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New World Trading Stall Guide

Players in New World can exchange goods with other players using a trading post system, just like in the majority of other MMORPGs available today. The MMO genre was in upheaval thanks to New World. Although the New World trade post system is complicated and requires some getting used to, those who pay close attention are rewarded. If you're in sync with what the environment surrounding each post wants, you can make a sizable sum of gold.

The ability to buy and sell products is a crucial function, and that is what this article will focus on. Each village in the New World has a trading post where you may list all the things you've collected and sell them after a little bit of exploration. Players who wish to earn more money have many options because there are no merchants in the game.

Understanding the Trading Post

The Trading Post, which may be found throughout communities in the game, will be the main facility for selling goods in New World. Here, you'll conduct most of your transactions with other players, and each settlement has its Trading Post. 

The Trading Post is often located in the center of the community. There, you will find postings by other gamers wishing to sell stuff and various items and orders. You will find orders for individuals searching to purchase a thing. Additionally, they will specify the price they are willing to pay. This might be advantageous if you want to sell a product as quickly as possible. They frequently look for lower prices when you notice a buy order, but if you need to get rid of something immediately, you can find it here.

New World Trading Post

Flipping the items

When playing games such as this, you might have used strategies like flipping and the like. You can experiment with this right here in New World. Research what items are desirable and what items other gamers are searching for. Have you realized that there is a difficult-to-find item in the game that you require for a quest? There are probably others in the same boat as you and are looking to purchase that stuff. Therefore, if you understand how to acquire it, you may use this to make a profit for yourself and earn some extra gold.

Trading the crafting material

Since New World lacks a conventional class structure, there is a wide variety of builds to choose from. You can research the prominent builds and call for a particular gem online. The weapon and gem should then be created, then combined. This is a specific method for you to offer assets on the market and gain money. As you can expect, there will be a high demand for making supplies that others can use. As crafting materials are frequently required for things like Town Projects, you can also put this to use and increase your income.

Most valuable goods in the New World

Even if they're a little more challenging to obtain, three things frequently sold successfully during the beta test still seem to command a fair price. First, improving your fishing level will yield better returns because fillets and fish are in hot demand. Bags that can be made or earned through missions and Runes of Holding are frequently in high demand.

You can buy all kinds of upgrades, armor, and weapons using gold, making gold a beneficial and powerful asset in the game. Therefore, acquiring gold as much as possible is essential for a smooth gaming experience. You will get a head start over other players if you use your gold wisely.

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New World Trading Stall

Placing the orders

Items Cannot Be Sold to NPCs

We have a player-based economy in New World, a popular idea in RPGs like this. You'll notice that these features are frequently present. You'd have to interact with other players without numerous NPC trading choices. You can use the Trading Post if you do not desire to interact with the player communities as much.

Selling an item

Select the things you want to sell from your inventory to make sales orders. If another player buys one of your things, you'll get a message with the amount of money earned from the sale. Of course, since it might appear anywhere at any time, you occasionally might not even see it. Still, if you return to the Trading Post, the order history is also accessible to you for every item you've sold. 

It is advisable to examine these things' market values because costs for resources, particularly those in high demand, might fluctuate wildly. You'll be able to get the most gold possible at the Trading Post in this manner.

Another thing to note is the listing fee, which will be calculated based on the amount of time you wish to show your listing on the Trading Post. Yes, you must pay taxes even when you're not in the "real world" because the service charge is dependent on the region's trading tax. Try improving your reputation with the territory if you want to pay less tax. This approach is not suggested if you prefer to move around the game board because it takes a significant amount of time.

New World - Placing Sell Order

Buying an item

Simply select the Buy tab to make buy orders. You can find all the items other gamers have listed for sale on the Buy tab. Place your order after entering a buy order for the particular resource you're after. Keep in mind that if you're looking for specific things, you can utilize the filters at the head of the Buy Order listings. For example, you may easily look for items, equipment, or even weaponry that include all of the perks and modifiers. 

You will automatically get the item once a sale brings the cost of the buy order down to it. Once you've finished exploring or adventuring beyond the settlement, you can discover the stuff you purchased in the storage shed.

Always keep in mind that Trading Post in each region is unique. Additionally, before purchasing the things, you must first consider their weight. For example, you cannot purchase a storage shed if it cannot support the appropriate weight.

New World - Place Buy Order

How to do trading with friends?

There is another, although less common, trading method if you don't like using the Trading Post. Trading straight with other players is how to accomplish this. To begin a trade, simply look for other members of the game and hit "H" while looking in their general direction. Once you've done that, a window will open, allowing you to begin trading.

Generally, this is still a decent method to conduct business, especially with coworkers and friends. Use the text chat to share anything you believe players would be eager to purchase. This is a fantastic opportunity to rapidly get rid of any stuff you need to get rid of, similar to the Trading Post. You can swiftly sell off any unneeded armor or weapons here.

Choosing between Selling and Salvaging

In addition to selling your stuff, you can also salvage them. Although it is a means to make money, it is not nearly as effective as the other strategies mentioned. Salvaging will make very little money in comparison, but you should still do it.

This is necessary since salvage will be required if you obtain the repair parts needed to fix your equipment. Armor and weaponry would be salvaged to accomplish this.

You'll discover that the New World Trading Post is a suitable place to purchase and sell goods. There are specific New World elements comparable to those in other MMORPGs. If you are accustomed to the genre, you will know about the Trading Post and other salvage-type activities. Not only that, but trading with other players is also rather straightforward. Typically, you would select your preferred manner of selling stuff based on your playing preferences. However, the Trading Post might be your greatest bet for getting rid of whatever you don't desire. So, proceed to the closest town and see everything the Trading Post can offer you.


There is always a give and take. You have the option of saving time and letting go of financial worry.

In New World, players will make the most money from raw materials, culinary supplies, runes, herbs, and endgame resources, even though the values of these goods fluctuate and differ from server to server. At the trading post in New World, selling these commodities is a simple and efficient way to increase your earnings.

You might decide to be frugal and use the market as the game progresses. However, the resource's or item's value is always reasonable. It is determined by how valuable the item is - whether for crafting, earning money, or advancing in the game.

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