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New World Weapon Skill Tree Breakdown Guide

Due to the classless system used by New World, your "class" or build is solely determined by the weapons that you choose to use. There are many different weapons as well as skill combinations because you may employ two weapons at once and have a variety of alternatives. You ought to have a good knowledge about what each weapon can accomplish, as well as the trees which power them up, at the conclusion of this guide.

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The Sword and the Shield

Swordmaster Tree

Naturally, anything sword-related is the center of The Swordmaster Tree. Whirling Blade, Reverse Stab, and Leaping Strike are just a few of the sword skills that are damage-focused that are available.

Whirling Blade is really a powerful strike that deals great damage to anything within a two-meter radius of you. The single-target attack with the maximum damage ratio for said Sword and Shield is the Reverse Stab. A rapid leap is followed by a powerful assault in the Leaping Strike. Leadership, this skill tree's Ultimate, gives you and all of your friends a 10% boost to damage when you're in a team.

Defender Tree

The shield aspect of the Sword and Shield is the primary emphasis of the Defender Tree. Shield Rush, Defiant Stance, and Shield Bash are the three shield-dependent talents available. Defensive Formation, this tree's ultimate ability, decreases damage against allies within 2 meters by 30%. This Ultimate will provide less PvP material and is essentially just suitable for PvE content.

New World The Sword and the Shield Skill Tree


Zoner Tree

The Zoner Tree concentrates on the ranged element and couples it with a variety of choices for making room and crowd-controlling an adversary. It possesses the Cyclone, Javelin, and Sweep talents. Reserved Strength, the tree's Ultimate, increases damage by 25% while the user is at maximum stamina. In PvP, this passive is quite situational, although it's usually active unless you've just avoided it.

Impaler Tree

The majority of this weapon's power comes from the Impaler Tree. The skills here on Impaler Tree are all generally excellent, similar to Sweep from Zoner Tree. Perforate, Skewer, and Vault Kick are these skills. Exploited Weakness, the tree's ultimate, is fairly simple to employ in PvE. Even though it has talents that Bleed, Knockdown, Rend, Slow, and Stun, it may still need some setup in PvP from other weapons.

New World Spear Tree


Berserker Tree

The Hatchet always turns to this tree. Throwing adds some additional utility, but this tree houses the majority of the Hatchet's PvE and PvP power. The three skills that make up the Berserker route are Berserk, Feral Rush, and Raging Torrent. The Ultimate Passive it receives, which avoids death, together with the fact that this tree is the main one for the Hatchet makes it indispensable for PvP and as potent for PvE.

Throwing Tree

With various throwing abilities that have useful effects, the throwing tree is rather handy. Three abilities known as Rending Throw, Social Distancing, as well as Infected Throw, are available from the Throwing Tree. With a successful strike with an axe thrown into the air, the throwing tree's ultimate ability, Persistent Hindrance, lengthens the lifespan of all hatchet debuffs by 30%.

New World Hatchet Skill Tree

The Great Axe

The Reaper Tree

The Reaper Tree is the one that is most frequently utilized in PvP. Between its talents, it provides a fantastic balance of Catch potential and damage. These abilities are Charge, Reap, and Execute. Charge and Execute are utilized the most frequently from this Tree. The charge is a fantastic gap closer, particularly in PvP. Although Execute isn't a particularly good talent, it frequently works well with this weapon's lockdown feature and offers a strong burst.

The Mauler Tree

With the exception of one specific talent, this Tree is preferred for PvE features. The Mauler Tree has a lot of AoE, which contributes to its ability to do a lot of damage in PvE. The Whirlwind, Maelstrom, and Gravity Well talents are part of this tree's skill set.

This weapon is great for PvE thanks to the combo of Whirlwind and Maelstrom, yet several one-handed weapons may ultimately outperform it because of their slower but more powerful assaults. With each hit, the Mauler Tree's Ultimate, Mauler's Fury, boosts your effectiveness by 3% for three seconds.

New World The Great Axe Skill Tree

Great Sword

Onslaught Tree

The bulk of the Greatsword's offensive strength is concentrated in the Onslaught Tree. This is the side you should concentrate on if you're using any form of DPS or Bruiser builds because it has access to several powerful offensive abilities, mobility, and debuffing. Its active talents are Skyward Slash, Relentless Rush, and Crosscut. Unrelenting Onslaught, the sole Cooldown Reduction you have accessibility to in the Onslaught Tree, is the Ultimate for this tree. You may very quickly regain cooldowns thanks to this.

Defiance Tree

Although the Defiance Tree has less offensive strength, it still has a few highly effective strikes. To be the second weapon that can deflect missiles makes it a highly effective Tank weapon, and the Defiant Stance and talents both provide lots of defensive strength. Calamity Counter, Roaring Rupture, with Steadfast Strike is indeed the Active Skills of the Defiance Tree.

New World Great Sword Skill Tree


Juggernaut Tree

The Juggernaut Tree has just one AoE talent of its own and is more strongly weighted toward single-target damage. With its single-target abilities and the armor penetration it offers, it can definitely compete in 1v1 battles in both PvE and PvP. The Juggernaut Tree's skills include Wrecking Ball, Mighty Gavel, and Armor Breaker.

