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New World Weaponsmithing Levelling Guide

One of the most played games on Steam is New World, which is debatably the best MMORPG. It has seven trading crafting skills. They have the highest-quality furniture. The study of the planet and the level of the second level also make the profession highly intriguing for new players when level 200 reaches a turning point. Additionally, there are positive aspects of life as well as long-lasting benefits. You can add your personality to your house. We hope it will be worth your time and work, so kindly trust us. Our new global furnishing leveling guide includes quick advice on how to earn the most money.

Fundamentals you should know

Let's go through the fundamentals before we move on to the trickiest section. You can finish furnishing there if the workshop has the right tier level for the object you want to furnish. By accepting and finishing town projects, you can raise the workshop tier. Then, if it sounds like enough labor, you may transfer to another town using the necessary workshop tier, level up your furnishing there, and then return to your current town once you've finished.

You probably already know the following point if you've played many MMORPGs. First, make certain to create some things.

The third rule is to think carefully about the furnishings you choose to create a comfortable living space. Two things must be kept in mind while accomplishing this. The first is that they use abundantly available raw materials, and the latter is that they provide a respectable level of XP when they are made.

New World Weaponsmithing


An excellent approach to ensure you have the greatest equipment to deal with the dangers Aeternum has to present is to learn weaponsmithing. You will certainly come across many resources that could be used to make gear while adventuring.

However, you are only able to create a certain amount of weapons. The forge can only be used to create melee weapons. Consequently, by using the right ingredients, you can create:

  • Rapier

  • Hatchet

  • Great Axe

  • War Hammer

  • Spear

  • Round Shield

  • Longsword

Linked Skills

A few abilities can help you become a better weaponsmith. These skills can be used for various things, including resource gathering and actual crafting.

  • Smelting

  • Woodworking

  • Leatherworking

  • Mining

  • Logging

  • Skinning

New World Weaponsmithing Forge Tier 3

Benefits of Levelling in Weaponsmithing

The more gear you produce, the more proficient your weaponsmithing becomes. As you advance through the stages, you'll also be able to build better gear.

Every object you create can have extra features or advantages. The benefits and attribute points you receive will improve as your weaponsmithing skill improves.

How to Enhance Your Weaponsmithing Techniques?

Traditional approaches can be tedious and time-consuming when used to advance your talents progressively. Do you need to be exceptionally skilled, and do you want to make new, better weapons as fast as possible?

If that's the case, power leveling will be required. This is done by repeatedly manufacturing a large quantity of the same kind of thing. Thanks to the crafting enhancement "Weaponsmith's Temperament," all of this aids us in completing Town Projects.

It shouldn't be surprising that we would require significant funding and materials. However, if you are running short of Gold Coins, you can easily purchase them for a reasonable price.

 You can buy New World Gold Coins at our website MMOPixel at an unbeatable price.

New World Weaponsmithing Techniques

Level 0 - Level 20

  • Craft Iron Rapier and Iron Longsword x25

Iron Rapier and Iron Longsword require these items:

  • 700x Iron Ore

  • 200x Green Wood

  • 100x Rawhide

Level 20 - Level 60

  • Craft Weak Honing Stone x429


  • 1716x Stone

  • 429x Death Mote

  • 429x Fire Mote

Level 60 to Level 75

  • Craft Iron Rapier and Iron Longsword x169

Iron Rapier and Iron Longsword require these items:

  • 4732x Iron Ore

  • 1352x Green Wood

  • 676x Rawhide

  • Craft Weak Honing Stone x563


  • 2252x Stone

  • 563x Death Mote

  • 563x Fire Mote

Level 75 - Level 80

  • Craft Weak Honing Stone x275

This will require the following items:

  • 1028x Stone

  • 257x Death Mote

  • 257x Fire Mote

  • Craft Earth Battered and Earthen Smasher Axe x17

Earth Battered and Earthen Smasher require the following items:

  • 1360x Iron Ore

  • 1020x Rawhide

  • 340x Green Wood

  • 272x Silver Ore

  • 68x Fae Iron

Level 80 - Level 105

  • Make Earthen Smasher and Earth Battered Axe x120

Earth Battered and Earthen Smasher require these items:

  • 9600x Iron Ore

  • 7200x Rawhide

  • 2400x Green Wood

  • 1920x Silver Ore

  • 480x Fae Iron

Level 105 - Level 110

  • Make Starmetal War Hammer and Starmetal Great Axe x17

Starmetal Great Axe and Starmetal War Hammer require these items:

  • 1428x Starmetal Ore

  • 5712x Iron Ore

  • 2856x Aged Wood

  • 714x Sand Flux

  • 204x Green Wood

  • 136x Rawhide

Level 110 - Level 125

  • Make Starmetal War Hammer and Starmetal Great Axe x 71

Starmetal Great Axe and Starmetal War Hammer require these items:

  • 5964x Starmetal Ore

  • 23856x Iron Ore

  • 11928x Aged Wood

  • 2982x Sand Flux

  • 852x Green Wood

  • 568x Rawhide

  • Craft Steel Great Axe and Steel War Hammer x 186

Steel Great Axe and Steel War Hammer require these items:

  • 29016 x Iron Ore

  • 9672 x Aged Wood

  • 2418 x Sand Flux

  • 2232 x Green Wood

  • 1488 x Rawhide

Level 125 to Level 160

  • Make Starmetal War Hammer and Starmetal Great Axe x 242

Starmetal Great Axe and Starmetal War Hammer require the following items:

  • 20328x Starmetal Ore (84 for each)

  • 81312x Iron Ore (336 for each)

  • 40656x Aged Wood (168 for each)

  • 10164x Sand Flux (42 for each)

  • 2904x Green Wood (12 for each)

  • 1936x Rawhide (8 for each)

  • Craft Starmetal Longsword and Starmetal Rapier x383

Starmetal Longsword and Starmetal Rapier require the items listed below:

  • 20682x Starmetal Ore

  • 82728x Iron Ore

  • 41364x Aged Wood

  • 10341x Sand Flux

  • 3064x Green Wood

  • 1532x Rawhide

Level 175 - Level 200

  • Make Orichalcum War Hammer and Orichalcum Great Axe x285

Orichalcum Great Axe and Orichalcum War Hammer require the items listed below:

  • 34200x Orichalcum Ore

  • 51300x Starmetal Ore

  • 205200x Iron Ore

  • 119700x Aged Wood

  • 29925x Sand Flux

  • 3420x Green Wood

  • 2280x Rawhide

How to Improve Your Weaponsmithing?

The two basic ways to improve your weaponsmithing are buffs and perks. Both can be stacked, but as with everything wonderful, there are restrictions.

The number of available perk types is based on the item type. Each item can only have one type of perk. For instance, since Weaponsmithing Expertise is an Armor Perk, an amulet cannot possess it. There are always exceptions to the norm; occasionally, a quest item will grant a named item with a double perk, but we are not aware of any for weaponsmithing.

A Weaponsmithing armor set is available for gamers who desire to boost their crafts' gear score values. The only distinctions between the sets are their aesthetics. To get the perks you want, you can also combine and match them as necessary. Furthermore, you can buy the armor from other players because it is also tradeable.


Congratulations to a dedicated guy. Your work and efforts will now be repaid because this is the only beauty of the new world. You can now create any furniture you want to utilize to furnish your home. Now is the time to make the best decisions possible: locate the blueprints for the furniture you want most and furnish it. With all said, we hope that our guide on levelling up your furniture in the New World server was helpful.

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