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New World The Depths Expedition Guide

North-east of the Restless Shore Settlement is where you may find the Depths Expedition. Although level 45 is the suggested level to tackle the dungeon, you can acquire the expedition's repeating quest and access the dungeon from level 43. Behind a waterfall is where the expedition's entrance is situated. The whole of The Depths Expedition Guide is provided below.

Things to know before beginning the Expedition!

New World thorpe

When playing The Depths, it's a wise idea to already have corruption tinctures readily in hand. Make sure to chat with the young alligator nearby named Nekumanesh. He will assign you a mission to gather meat in order to aid in his growth. Make sure that three members of your party each own an Azoth Staff. It will be necessary to accomplish some of the goals within!


North-east of the town of Restless Shore is where this expedition is situated. Although the suggested level for the Expedition is 45, we advise entering at Level 43 since, at that level, you can begin to obtain repeated quests for the Expedition.

Types of Enemies

You will run across the Corrupted opponent type once inside. Thrust, nature, as well as arcane damage, are the most efficient sources of damage against the Corrupted. As a result, a weapon that does thrust damage should be used, along with an amber or sapphire gem slotted into your weapon (arcane being the stronger damage type).

To deal more damage and lessen additional damage from corrupted adversaries, you can also utilize corrupted coatings & corrupted ward potions. Possessing a Corrupted Combat Trophy, as well as a weapon with the Corrupted Bane Perk, as well as a weapon with the Corrupted Bane Perk, are other ways to assist you to increase damage output. Additionally, you can use armor that has the Corrupted Ward perk. Although not necessary to finish the dungeon, using the Coatings, Ward Potions, Trophies, & Perks can help you maximize your DPS and resistances during The Depths Expedition.

Repeatable Quests

Meat For Nekumanesh (Expedition), a repeating quest, is available at level 43. You will meet 3 mini-bosses that drop meat during the Depths Expedition. To finish the mission, you must collect the meat and bring it back to Nekumanesh. Directly outside the Expedition's door is the repeating quest. Nekumanesh, the local alligator, will accept the task from you and ask you to give it to him again. After you reach level 43, your faction leader in Restless Shore will start giving you Expedition tasks.

For a quest to be successful, acquiring various in-game items like weapons and armor may be necessary. To receive the desired weapon faster, we urge you to use some real-world money and buy some New World Coins.

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Once entered, head straight for the "Corrupted Retreat" room's first column, which is covered in several ancient artifacts. Run through the room's advertisements to reach the south hallway. You only need to accomplish the straightforward task of ensuring that a party member stands on every platform in order to open the door.

Run back towards the corrupted retreat to destroy the new enemies that have just spawned before continuing down the short passage to trigger the azoth staff pedestal. The three spheres here on the room's central column must be activated by three members of the squad using Azoth staff once the area has been cleared. This will let the west door open.

 Renat, a minor authority figure, is there just inside the entrance. He is simple to defeat and has only a few mechanics. Remove the remaining adds. Follow the stairs towards the left when you are in the hallway. The door directly in front of you ought should open automatically, letting you board and climb the branching stairway. Remove the adds, activate the old Azoth seal, and then enter through the door. Up ahead is the initial respawn point will be.

There is going to be a corrupted tendril that has a few additions at the top of the following flight of stairs. A door that leads onto an area called the Nadil Bridge and reveals an epic showdown with another mini-boss, Boor, may be unlocked by killing this. He is a mechanically weak brute who has been perverted. Take him down, then turn right to travel east to a corridor called "the conveyance." Two additional infected tendrils as well as a few adds will be encountered. A teleport that will take you to a different place on the map known as "the core" may be found at the conclusion of this passageway.

The Core

New world Ring of Rot

After entering the core, turn to your left and proceed around the corner toward the cube's other side. You'll discover another teleporter there. By using this, you can access the Ring of Rot, a section of the Nadir Bridge area. Once you arrive, you will see a clock-shaped spot on the ground that is surrounded by symbols. A number of waves of enemies will spawn, and your party will need to retain the pressure plate in the center of the glyph. When the plate is engaged after the waves are ended, Follow the corridors to Unseal the Gate to re-enter the Nadir Bridge.

