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New World :Server merges are on the horizon

Amazon Game Studios provided a hint about the upcoming server merges in New World as the population went down and left many players unable to party up.

Following the large dip in the active player base, the community started asking for server merging in order to get more active people to play with and AGS finally responded in one such thread on the forums.

" Hey there, world merges are on the horizon, but require additional scale testing before we are confident enough to use the tech on the live worlds," Kay writes on the game's forums. " As you can imagine given the first few rocky weeks, we are using an over abundance of caution here. The exact words were that " world merges are on the horizon" so they are not too far away from launch but there is currently no exact date.

The need for server merges is an issue of Amazon's own making. To combat long login queues during launch week, Amazon created numerous new servers and encouraged players to create characters on them to avoid queues. Amazon later offered free server transfers, so that players who may have created a character on a different server than they originally intended could find a permanent home once the game's population stabilized.

A side effect is that many low population servers have seen their populations decrease even more as a result of the free transfers, resulting in numerous "dead" servers where other players are scarce and much of the game's content is near impossible to find groups for. The sooner server merges happen, the sooner the game will be in a healthier state for all players.

The devs pointed out that the solution is currently undergoing testing in order not to mess up the same way other fixes did, which resulted in new bugs and glitches being born along the way.

Either way, it's good news for the remaining players because additional testing will probably mean the launch will not carry game-breaking issues with it, like when gold dupe prevention caused a new way to dupe gold. Despite the bugs, New World remains as one of the top-played games on Steam more than a month after launch. Mmopixel.com can provide you with enough and cheap New World Coins, and we are 24/7 online to help you: fast delivery service and safe payment method.

Exactly how server merging will work, and when it could be coming to New World, remains to be seen. Let's keep an eye out for the official news.

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