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New World Trial of the Scrivener Quest Guide

New World is a fantasy MMO game created by Amazon Games. It has all the bells and whistles you'd expect from a high-budget MMO in 2021 (and you know Amazon has a high budget): a sizable world with diverse environments, a variety of game modes, including player-versus-environment and player-versus-player (PvP and PvE in MMO-speak), and extensive roleplaying options. Of course, you'll need to play New World to fully understand its numerous components, as with all large-scale online games.

What is the Trial of the Scrivener Quest?

Players must participate in the Trial of Scrivener, a Syndicate advancement task, to become a Scrivener and develop within this faction. You only need to travel to the mission's beginning point, carry out the specific duty of eliminating a ghost, and return home with rewarding loot and a better reputation.

New World Trial of the Scrivener Quest

Before Beginning

Before joining a faction, you must complete the Main Story mission, Choose Your Allegiance. You will be given the Syndicate Initiation story quest after deciding to join the Syndicate. You'll be given one of four stories to finish, depending on where you are:

  • Kannan Tomb (Windsward)

  • Bradbury Fields (Everfall)

  • Dayspring Mills (First Light)

  • Abadier's Anger (Monarch's Bluffs)

Once Syndicate Initiation is complete, you will receive the rank of Adept (Tier 1) and be able to begin building up faction reputation (rep). To gain a syndicate faction reputation, visit a nearby Syndicate leader, which can be spotted on the map as a blue icon and is present in all the major communities. Accept and finish tasks to gain faction reputation and take advantage of other Syndicate member benefits.


You must choose between the Marauders, the Syndicate, or the Covenant as your Factions in New World. The group you choose depends on various criteria because each faction has its advantages and distinctive items. You'll learn more about the benefits of joining a faction and other topics. Factions in New World are allegiances that offer unique stat boosts, unique gear, items, and other things that aren't available through normal channels. These are not player guilds but rather massive organizations whose dominance in particular regions can affect your game.

New World Trial of the Scrivener Quest Guide


Rodger Purcell, the Marauder Commander, is in charge of the Marauders. Rodger values power, self-control, and tenacity. That the only way to restore peace to the island is via pure resolve to cause strife. Rodger is uncompromising in his message and fervently believes that force always wins.


Gyles Tuit, the Syndicate Alchemist, is in charge of the Syndicate. Gyles thinks the other leaders are confused and oblivious and that by using logic, comprehension, and reason, the Syndicate will control the forbidden knowledge. Gyles makes this position clear while gazing down at the other leaders.


Mora Owgan, the Covenant Adjudicator, is in charge of the Covenant. Because Purcell of the Marauders' magnetic personality, Mora warns you to exercise caution around him. Mora, who is adamant in her convictions, blesses you for overcoming temptation, which she knows is difficult.

Choosing a Faction

Players in the New World can choose which faction they want to be a part of as one of their character customization options. This choice doesn't really affect PvE much, but it does determine the special questline you'll have to do to advance your reputation. For example, you must finish the Syndicate Advancement quest to reach the level of Scrivener if you have selected the Syndicate, also known as the Purple Team.

It is straightforward to get the reputation necessary for the quest by fulfilling faction assignments, which may be done at any level. However, once you've started the quest, you'll need to be a little higher - roughly level 25 to finish it. The questline of this MMO is made unique for aficionados by selecting any of the three possibilities by determining their role, influence, amount of foes they'll have, safe places across the map, and other factors.

Trial of the Scrivener Walkthrough

Reaching the Location

Visit Laurentius Krockes in Brightwood Settlement to start the quest. He will instruct you to go to Walsham's Field, which is southwest of town and is marked on your map. You can also quickly go there by using fast travel to the Alchemist's Shrine on your map. If you have yet to go, be prepared for a short stroll.

New World Trial of the Scrivener Location

Getting Started

According to the Trial of the Scrivener Quest, you must travel to Walsham's Fields to find the remains of Lost Gheist Malikor. Your task wording will change to "Place the Psychokinetic Absorber" when you get closer to the destination. Where you need to go will be highlighted by a blue beacon. When you get there, keep holding E while you set the trace absorber down. But wait till you're ready for a fight before doing this!

Obtaining various in-game objects like weapons and armor can be a tedious process. Therefore, we advise you to use real-life money and purchase New World Coins to get the desired weapon faster.

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Boss Fight

Once you've set it down, the boss Gheist Malikor and several Faminegeist minions will spawn and start attacking you. Keep in mind that Gheist Malikor is electrified, which means that his attacks deal with lightning damage and that he naturally resists lightning. Return to the spot where you placed the trace absorber after defeating the boss, then hold E once more to gather the entire trace absorber.

Killing Gheist Malikor is straightforward, but it's not easy because this foe punches hard as a rock. Therefore, we advise you to use nature to eliminate Malikor. For secondary assaults, even ice ought to be adequate. Gheist Malikor readily deals with lightning; thus it must be avoided at all costs.

Take the Trace Absorber from Malikor once he has been vanquished, then return to Laurentius Krockes in Brightwood Hamlet. By doing this, you will finish the quest and get the title of Scrivener as well as a number of gifts.

New World Trial of the Scrivener Quest Boss Fight


Player rewards for completing the Trial of the Scrivener include:

  • 1,500 Tokens 96.25 Gold

  • 1,540 XP

  • 20 Azoth

Things to keep in mind

  • It must be remembered that in order to be eligible for the Trial of Scrivener task, players must reach level 24 and amass a 3,000 faction reputation. The quest would only show up if these conditions were met!

  • Consult Laurentius Krockes in the Brightwood Hamlet, activate the Faction Board and perform some of his Faction Quests to raise your reputation. When you have earned a good reputation, go back to the settlement and speak with Krockes again.

  • You will have the chance to advance and take the Scrivener title if you follow the Syndicate faction's path in the brand-new MMONew World. You must successfully finish the Scrivener Quest Trial to achieve this.

  • Players have a few advantages when facing Gheist Malikor from nature. Ice is an excellent element for gamers to use while dealing secondary damage.

  • Although it won't be tough, bring some healing supplies.


That was all for the Trial of the Scrivener Guide. We have covered every aspect of this quest and hope that through this guide, this quest wouldn't trouble you. You now know how to begin this quest, what all pre-requisites you must know and carry, and finally know how to deal with the boss 'Gheist Malikor.' This boss fight isn't tough, but we have covered some key points to help you deal with it. In the end, you are awarded a decent amount of awards for completing this quest.

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