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New World Territory Standing Rewards and Upgrades Guide

To put it simply, Territory Standing works as a level up for each game zone as opposed to your character or weapon. You get it while in the area by killing monsters, doing quests, and even crafting.

Every activity you complete, every item you make, and every creature you kill gives you a tiny portion of your reputation. Your territory standing will rise when you reach a particular level in this reputation. When you view the Territory on the World Map, you can see how close you are to reaching the next Territory Standing Level.

Currently, each region has a ceiling of 300 Reputation, so you will receive 300 reputation bonuses in total, even though the number of unique ones is considerably lower.

What are the available bonuses for territory standing?

Each level of Territory Standing grants you three perks from which to choose as you advance in standing. These benefits have set appearance dates and times throughout the Territory leveling process. We'll also discuss a few tips for using these points in a somewhat more effective manner.

New World Territory Standing

Faction Token Gain

The bonus known as Faction Token Gain is one of the more specialized ones. You will earn more Faction Tokens when you complete Faction PvE and PvP missions.

Faction Tokens Card

This largely applies to the game's crafting and trading systems. Without this boost, you'll often accumulate Faction Tokens rather quickly, but you'll be able to get a few high-value things far more quickly. For example, being Faction Gear and Runes of Holding.

Early in a server's life, both of these can sell reasonably well because Runes are required to make Satchels, improving your carry capacity. In addition, the flexible stats that may be constructed onto your early gear can be added with Faction Gear, which is another good option.

New World Faction Tokens Card

Gathering speed

It's a wonderful general-purpose bonus to have gathering speed. Of course, your gathering speed is increased by this advantage, though not significantly. Nevertheless, you will benefit from it before you have Steel Tools, which will speed up your Gathering.

If you don't have much luck finding Iron Ore or Sand Flux early on, you could not earn Steel Tools very soon. This is where it shines, but it can still be useful later on when you're mining Starmetal or Orichalcum Ores, which can be difficult to get without a pickaxe of a similar tier or a higher Mining Level.

Housing Items

Most housing necessities are optional. Of course, having more space is always excellent if your objective is to showcase your decorating abilities. Housing Items don't often provide much worth beyond that, though.

However, this will provide you additional room for Storage Chests without limiting your ability to decorate, allowing you to increase your maximum storage in a town based on the number of chests you have and the tier of your house.

House ownership

Within any village with housing, this one is only available to Standing Rank 10. This unlock is necessary and cannot be skipped, as it permits you to purchase a house in the Territory. Houses are useful for Gathering runs since they can function like Inns, offering a free recall on a timer, but you can also use Azoth to stop the cooldown.

Even though it is required, you can delay the upgrade until you reach Rank 10 without assigning your 9th point. Additionally, this approach gives you an extra 25 Storage, which can be useful, but we already take as much as possible, so it's usually worthwhile.

Upgrading to the next level requires using various equipment, which you can get only for the Gold Coins. But there might be a situation when you fall short of the Gold Coins. In such cases, purchasing them is the best way to get these coins.

If you need them, you can buy New World Coins at our website MMOPixel at an unbeatable price.

Property Tax Reduction

Property Tax Reduction is one of those benefits that can be helpful if your company does not have authority over a territory. The weekly Property Tax is reduced by owning a house in a settlement. If your company doesn't have control over your area, they might easily raise their tax rate to force you to pay a hefty price to maintain your house. A second recall to a certain region may be advantageous if you decide you want more than one house there.

It's not insignificant to note that the higher the tier of your house, the more advantages you enjoy, such as a shorter Cooldown and the possibility to position more storage chests, increasing your storage.

Standing Gain

Often known as the standing bonus, it expedites the receipt of subsequent standing bonuses. This boosts your reputation with a territory for everything you do to build it, including crafting and enemy killing.

In general, it's usually safe to pick up this one early on. However, it becomes less practical the closer you get to your Standing Cap.

Station Fee reduction

I strongly advise getting this if you want to conduct a lot of hard crafting in a certain region. Although base crafting costs are generally not too high, they can add up rapidly, particularly when making or refining large quantities of the same item.

Territory Standing Bonus - New World - Station Fee

Given that it affects both the costs for Refining and Crafting stations, this advantage is a double bonus. If you don't think crafting is important, you can reserve it for when other perks reach a point where you no longer think they're worthwhile.

Storage Space

Take advantage of this perk whenever you can. This one is the only perk that remains beneficial even as the game progresses and does not get smaller with each improvement. In addition, this bonus can increase your storage space by a maximum of 1600 weight capacity, which is a sizable amount of storage.

To put the weight in perspective, it is equivalent to more than 100 pieces of the heaviest armor and weaponry or more than 10,000 raw materials. So do not ignore this benefit at all. EVER.

Trade Tax reduction

This perk is for you if you enjoy using the Trading Posts to buy or sell goods. It is always good to receive a tax reduction that can affect how much or how little you can buy and sell products. This will be helpful if you're a craftsman or just trying to flip and sell things.

Even if you don't trade frequently or extensively, this can still be useful for lowering the cost of those expensive one-off listings or purchases. In addition, this is a wonderful one to buy because the tax goes up with the cost and number of things.

XP Gain

Good for one point, but infrequently more. While it does aid in XP gain, you will have out-levelled most Territories by the time you work on Standing to get the benefit to a significant amount. The bonus of 3 percent for the tiny investment that is your first Territory point, XP is a sufficient bonus.

It's wise to take it and put it out of your mind since it's always in the first three-batch. Any points invested on this become a waste the moment you reach the Level cap for your character because of how poorly it scales and the lack of a method to re-spec or re-allocate your Territory Standing bonuses at any time.

To learn how to level up in the New World more quickly and effectively while still earning or obtaining what you need along the way, refer to our New World Levelling Guide.

Bonuses for New World Faction

This statistics panel will appear on the right side of the map when you click the Territory's name in the menu on the left.

It's important to note that it will take A LOT of time to max out a Territory. For all save the most ardent players, we're not talking about weeks but more than likely months. Fortunately, by the time you obtain that, you will receive relatively small bonuses, so the situation is not as imbalanced as it may appear.

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