you have the gear and the team ready let’s talk about the steps on How to Defeat Sandwurm in New World Season 2. 

Light Mechanics

Light Mechanics in Sandwurm Raid New World Season 2

The only and most important thing you need to understand here is the Light Mechanic. After you get the Earth Worms spawns, they have shields on them. To bypass the shields, you will require the Light Mechanics for the Sandwurm Raid.

As you move around, you will find Pedestals or Platforms with light emitting from them. To help you out, there are four of those in total around the arena. 

To make the Light Mechanics work, you need to have four players stepping on the pedestals or platforms at the same time. It is not literal because it can be a few seconds apart, but not longer than that.

After it’s done, you are going to witness colors for all the pedestals. Let's take the following perspective; you are standing on the pedestal facing the boss, meaning the ground area. From left to right, you have the four pedestal colors. 

When you step on the pedestal, you won’t be able to see your own color here. The colors are displayed below the area, actually, so you won’t be able to see them while on the pedestal. 

There is a proximity thing here that makes it quite hard to understand. You will have to be quite far from the color itself to see it. You can use the Shock Collar for that, which becomes a necessity.

You can come up with some other type of mechanism in the game as well where they can communicate with you. You just need to remember the order from either Left to Right or Right to Left. 

If you call the lights in the correct order, you will get a major buff. Then you will be able to deal bonus damage to shields here. 

After it is done, you need to make sure that someone is standing on the pedestal or the platform. The 4 Ranged DPS are the perfect fit for those, and if someone goes down, you need to communicate the order of color, and then one would have to stand on that.

Acid Spits/Balls

Acid Spits and Acid Balls Sandwurm New World

The next thing you need to be careful about is the Acid Spit or Ball that Sandwurm throws at you. You can simply attack it with a ranged weapon like a staff or a bow. Just get rid of them before they fall on the ground. 

Acid Line

Acid Line attack Sandwurm New World Season 2

Now, the next thing is the Acid Line. This is something that you can’t dodge and can’t get out of the way. The tanks were here for a reason, and to protect the DPS, the tank had to get in the way.

One more thing, you can simply stay on the far right or the far left to protect yourself as well.

Vulnerable and Scorpions

Vulnerable State and Scorpion in New World Season 2 Sandwurm Raid

Afterward, the Scorpion will go underground and become vulnerable. The scorpions will appear, and then the Sandwurm will periodically come up and throw traces of acid. At that time, no one should be on the stairs area, meaning the area where DPS Ranged Characters stand on the Light Mechanism.

When the Sandwurm appears from its vulnerable state, all need to come up the stairs because the ground will be poisoned.

Acid Rain

After it is over, the tanks need to come up front, and Ranged DPS needs to stand on the Light Mechanism. Pop the Acid Potions as much as you can because the final segment is where the Sandwurm is going to throw acid everywhere.


  • Sandwurm sometimes throws these eggs that explode if you leave them be. So attack them.

  • Sandwurm also does this heavy attack swinging his head around in the arena, lower ground. You can either be too close or too far to protect yourself. It appears after the scorpion phase.

The Verdict

New World Season 2 brings one of the hardest Raid Bosses to the table. Some might know him as the Shah Nashen the Devourer, while commonly, he is known as Sandwurm, the Beast. Being a Beast class, you might need to equip all the Beast gear you have, along with consumables and wearables. Here we have the New World Sandwurm Raid Guide to help you Defeat Sandwurm in New World Season 2. We got the gear, the equipment, the abilities, the attacks, and most importantly, the Light Mechanism covered as well. 

Don’t forget to Buy New World Gold Coins and New World Items from MMOPixel.com when you need them. The fight itself is quite hard, and there are tons of potions and consumables you might need.

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