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New World Spriggan Arena Guide

The Eastern section of Edengrove is home to the Monoecious Cleft, also known as the Spriggan Arena in New World. This end-game arena is designed to be completed by a party of five people. You will first encounter Zygoramet, a Spriggan boss when you enter this arena. To reach the Arena, like the other Arenas and Expeditions in New World, you'll need a tuning orb. Keep on reading this New World Spriggan Arena Guide to learn where to find a Monoecious Tuning Orb and how to take down Zygoramet.

New World Spriggan casting

Monoecious Cleft Tuning Orb

By clearing the questline that starts with the quest "Fading Lights," you can get the Monecious Tuning Orb for nothing once. This quest may be obtained from Derek Wardall in Edengrove. Once you arrive at the mission known as "Threat of Life," continue down the quest line. " Threat of Life" will end with a Monoecious Tuning Orb for the Spriggan Arena as your prize.

Additionally, Elite AI foes in Malevolence, Forecastle Drift, Spires of Melpomene, or Eternal Pool have a low chance of dropping arena-tuning orbs. The stonecutter profession may also be used to make the Monecious Tuning Orb. You must have at least level 50 in stonecutting and utilize a tier 4 or above stonecutting table in order to create the tuning orb. A limit of five orbs can be created at once. If you make five orbs at once, you must wait seven days before making more.

Consumables you should equip

A form of Angry Earth mob is the Zygoramet. To assist you in optimizing your damage output while battling in this Arena, the below consumables are advised.

  • Angry Earth Combat Trophy

  • Powerful Honing Stone

  • Infused Angry Earth Coating 

If you think you need more damage reduction, you can also use Infused Angry Earth Ward Potions.

Weapons to Carry

Delivering fire damage and slash damage to Zygoramet will increase your damage output. You may also improve your DPS in this arena by using a weapon that comes with the Angry Earth Bane Perk.

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Boss Guide-Zygoramet

Spriggan Boss New World Arena

You will face Zygoramet when you first enter the arena. In the end, this monster is a DPS check. The cage mechanism is the major component. Zygoramet will enter a cage at intervals during the battle, and while inside, he will significantly heal himself. He recovers more quickly in the cage the longer he is there. The monster will need to be attacked in order for your squad to escape the cage, therefore the more damage you can deal with, the less healing the boss would receive. In order to breach the cage more easily and lessen the monster's healing effects, it is crucial to enter this encounter with the right coatings, trophies, and weapons.

Zygroramet has a large AOE and uses his club in powerful swings that do a lot of damage. All you need to do is have your DPS use his club to block or avoid part of the massive swinging AOE while your tank taunts and takes the damage. He will enter the first cage after his health has decreased to roughly 75%. The cage must be DPS'd down as soon as you can. He will then suddenly emerge from the cage, at which point your tank will simply need to reclaim aggro, do tank damage, and carry on DPSing the boss.

Observe his technique for the leap smash and his outstretched arm as well. He will occasionally leap into the air before crashing to the ground, doing AOE damage to everyone in his immediate vicinity. If the DPS are nearby, they must avoid or deflect this attack. On occasion, his arm also would enlarge significantly and span across the arena, striking opponents in close proximity. This assault may be avoided or repelled since it is foreseen.

Consider performing the following to increase your damage:

  • Use a weapon having lost pain and enchanted perks, and you might also want to use an amber gem to change your damage to natural.

  • Use the lost coating that has been injected to get a 15% damage boost.

  • Depending on the tier of the stone, using honing stones can improve your damage by four to seven percent.

  • Every trophy you place in a home you own will improve your damage by three to five percent, depending on its tier.

The following advice can help you deal with this boss:

  • If you see that now the Boss is hiding in some kind of cocoon, be careful to destroy it as soon as you can since this is the time during which he is healing himself; if you are unable to deliver enough damage, he would quickly regain all of his HP.

  • When the monster uses his tentacle to strike from a distance, it might be difficult to avoid; but, if you remain behind his back at that time, you will be completely secure.

  • As a result, when you are a tank, make sure the boss is confronting only you and that the rest of the party is behind him.

New World Spriggan hero mist


As with all other arenas, you will receive a prize of around 200 gold, 68z, and citrine gypsum.


In the New World, there is a great deal to explore and learn. Epic scenery, unique and unusual wildlife, thick woods, and peril at every step. From the very beginning, your journey in Aeternum will indeed be full of adventure. Our New World Spriggan Arena Guide is now complete, and with it, you can easily kill this boss.

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