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New World Starstone Barrows Expedition Guide

Level 35 expedition, The Starstone Barrows is situated in Everfall. Keep scrolling through this Starstone Barrows Expedition Guide for additional information on the Drops you may obtain, a description of the expedition, and Boss Fight Guides.

Expedition Pre-requisites


This expedition is situated beneath the Shattered Obelisk, southeast of the Everfall Settlement. Starstone is advised to be taken at level 35. At level 33, you can still accept the recurring quest and complete the quest.

Types of Enemies

Once inside, the Ancient adversary type will appear. Strikevoid, or lightning damage are the most efficient forms of damage against the Ancients. Therefore, a weapon that provides striking damage should be used, and lightning and otherwise void gem should be added to the weapon, with lightning being by far the better damage type.

Repeatable Quests

You may find the task More Bones for Barkimedes at level 33. You may take up this repeating quest from Barkimedes, who is seated directly in front of the Amrine Excavation Expedition. Three skeleton mini-bosses that you will meet throughout the Starstone Barrows Expedition will each drop a bone. In order to finish the mission, you must collect every bone. The quest must then be turned in in Barkimedes upon your return. Once you reach level 33, Everfall will start sending you Expedition Faction quests for Starstone Barrows along with the recurring More Bones for Barkimedes quest.

New World Starstone Barrows Expedition

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Ancient Hall

To get rid of the first set of Ancients, go west along the old hall and across the bridge after entering. Unlock the Ancient Azoth Seal after it has been cleared, then enter the Sealed Chamber.

Sealed Chamber

From here, ascend the steps and eliminate the uppermost set of more ancients. You will learn about the Arcane Beams, the expedition's initial mechanic, right here. A chamber containing an Iron Vein as well as a lore page is to the right (north). To exit the Sealed Chamber and get to your first Checkpoint, you must crouch prone underneath the beams to the left. Continue walking down the corridor. Avoid the following beam and defeat the following horde of old enemies.

Forbidden Passage

Continue south and descend the ledge to the left. then proceed south while avoiding the beams! You will continue till you notice the platform's ledge. From here, use your action key to leap across the initial gap while hugging the ledge towards the right (default shift). Once you're on the following platform, climb up the right wall and make a left turn. A bouncing beam should be visible ahead.

Upon the right side of the platform, there is a little ledge that slopes downward. Jump onto the lower ledge with caution, then duck beneath the bouncing beam. From there, you must leap to the next little platform up ahead before making your way to the following small platform to your right. Leap forward to the wide platform with steps for the last jump. Turn to the left and squat down beneath the following bouncing arcane ray.

Be careful because a Shattered Archer with a knockback ability is on the opposite side of the beam and might knock you into it. Kill him, then ascend the wooden platform to the wooden path in front of you. Sprint straight ahead and jump across to the lower wooden platform after leaping off the walkway into the stone platform below. Before hugging the wall to your right around the bend, remove the ads below.

You may get to the below-ground Arcane pool by heading left. One member of your party will receive an enchantment called Arcane Protection as a result. A shortcut between both the platform and the entrance to the chamber will form after it is picked up. Anyone who obtained the Arcane Protection could now stand in between arcane rays and provide a passageway for other team members. On numerous occasions during the Expedition, this mechanic will be present. To get through the 3-beamed entryway to the south, use the Arcan Protection. The second Respawn Shrine is reached via this. In the hallway up ahead, there is a chest as well. To dispatch additional Ancient Mobs, turn towards the west and ascend the stairs.


Turn left once you've entered the Amphitheater to see a large stairway with a number of Ancients. Ioane is an Elite mini-boss that is a part of this group of Mobs. With her scimitar sword in hand and remarkable range of motion, Ioane is moving very quickly. Eliminate Ioane and the gang, then make your way up the steps and to the right-hand corner (north).

You will come upon yet another group of shamanistic mobs led by Erine, another Elite mini-boss. An Ancient wielding a spear as well as a shield in Erine. Take out these hordes, crack open the seal of Ancient Azoth, and enter the Shattered Obelisk.