Crowd Crusher

The Crowd Crusher tree prioritizes strong AoE attacks and lots of crowd control, as its name would suggest. This potent branch stands out in PvE and PvP thanks to benefits that give extra damage and crowd management. Clear Out, Path of Destiny, and Shockwave are the skills that make up the Crowd Crusher Tree.

New World Warhammer Skill Tree


Blood Tree

This tree only focuses on doing damage, both in rapid bursts and with steady DPS damage over time. It accomplishes this using the Tondo, Flourish/Finish, and Flurry talents.

Grace Tree

If you had imagined the Rapier as a 1v1 Duelist weapon, this tree fulfills your wish. With Evade, you may counterattack while having a low cooldown escape that doesn't use any stamina. If you effectively block and strike, the riposte provides you with that wonderful parry effect, startling the adversary. The last option is Fleche, which gives you a rush through adversaries that you may use to land rapid backstabs or to create space so you can better utilize your range.

New World Rapier Skill Tree


Skirmisher Tree

Due to its possibilities and potential uses, the Skirmisher Tree is frequently chosen for PvP. It makes it more difficult for you to be immediately detected and less dependent on consistent precision for harm. Evade Shot, Poison Shot, as well as Rain of Arrows are the skills of the Skirmisher Tree.

Hunter Tree

Due to its variety of damaging talents that can readily scale up through Headshot and Crits, the Hunter Branch is the recommended tree for PvE. Both of which most opponents may easily land on. Explosive Arrow, Rapid Shot, and Penetrating Shot are the skills of the Hunter Tree.

New World Bow Skill Tree


Containment Tree

It's all about getting close and personal with the Containment tree. With skills like Gap Close, Slow, and a close-range burst, this tree encourages you to engage your foe head-on. Azoth Shrapnel Blast, Net Shot, as well as Claw Shot are the Active Skills of the Containment Tree.

Chaos Tree

A damage-intensive tree with a concentration on mid-range choices is the Chaos Tree. This enables playing a more measured and cautious game while still having a high damage output. The split grenade, mortar charge, and blast shot are the active skills of the chaos tree.

New World Blunderbuss Skill Tree


Sharpshooter Tree

The Sharpshooter tree, as its name suggests, is concentrated on delivering power through accuracy. Its many passives & skill passives help accurate shots in some way. Powder Burn, Power Shot, and Shooter's Stance make up the Sharpshooter Tree's skill set.

Trapper Tree

The utilisation of a few more utility talents is a key component of the Trapper Tree. Many of its passive abilities give increased damage and usefulness when debuffs are applied to targets, something this tree is competent at doing. Stopping Power, Traps, and Sticky Bomb comprise the Trapper Tree's skill set.

New World Musket Skill Tree

Fire Staff

Fire Mage Tree

The AoE and high burst damage spells are the main focus of the Fire Mage Tree. It receives perks for casting spells, such as a higher probability of crit, burn on crit, and greater crit damage. The traditional spells Fire Pillar, Meteor Shower, and of course Fireball are available under the Fire Mage Tree.

Pyromancer Tree

The Pyromancer Tree primarily focuses on single-target damage and usefulness. It has a burst talent of its own that serves as a utility skill and provides constant damage by causing burns. The Flamethrower, Incinerate and Burn Out talents are all part of the Pyromancer Skill Tree.

New World Fire Staff Skill Tree

Ice Gauntlet

Ice Tempest Tree

Your greatest damaging talent and one of your finest utility/zoning skills are both found on the Ice Tempest Tree. Direct harm seems to be the main focus of this tree, with other effects appearing to be less important. Ice Spikes, Ice Storm, and Wind Chill are the skills for the Ice Tempest Tree.

Builder Tree

Although there is still some good damage to be obtained with the utility, the Builder Tree is nearly purely utility orientated. Although the damage is not great, it can still be used to increase damage. Ice Pylon, Ice Shower, and Entomb are among the Builder Tree's skills.

New World Ice Gauntlet Skill Tree

Life Staff

Healing Tree

The main burst heals on the Healing Tree have a longer casting time, but they provide a considerably higher single instance heal. They frequently heal for the whole duration of any Heal over time choices, however, the heal-over-time time options frequently outperform these talents because of their persistent nature. The Divine Embrace, Sacred Ground, and Splash of Light skills make up the Healing Tree's skill set.

Protector Tree

The Protector tree focuses more on long-term healing and bonuses than it does on immediate healing. Excluding the Protector Tree's Burst heal, almost all of its talents are immediate cast AoE abilities. The skills for the Protector Skill Tree are Light's Embrace, Orb of Protection, and Beacon.

New World Life Staff Skill Tree

Void Gauntlet

Annihilation Tree

The Annihilation Tree prioritizes damage, with its trademark talent, Void Blade, serving as the tree's main source of damage. Additionally, this tree offers a lot of debuffing potentials, which can strengthen you and lessen the threat posed by your adversaries. The Void Blade, Oblivion, and Petrifying Scream skills are part of the Annihilation Tree.

Decay Tree

With its hallmark talent, Orb of Decay, and several other debuffing choices, The Decay places a greater emphasis on healing. With good mana recovery and healing choices, this Tree pushes you to concentrate on becoming more of a range support. The Decay Tree's active skills are Essence Rupture, Baleful Tether, and Orb of Decay.

New World Void Gauntlet Skill Tree


The above guide covers all the trees for each weapon New World has to offer. Knowing each tree’s attributes and skills would prove very useful during the gameplay.

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