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New World Stonecutting Levelling Guide

In the New World, Stonecutting is a vital occupation. With the Flint Pickaxe you have on hand, you can start mining as soon as the game launches. As a result, Stonecutting won't be all that crucial in the game's early stages. However, Stonecutting will become a crucial component of core growth around level 35 for jewels and Town Project assignments.

Stonecutting is a career that you can begin in your very first levels. Therefore, have it in mind while undertaking quests, and keep in mind to gather stones each time you depart a village. Also, keep in mind that levelling up your Stonecutting will happen more quickly given you collect more and more stones. Here are some strategies for levelling up more quickly.

Mining and Stonecutting Levelling

By now, you are aware that until your Mining level is high, you cannot advance in the Stonecutting profession. You must therefore raise both your mining and stonecutting levels simultaneously. A quick tutorial on Levelling mining is provided below:

Levelling for Beginners 0–50

It will take an hour to get 50 if you just started the game. You mine rocks to advance in the mining process; you can mill ores like iron and silver at this level. Based on your luck, these deposits may also contain uncommon materials. You cut each stone you encounter while on a journey because of this. While farming, you will additionally obtain some gems. For further in the game, save these gems. 

Medium Levelling 50–150 

You are now in the middle of the game and are much more accustomed to its PvE features. You will initially be able to acquire Lodestone Bricks from the Lodestones you gather once your Mining level exceeds 105. The "Great Cleave" region, in particular, has many of the deposits you require. You can visit these locations to gather ores for Starmetal and Lodestones. Never attempt to sell the resources you bought on the market because their values are poor, and you won't get anything from them. So, try to make Lodestone Bricks level up.

Advanced Levelling 150–200

You are interested in this part if you have progressed to level 60 in the game. Now, you can create Rune Stones and Obsidian Void Stones using the Stonecutting profession. They cost a lot and let you raise your gear score because they are utilized to make Tier 5 legendary goods. To do this, you must farm Earthcrag in the "Great Cleave" region.

New World Stonecutting

Additional Levelling Stonecutting Advice

The weight you can lift can be a challenge during mining and Stonecutting. Continuously increase the amount of storage you have in the region you are Levelling to avoid this. But eventually, you will run out of room, so go out and buy a house, and put chests in it. Your storage capacity will rise thanks to these chests.

At the novice and intermediate levels, don't waste your orbs. Instead, gather the orbs you make and get. Then, in the future, you can utilize them to get to level 60. Never purchase expensive stones from the market. You will continually find jewels as you mine.

Create "Buy Orders'' in the Trading Post for materials that can be refined for use in Stonecutting, and try to purchase these items for a lower price. You require Gold Coins to purchase these items. If you are falling short of Gold Coins, you can simply buy them using real money.

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Additional Materials for Stonecutting

The majority of other vocations utilize the tools we'll discuss here. Utilizing these resources is crucial since, depending on the tier, they allow you to construct extra goods. We'll mention a few resources for refining that are specifically used by stonecutters below:

Pure Solvent:

Vaults on the maps rarely contain it, so rarely do they. You can get more than 80% extra products when employing this solvent in production. Utilizing this source is advised, especially for rare materials.

Weak Solvent: 

It is taken from Supply Containers that surface while you are on a quest. As a result, remember to regularly open the chests nearby as you go on a quest.

Potent Solvent:

This Tier 4 substance, like other solvents, is employed in various occupations. Therefore, it appears on the maps between levels 34 and 58, mainly in the Supply Containers.

Coarse Sandpaper:

On the initial maps, chests frequently contain a Tier 3 level rarity resource. You can cultivate it from Supply Containers just like other goods.

Obsidian Sandpaper:

It is a resource that is available, especially from detailed maps. Depending on your occupation level, it is Tier 5 and enables you to produce 82 percent more bonus items.

Fine Sandpaper is a Tier 4 resource that, depending on your Stonecutting level, increases your chances of finding more items by 57%. Obtainable from chests on higher-level maps.

New World Stonecutting Table Tier 3

Understanding the Building Blocks

Mining and Stonecutting are closely related. You will find it simpler to obtain the materials required for Stonecutting the more experienced your mining profession is. You may make four different types of blocks.

Stone Block

You can produce the Stone Block by processing the stones you obtain from mining. Concentrate on mining rocks and creating Stone Blocks, saving any extra in your storage if you wish to quickly level up your Stonecutting profession between levels 0 and 50. Just save them in your inventory since you'll need a bunch of Stone Blocks for your stonecutting adventure.

Stone Brick

You can start making Stone Bricks after your Stonecutting level exceeds 50. You require 4 Stone Blocks and 1 Sandpaper to make this resource. Additionally, to create this item, your settlement's stonecutting table needs to be at Tier 3. You don't need to bother about this since Factions and Companies build the settlement they hold as time progresses.

Your Stonecutting level will rise quickly after you begin making Stone Bricks. We advise that you store your produced stone bricks in your storage facility with your stone blocks. At higher levels, Town Project assignments will require you to expend a significant amount of Stone Bricks. The production of lodestone bricks also makes extensive use of stone bricks.

Crafting requirements for stone bricks:

  • 1 Sandpaper

  • 4 blocks of stone.

  • Level 50 stonecutting skill

  • Tier 3 stonecutting table is needed

Lodestone Brick

Mid-game is when lodestone, a rare ore, is most often used. Once your Stonecutting level hits 100, you can begin making Lodestone Brick. Your mining profession should be level 105 at this stage because mining lodestones call for it. A Lodestone Brick is created by mixing the lodestones you receive with Stone Brick and Sandpaper. Orbs are frequently created with lodestone bricks, especially for dungeon openings.

Requirements for making Lodestone brick include:

  • 6 lodestones

  • 2 Stone bricks

  • 1 Sandpaper

  • Level 100 stonecutting skill

  • Tier 4 stonecutting table is needed

Obsidian Void Stone

One of the most advanced materials you can produce with Stonecutting is the Obsidian Void Stone. It takes rare ingredients to produce the Tier 5 legendary resource known as the Obsidian Void Stone. The loamy lodestone needed for its creation comes from the incredibly rare "Earthcrag'' stone, whose spawns are highly erratic. The "Rune Stones" required for many of the famous staffs that the Arcana profession may create are made primarily from Obsidian Void Stones. This resource is an endgame component, as we stated at the outset. However, after your character reaches level 60, you can begin to generate it gradually.

Requirements for making Obsidian Void Stone

  • 8 Lodestone Bricks.

  • 2 lodestones

  • 1 Sandpaper 

  • 1 Loamy Lodestone

  • Level 150 Stonecutting skill

  • Tier 5 stonecutting table is needed

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