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New World Sole Survivor Quest Guide

Founded in 2014, Amazon Games has only ever released one PC game (Crucible), and its parent company's resources appear to support its production budget. So now was the right time for the studio's first major release, New World, a crafting and PvP-focused MMORPG. New World is an MMO that mainly relies on its faction warfare and map-wide PvP to make up for its lackluster questing system and uninspiring plot.

The gameplay of New World is action-oriented, in contrast to many MMOs. Instead of just right-clicking an adversary and selecting one of the many skills from a hotbar, the players should block, dodge, employ both heavy and light assaults, aim at the head, and use their numerous weapon skills to prevail. As a result, its fighting is more akin to an RPG created by From Software than it is to other MMOs. Nevertheless, effectively eliminating a bunch of foes still feels rewarding, even after playing for numerous hours. If you get everything right and know when to evade or block an attack, you can take no damage from many of the game's PvE confrontations.

Obtaining various in-game objects like weapons and armor can be a tedious process. Therefore, we advise you to use some real-life money and purchase some New World Coins to get the desired weapon faster.

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New World


Your most significant source of XP while leveling up is through quests. The primary mission in New World offers a tonne of XP for each quest completed, even though some of the quests are level-locked. Completing side missions, faction quests, and town board projects are excellent ways to level up if you run into such a wall. There can be instances when more than completing quests will be required to level, in which case you should begin farming expeditions or creating (both explained later).

About the Sole Survivor

As the initial story quest, Sole Survivor is an introductory adventure of the New World. After arriving in Aeternum, the player must find a nearby Watchtower and talk to the Watcher there.


An unknown sea creature attacks the ship of Captain Aldous Thorpe as it is sailing to Aeternum. With the ship debris, you wash up on Aeternum and discover Captain Thorpe nearby, who is hurt. A Drowned Sailor, an 'undead pirate' brandishing a sword, attacks you as you get closer to him. Use your weapon, then deflect the blow. Then come back with your assault. Avoid any counterattack, and then use a strong strike to destroy the enemy ultimately.

Speak with the Captain, who shall now ask about a lost box before passing away and rapidly transforming into a red glow that seems almost otherworldly. Take whatever he has left behind, including two Light Rations and a Round Shield. Put both things on and eat Light Ration for your health to recover and receive a 20-minute health recovery boost.

As you travel through a Ship Graveyard, kill any Drowned Sailor foes who stand in your path. Each one instantaneously disintegrates into energy (blue), much as Captain Thorpe did. The view of Aeternum, which includes a mountain as you look far away with a grotto filled with smoke ahead of you, along with boulders floating to the sky, may be seen after passing through the Ship Graveyard.

You discover what appears to be the Captain using some energy in the grotto. The same red and dark energy he previously emitted pulsed forth while his eyes were blazing red. According to him, you being dead at sea would be preferable. Now, you must take down Captain Thorpe, who has been corrupted. Remember to either dodge or block the blows and follow them with forceful blows since his strikes are strong. If necessary, consume a light ration.

Corrupted Captain Thorpe shoots a dark energy beam at you once he has reduced your health, which compels you to react by pulsing blue energy. You seem to have teleported into one of Aeternum's regions. To finish the task, head north to the Watchtower where you had been transported and make an introduction to the Watcher.

New World Sole Survivor Quest


Since this quest is the first one you undertake, the rewards will not be great. To complete this quest you get the following:

  • 150XP7.75 Coin

  • Duelist's Boots

Summary of the Quest

Since the players are new and have yet to get a hold of the game, we have summarised the quest proceedings for you, so you keep track and get going within the game.

  • Get back Captain Thorpe's belongings

  • Leave the shipyard and search for your crewmates.

  • Gaining Height Will Give You a Better View of the Area

  • Investigate the smoke by descending inside the grotto.

  • Take the Corrupted down Lieutenant Thorpe

  • Examine the Watchtower.

  • Talk to Leyson Reese (if teleported to Everfall), Nora Linch (if teleported to First Light), Charity Douglas (if teleported to Monarch's Bluffs), and Tahir Fayed (if teleported to Windsward)

New World Sole Survivor Quest Guide

Tips and Tricks for New Players

Creating a character

When you launch the game, you can create a character and pick a server. Selecting a server is made possible by clicking "Create a Character." Clicking the selected region will allow you to change the region you want to browse. By doing so, a drop-down menu with more regions appears. The geographical area that is currently chosen serves as the host for these worlds. If there are any waits, New World will suggest a world for you depending on the population there now. Make sure to choose the same server as your buddies or the group if you are playing with them. Then it's time to develop the specifics of your persona.


You should be aware of the desirable characteristics of each weapon as a new player. The Great Axe, for instance, is based on Strength, and the Bow, on Dexterity. This renders the combination of those two weapons less than ideal. Instead, concentrate on combining weapons that function effectively and have comparable characteristics. It will limit your selections and aid your grasp of how the weapon pairings work.

As many weapons and weapon combinations as you can try, switching weapons will help you feel less overwhelmed as you level up and find more. You can find yourself sticking with it even if you initially thought it wasn't for you. It's optional to find the best Perks or products right away. Instead, put your attention on comprehending how and what everything does. Once you're in the late game, you'll need to know that information, especially if you want to buy quality gear.

Supplies, perks, and equipment

Your gameplay depends greatly on your equipment load or equipment weight. To determine the distinctions between the various weights, make sure to hover your cursor over the tooltip. In the inventory screen, next to the armor you have equipped, the words "light, medium, heavy" will appear. You will benefit greatly if you begin understanding how this operates as soon as possible.

Form a Company

In MMORPGs, building communities and connecting with other players is paramount. Therefore, as soon as you have joined your New World faction, you should join a Company as a new player, a collection of players from the same faction that have formed a guild. By joining a Company, you can make new friends and collaborate with them for PvE missions, PvP fighting, and global exploration. With a group of comrades, everything in New World is simpler (and arguably more enjoyable, too), so you should try to find a Company as soon as possible.

Trade Skills

Trade Skills, sometimes known as non-combat-related skills, can be divided into three groups: refining, gathering, and crafting. There are many levels of abilities, including playing musical instruments, mining, and cooking. These abilities aid in mission completion, experience gain, enemy defeat, and Coin generation through the New World economy. There are more than 15 Trade Skills. As your character levels up, concentrate on raising your Gathering and Refining levels. Daily cooldown materials for refining talents are highly precious and can be used to gain money or saved up for end-game crafting.

New World Quest Guide


After doing this 'Sole Survivor' quest, you can start your journey in New World. This guide covers all the things you need to know about the quest. We have also covered some additional tips a new player needs to consider to get started with the game. This guide will benefit you and clear any doubt you have as a new player.

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