Shattered Obelisk

The third Respawn spot and a set of stairs are located just inside the entrance. Retrieve the expedition chest on your left after climbing the steps. The arcane ray at the peak of the stairs will switch off after the mobs have been eliminated. ascend the steps, move to the Obelisk's left, then descend the stairway that is located there. Clear the Ancients below, then enter the Antechamber through the Ancient Azoth Sealed door.

New World Shattered Obelisk

The Antechamber

A shrine for respawns may be found within the entrance. Clear the Ancient hordes in front of you by moving to the right. There is a door that has four runes on it. You'll want to keep this in mind for later. Turn around at this point and proceed to the left via the ancient shut door that is behind you. Ahead: More Ancient mobs! Remove them, then descend the steps to the Halls of the Crypt.

Halls of the Crypt

Clear the following set of Ancients as you continue down the hallway, then descend the stair on your right (east). Multiple Elite mini-bosses, Limos & Erebas, may be found below. Once you've defeated them, make sure one of your party members, ideally, a DPS takes up the Arcane Protection buff from the rear of the room. This buff will be necessary for you to proceed. Use this to pass past arcane beam-protected doors. After passing the first three beams, the four party members who do not have arcane Protection must rapidly defeat the ancients to ensure that the protection boost does not wear out before the group passes the last three beams. Return to the Shattered Obelisk and climb the stairs for the first boss battle.

Boss Fight - Alectos the Relentless

The tank must face Alectos toward the edge of the platform for the remainder of the battle in order to direct Arcane Orbs away from the others. The Tank will also be required to stop Arcane Rejuvenation, which is his method of self-healing. If the tank's interrupt is on cooldown, the DPS might have to assist in interrupting this ability. To stop Alectos from enchanting additional adds that he produces, the DPS must kill them. At the range, the remaining Alectos damage may be readily avoided. Kill him, then take your stuff.

Take notice of the Ancient Shrine once Alectos has fallen. Later, you'll need to utilize this. Once you've taken the chest towards the west, descend the stairs and defeat the Ancients below. Travel through the two different sets of arcane rays while wearing arcane protection. More Ancient mobs and yet another Elite mini-boss called Sangarion will be present. Once the area is free, look inside the elaborate chest for the Obelisk Key. To bless the Obelisk Key, you must return to the ancient shrine. To unlock the Runed door, bring the Key to the Antechamber. To reach there, go back through into the Halls of the Crypt.

Open the Runed door with the Obelisk Key to access the Regent's Crypt. After entering the door, players will notice the last location for respawns. The last boss is up now.

New World Alectos the Relentless Boss Fight

Boss Fight - Greundgul the Regent

Phase 1

His initial phase is straightforward. As Gruendgul spawns in his bones, DPS them and eliminate them from the area. You will always get rid of the adds in the bone first. Greundgul enters his second phase once you kill him.

Phase 2

Now, Gruendgul will start leaping throughout the space, sending a powerful AOE shockwave outward from wherever he lands. To ease the burden on the healer, players should spread out and attempt to avoid them as much as possible because it is difficult to totally prevent them. He will eventually cease leaping after a few attempts and eventually spawn in 2 Bones. Kill the additions last, then the bones. After then, Gruendgul will resume the Leaping phase. Repeat the process until The Starstone Barrows is complete.

New World Greundgul the Regent Boss Fight

Loot Drops

  • Graveguard's Seal

  • Staff of the Immolated Veil

  • Obsidian Rapier

  • Creeping Cold

  • Tip of the Morning Star

  • Stonehewn Ring

  • Ancient Heartstring

  • The Obelisk

  • Fleeting Reality

  • Glacial Longsword

  • Sliver of Crystalized Azoth

  • Sparkling Bone Dust


Our Starstone Barrows Expedition Guide is now complete. This final expedition won't be a big deal for you anymore.

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