Destroy the Ancient Azoth seal in front of you by moving to the right and avoiding additions. The bridge there in the center of the room will be repaired as a result. To your right, you'll find an optional mini-boss area with the corrupted heavy boss Despar, two corrupted tendrils, and a few adds. To access the two chest chambers, clear the area and kill Despar. Then return to The Nadir Bridge and enter the room where the freshly built bridge is located by going to where you may initially. To discover a respawn location and your first boss fight, Archdeacon Azamela, cross the bridge.

Boss Fight-Archdeacon Azamela

Phase 1

Just after the battle begins, Azamela will generate two Hounds. Eliminate them, but keep an eye out for Azamela's assaults.

Phase 2

A crimson beam will be connected to one of the monoliths upon the ledges above by Azamela as she raises her staff into the air. To teleport upwards to the Monolith, at least one squad member must travel to the teleporter beneath the beam (two are advised). To tank down the Apocalypse mines by holding the block, the tank should stay down with Azamela. Shut down the Azoth Staff objective there at foot of the Monolith after clearing the adds. All group members on the ledge would be transferred back to the boss when the goal has been completed so that Phase 1 may be repeated.

Phase 3

Azamela will raise her staff into the air, as she did in Phase 2, but this time it will be connected to both of the room's obelisks. Whilst the tank remains with Azamela but also tanks the Apocalypse mines, two members of the party will need to travel to each teleporter. To halt the Apocalypse and be taken back to the boss, eliminate the adds & activate each Azoth staff objective upon that monolith.

You shouldn't have any trouble defeating Azamela from this point on and obtaining Thorpe's Key to access Thorpe's chamber!

A teleporter that will return you to "the Core" may be found if you climb the stairs to the north. Thorpe's Key may be used to remove the additions and turn on the corrupted shrine. This will let you enter the area ahead, which has a huge corrupted carapace. Destroy it to expose the teleporter that will take you to "The Crucible of Corruption," your final stop.

Once within the Crucible of Corruption, you'll run into corrupted bear Archbald, a mini-boss. Open the door up ahead and down him. A couple more additions, one last corrupted tentacle, and the last corrupted Monolith have to be eliminated from here. The corridor leading to the last boss, Captain Thorpe, may be accessed by destroying the Monolith.

Boss Fight-Captain Thorpe

New World Boss Fight Captain Thorpe

Phase 1

With his fiery sword, Captain Thorpe shall charge around the map. To lessen group damage, the tank might turn him toward the zone's outside borders. He will enter phase 2 when his health drops below 20%.

Phase 2

Captain Thorpe will restore his health metre and generate 2 different corrupted Behemoths to battle with him when his health drops to under 20%. Get rid of the additions and concentrate on avoiding Captain Thorpe's damaging mechanics.

  • Charge: Capt. Thorpe closes the distance with a charge which thus causes significant damage and brings the victim to the ground.

  • Captain Thorpe leans down and strikes the ground with his sword during Corrupted Steel, resulting in an AOE knockdown.

  • A corrupted beam that does massive quantities of damage is known as the soul-crushing beam. It will be moved counterclockwise around the region by Captain Thorpe.

  • Captain Thorpe will produce two additional Behemoths to battle alongside him.

  • Heel Crush is an AOE explosion that, if a player is within, causes Tremendous amounts of corruption damage.

You must survive Phase 2 as well as DPS Captain Thorpe in order to finish the Depths.

Loot Drops

  • Willing Sacrifice


  • Corruption Infused Longbow


  • Duplicitous Intent


  • Heart's Tendril Trinket


  • Thorpe's Helmet


  • Holy Pledger's Band


  • Tundra Warden's Rifle


If you don't look carefully around every corner, you can miss certain secret resources or treasure boxes on some expeditions. You may jump to a chest perched on a tree limb in the initial room of The Depths. That concludes The Depths Adventure Guide; we really hope that your experience on this expedition won't be too difficult.

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