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New World Skinning Guide

Skinning in New World is literally skinning animals to get their hides. To make recipes for weapons, armor, and consumables, the materials collected via this skill must be used, making it one of the most crucial Gathering Trade Skills. It is also among the simplest.

How To Start Skinning?

You'll need to craft a skinning knife before you begin skinning in the New World. A flint skinning knife can be made instantly at any camp or town. The materials needed to make a skinning knife are the same as those needed to make a harvesting tool called a flint sickle:

  • 1 Green Wood

  • 1 Flint

Anywhere, you can acquire flint lying about. Take a glance where you are jogging to see what appear to be rocks, which are typically rather brown or beige in appearance. You can harvest any twigs you see nearby to use as green wood. Alternately, Trees can be chopped to obtain Green Wood if you have already crafted a Logging Axe for Logging.

New World Skinning

Standing Reputation in the territory

When you get Reputation for a territory, the first choice is to speed up skinning, or any other gathering skill is select this option. Next, you can select one of three upgrades, which change when you reach Territory Standing in a particular territory. When in the area, you will have the choice to "Increase Gathering Speed by 3.0%". If you choose this, you can start stacking these to speed up your gathering there substantially.

Upgrade Your Collecting Equipment

A flint skinning knife can help you increase your harvesting speed by 100%. Although 100% may seem like a lot, this speed can be quite slow. However, you can make an iron-skinning knife immediately if you have other gathering abilities that are leveled up or gold to invest at a trading station. Depending on your traits, making an iron skinning knife will enhance your skinning speed by 125%–139%.

Go to a workbench inside a town and you can utilize your engineering prowess to create an iron-skinning knife there. You'll need the following ingredients:

  • 1 of any leather variety

  • 2 of Any kind of exquisite wood or lumber

  • 7 ingots of iron

New World Skinning Guide

Levels in Skinning

Beginner Level Skinning

The ideal place to practice beginner-level spinning up to level 25 is the area where the boars are, regardless of the settlement you begin the game in. You may instantly raise your skinning level here. Around the Watchtower, where the game begins, some Boars respawn frequently. You can kill them. Also, whenever you can, kill any animals you come across. As a result, you can quickly raise your Skinning level while completing your primary tasks and side quests. Windsward's boars are low-level; you can quickly skin them after killing them with one or two hits.

Medium Level Skinning

To harvest at level 25 and higher, you must travel to other areas and level up more quickly. Wolves around Inkwell Cave, which is close to the Windsward Settlement, resurrect frequently, and by eliminating them rapidly, you can raise your Skinning. You can go kill the Sierra Wild Cats roaming in the Cutlass Keys region once you've leveled up here for a bit and reached Level 55 in Skinning. Even while they can be challenging to kill, each time you skin one, you receive 451 points, allowing you to upgrade your tracking and skinning abilities quickly. Remember that to skin them, your Tracking & Skinning skill level must be level 55.

Advanced Level Skinning

By eliminating the animals like Lushhunt Pointer, who demand top tier and gear level, you can fast reach the maximum level for your skin. But since the creatures and environment in this location demand a high level, we caution you to be careful. Around Balmy Veldt, many Lushhunt Pointers respawn quickly.

You can use gold coins to buy and upgrade your knives and help you with skinning. However, if you are falling short of gold, you can easily purchase the coins from our website at a reasonable price.

If you need them, you can buy New World Gold Coins on our website MMOPixel at an unbeatable price.

What Materials Are Available?

Using your flint skinning knife, you can earn leather by skinning animals. An animal will be killed, its skin removed, and its hide will be taken to a tannery in the city to be made into leather. Alternatively, you might purchase 1 leather at the town's trading post; they ought to be extremely affordable.

The same is true for two pieces of wood. Green Wood must be brought into town and sawn into lumber. If you need a speedy turnaround and do not currently have the supplies, you can also visit the trading post and buy 2 timber.

You can locate iron veins and utilize your mining abilities to collect iron ore to make iron ingots. Once more, a mining pick is required for this. You can search for these veins outside, mine the ore, and then process it in the city to make iron ingots. If you don't already have these resources, you could choose to purchase them from the trading post if they are reasonably priced. Iron veins may be difficult to locate unless you expressly search for them.

Once you have obtained the necessary supplies, you can make the iron skinning knife in the game, which will significantly speed up the skinning process.

Meats in the Modern World

The Skinning career shares many similarities with Leatherworking and forms the basis of the Cooking occupation. To advance in the kitchen and discover new recipes, you need to eat a lot of meat. And the Skinning profession is the one who gives you these foods. Additionally, you receive the flesh of any animal you skin.

  • Venison: Obtained by skinning elks.

  • Red Meat: Obtained by skinning sheep, goats, churros, cows, wolves, etc.

  • Pork: Obtained by skinning pigs and boars.

  • Game Meat: Obtained by skinning rabbits.

  • Poultry: Obtained by skinning turkeys.

  • Tender Wolf Loin: Obtained by skinning wolves.

  • Pork Belly: Obtained by skinning boars.

  • Rich Bear Flank: Obtained by skinning bears.

New World Animal Locations

How to Level Skinning Ultra Fast?

The last technique is an exploit that will let players level their skins at a startling rate that the developers had not even considered. It employs a spawn bug that sends waves and waves of endless boars for players to kill and skin.

Navigate to Restless Shore and proceed to this area's northern side. On the map's extreme East side is Restless Shore, and a camp is named Boarsholm. You'll know you've found the right place if this trick hasn't been patched when you witness many gamers spamming the herd of boars. To make the most of your time here, constantly hit the Interact key bind because it's quite competitive. The boars in this area may level you up to 200 in as little as an hour and provide you with over 600 Skinning experience points and lots of character XP, and your Skinning skill levels rise.

New World Skinning Levelling

Types of Animal Hides In the New World

You would be required to hunt more than one animal at the experienced and intermediate levels to generate leathers of various qualities. These Hides are dropped by monsters that range in rank and rarity. For your leather production to advance, you will require all hides.


You can get rawhide at the start of the game, which is the most accessible material to gather. Most low-level zones, along with the start zone, allow you to collect. Every creature in zones of 0 to 30 Levels drops it. You must be able to manufacture coarse leather to start moving up the ladder in the leatherworking industry. And a bunch of rawhide is required to make this leather.


This hide can be found when you are halfway through the game and is dropped by creatures that are found in zones with Level 35–45 animals. The thick hide can be farmed exceptionally well with the help of creatures from the Restless Shore. Additionally, when skinned, Sandhoof Elks and  Bobcats drop this kind of hide. Layered leather is made from thick hide, which is a Tier 4 Leather. To put it another way, we can argue that it is a crucial midgame resource.


As the game draws to a close, monsters in 45–60 level zones will release Iron Hide, a commodity you will require. Iron Hide is a characteristic of many animals in the level +50 zones. In addition, infused leather, a Tier 5 item, is created using Iron Hide.


This is required to create the Tier 5 material known as Runic Leather. It is a Legendary item; however, it is pretty rare to find it dropped by enemies in high-level locations. But you can't make Runic Leather, one of the late-game items, without this item. So this makes the thing crucial.


This valuable Tier 5 Legendary item is used to create Runic Leather. Without having this item, you cannot make Runic Leather. Similar to Scarhide, this item is essential.


Now with the help of this guide, you can make your skinning process more accessible, and also, there are various types of knives you can craft to increase your gathering speed. So, be smart enough to use the most fasted knife to attain your skins or meats faster.

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