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New World’ update reset faction cooldown for all players

Due to server merges, there have been some serious faction imbalances on recipient servers. The 1.2.1 update performs the promised faction cooldown reset for all players, so if you look on your new server and the faction populations are so skewed that you want to change, you'll be able to do it just once before the timer goes back to 60 days.

In an announcement earlier this week, devs said the change " will allow sets with lower populations post-merge to use game modes such as war and PVP while we work toward a better solution for how to get them to a more populated world."

Check out the patch notes below:

The 1.2.1 update was " focused on resolving some of the issues that have arisen from our December Update."

Restricted Coin Lockboxes earned from the Tree of Light to players level 15 and above to coincide with when Event Quests are enabled for players. This change was implemented to discourage bad actors from repeatedly creating new characters in an attempt to exploit the availability of coins.

– Reduced the amount of characters that can be created per day per account.

– Fixed an issue causing Azoth balances to not update after fast traveling or crafting.

Azoth balances should now adjust to show the amount spent when traveling or crafting.

– Fixed an issue that caused potions to drop at multiple gear scores resulting in inventory stacking issues.

– To enable a level playing field for players, we reset the faction cooldown time for all players. Once players choose or change a faction the duration of the cooldown will be set to 60 days.

– Fixed an issue that occasionally caused the " Weavers Needed" Town Project mission for the Winter Convergence to not be completed if attempting to craft in Everfall.

The work has been completed on the fixes but The current AWS outage on the US east region has been affecting services like New World, Epic Games, Asana, and Slack. Amazon seems to have fixed the issue, but services may take time to return to full normal status.

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