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New World Store Guide and Items Overview

New World is an MMO that has a similar feel to one of your favorite third-person games, but with a lot more players. Players only need to choose one of three sides; they are not required to stick to classes. The setting of New World is more reminiscent of a 1700s alternate history novel than a Western fantasy one. Though you can take on other players, you should probably concentrate more on purging the world of Corrupted Breaches, which are blood-red clouds that billow all around you and give rise to monsters that may easily slay your character.

A game of this large scale must-have features that enable players to change the appearance of their characters and purchase new items like consumables & skins. The Store becomes helpful in this situation.

What is the Store and how do you access it?

Amazon's New World MMORPG offers a dedicated in-game shop where you can buy special cosmetics, skins, as well as other unique stuff. Only the in-game system gives access to the Store. From the main menu of the game, players can access it. In the top bar, between both the Character tab as well as the Settings tab, click the "Store" button after pressing ESC.

Accessing the Store “remotely”

Additionally, when dealing with some other menus in the game, you can "remotely" access particular sections & features from the store. The "Change Skin" option on your Character panel, can be a nice example. When you choose the "Change Skin" button, at the bottom of the window while a slot with clothes or armor equipped is selected, you can replace that skin with any of your currently owned skins. These skins are either unique unlocks such as freebies or store products that can be bought.

How to use the Store?

Marks of Fortune is a unique currency that is used in The Store in New World. Real-world money can be utilized to buy this currency. You can buy this currency outside of the game in any quantity you like and as often as you like. You accomplish this by making a real world purchase from the game's Steam-page. In case you are viewing this information on a small screen, the pricing for each bundle is listed below.

  • 5,000 Marks of Fortune for 4.99 USD

  • 11,000 Marks of Fortune for 9.99 USD(10,000+1,000 BONUS)

  • 23,000 Marks of Fortune for 19.99 USD(20,000+3,000 BONUS)

  • 41,000 Marks of Fortune for 34.99 USD(35,000+6,000 BONUS)

  • 60,000 Marks of Fortune for 49.99 USD(50,000+10,000 BONUS)

The prices mentioned above are in USD and may differ according to your currency! Additionally, keep in mind that these prices could change significantly based on your area, your currency, and other variables, such as any kind of unique promotion Amazon Games Studio (AGS) might decide to run occasionally. The New World Store's products are all linked to your account. Although they cannot be exchanged or sold to other players, they can be utilized with any of your characters. It's vital to know that the store in New World does not sell anything that would increase your Power. Everything you see in this place is some kind of ornament or accessory.

New World Store

When should you use the Store?

Whenever it comes to in game currency shops, it is always a delicate situation. The New World store can prove to be helpful but also a very good way to drain money. Additionally, it allows the game's creators to earn money to boost further game development. There is no harm in obtaining some Marks of Fortune & buying this item if you like it. However, take caution not to overspend.

Amazon Games frequently updates the Store so you also need to watch out for new products and items that become available. For instance, a limited-time selection of Halloween-themed items was included in the initial update for the New World in-game store, which was released at the end of October 2021. Purchasing different in-game things like weapons and armor may be necessary to improve the overall gameplay. We highly suggest using real-world money to purchase additional New World Coins in order to get the desired resource more quickly.

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Various Categories inside the Store

The Store is divided into various tabs, sections, and categories (as per your liking). The following are the accessible tabs or categories:

  • ConsumablesFeatured Items
  • Armor Skins
  • Emotes
  • Housing Items
  • Weapon Skins
  • Bundles
  • Company Crests

With the exception of the Featured items, users can sort each Category based on one of the following:

  • Price

  • Name

  • Release Date

Sorting might look unusual because for fewer items, but as AGS keeps adding new and more objects to each category, you'll need this option. There is also a Search feature in the upper left corner of the Store's user interface, which undoubtedly comes in handy as more things accumulate. Last but not least, you can buy more Marks of Fortune by clicking the buttons in the top right and bottom left corners. The descriptions of each section are provided below. Keep in mind that the store will frequently introduce new products.


When you access the Store, the Featured Tab will display a number of pre-selected products that AGS wishes to draw your attention to. When you visit the Store, it is the initial tab that opens.


To change the color of your equipment, you can make use of Dyes, which are mostly found in the Consumables section. They are for one-time use and sold in bundles of five different colors. Each allocation of 5 dyes costs 3000 Marks of Fortune.

New World Consumables


Emotes are visually dramatic animations that you may use to express a specific feeling, or desire, or to make a subtle reference to the person sitting next to you. You can either hit the key-bind (usually P) to launch the Emotes menu or type /"emote name" in the chat to access the in-game emotes. These emotes are distinct from the ones you can use by default and are only available by making store purchases. Emotes cost 4,000 Marks of Fortune to purchase.

Armor Skins

All cosmetics that change how armor appears are stated under the armor skins tab. As we mentioned previously you can use them on any piece of armor you equip. These skins; can sometimes be mixed or matched in an unlimited number of combinations. Anywhere, at any time, you can modify the look of the armor. The price of a single armor skin is 13,000 Marks of Fortune.

Weapon Skins

All things that alter the looks of your weapons are found in the Weapon Skins section. Keep in mind that they, like the armor skins, merely affect how your rifle, bow, or melee weapon looks or have no bearing on how well it performs in battle. Your weapons' appearance can be altered whenever & wherever you like. Weapon skins cost between 8500 to 10000 Marks of Fortune. The number of Marks of Fortune needed to buy an item varies depending on its size and nature.

Housing Items

This is the shop where you'd (eventually) spend a considerable amount of time hunting around for hip décor for your home. The category currently doesn't have a lot of products, but in the future, many more are likely to be added. These objects serve only as decoration & add nothing to the value of your house. Beyond the stuff you can currently make to furnish your home, these products can be utilized to further personalize it. The cost of housing supplies is 12000 Marks of Fortune.

Company Crests

The decorative logos for your Guild's crest are available in this category. In the New World, companies are what guilds are known as, and each one is allowed to create its own distinctive crest to stand out on the battlefield or in public. These symbols are displayed all throughout the fortified territories that your company has acquired. Four symbols are included in each pack of company crests, which are purchased in packs. For 4,000 Marks of Fortune, you can purchase a pack of company crests.

New World Company Crests


Items that you might have already encountered in the preceding categories are included in the Bundles category. As the phrase implies, bundles are collections of goods that have been gathered together. AGS feels that many players would wish to purchase these things as a bunch. When and if they are available, buying things in a bundle will be less expensive than buying them individually one at a time.

Note: The number of Marks of Fortune associated with the aforementioned things could change in the near future.


This completes our guide on the New World Store & the Items it offers. It offers a large number of add-ons & miscellaneous features that help you improve the overall look of your character. So head to the store to try out the new items it has on offer! 

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