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New World Weaving Guide

New World MMORPG offers innovative gameplay that makes the most of your time and skills. Not only that, but it also provides significant interaction between players, guilds, families, and corporations. 

The game is based on a medieval fantasy world, where players can enjoy various activities and quests. There are also plenty of ways to express your creativity in this world, whether through crafting, building, or fighting for your faction. 

The game is in a fantasy world divided into three continents: North, South, and West. Each continent has its unique culture, climate, flora, and fauna. The players will have the opportunity to explore different cities, visit the most important places on their journey, fight with the inhabitants of this world and establish trade relations with them. 

In New World MMORPG, you can create your character from scratch and make them whatever you want. You can choose their looks and gender and customize their skillset.

New World Weaving

Weaving is one of the most challenging and time-consuming crafting jobs in NewWorld; it requires specific parts, tools, skills, and luck to make weavers work. First, you will learn how to build your own Weaver's workspace and set up a shop.

You will need:

A unique Weaving table made from 2 planks (1 for Weaving on top, 1 for the frame) with a 1x2 tile (like Crafting Table II) or a chest with access to one of the three crafting benches; this may be crafted in NewWorld by visiting an NPC who will prepare them quickly. However, they are expensive at 20k each. Be sure you have enough free space around the table/ chest to fit all your tools. 

A spool of thread can be purchased from any NPC or crafted at a Crafting Table II in NewWorld.

A loom that will hold up to 8 threads at once and may be purchased from an NPC or crafted at a Crafting Table III in NewWorld; this must be placed on top of the Weaving table/chest before using it for the first time. Chest to be able to identify the required items.

A loom made from a 2x2 plank with an extra 1x1 tile (like Crafting Table II) or a chest with access to one of the three crafting benches; this may be prepared in NewWorld by visiting an NPC who will craft them quickly. However, they are expensive at 20k each. The chest is not counted as free as the space between the crafting table and an adjacent wall or door.

An exceptional weaver's tool is made from 8 planks (2 for each part); this may be crafted by visiting an NPC who will prepare them quickly. However, they are expensive at 20k each. Be sure you have enough free space around your workspace so that other players can access it without bumping into you while playing.

These items are often expensive and need gold bought from the market. The best thing about gold is that it can be obtained in many ways, such as through farming or killing monsters. You can also buy gold off the market.

If you need coins, visit our website MMOPixel to buy New World Gold Coins. We strive to provide you with the top service. 

New World Weaving Guide

The additional chance of Crafting Items

The formula for figuring out the value of stock includes four components:

  1. The Tier's base likelihood of producing bonus goods. The Base Chance is a fixed value assigned to each refined material; it cannot be adjusted directly but may differ between two sorts of the same item (for example, linen has no multiplier whereas Sateen has a factor of -2). The base chance multiplier for Infused Silk is -7. Many Tier V equipment items are made of Infused Silk. 

  2. A trader's skill level is scaled by a factor of ten. 

  3. The sort of refining material utilized.

  4. The Tier difference between the refined material and the refining agent grows by 0.25 for each Tier higher than or equal to that of the fine material. Each layer of refining agent below that of the refined material reduces the difference by 0.05.

The first tier increase of 0.25 has a value of 0 in the game for Tier 3 refined materials; the software ignores this and uses the next deal—0.5 —instead (for example, 75 Sateen from Silkweave would have refining skill 100 as the base -2% when it should be 2).

We increase the likelihood by 10% since 100 Refining Skill divided by 10 equals 10. This provides us an Extra Material Chance of 8% as a starting point. Sateen is Tier III, while Silkweave is Tier IV, with a one-level difference. This one-level improvement in refining material for tier 3 basic materials provides players a 50% boost in the possibility of obtaining additional material.

As a result, 8% + 50%, or 58%, of our goods include elements that natural alternatives may be able to replace.

New World Weaving Loot Tier 3

Cloth Weave and Weaver's Set

The overall cost of the materials and the Weaving agent used to make a piece of cloth determines which type should be selected. Cloth Weave tiers are ranked by their price ratio: Lowest Tier items have the lowest cost/Weaving-agent percentage, while highest tier fabrics are more expensive and produce superior results in your finished product.

If you weave three Crossweaves at level 50, the cost to make one Sateen is 0.15 gold per coin (3,55 total). You'll have a 3% chance for an additional item, which means that roughly every tenth time you craft these weaves, your resulting output will be worth 1.03 of them:

If you buy Silkweave for 0,04 gold and have a 53% chance of Weaving extra items at level 50 Weaving, you will receive 3,44 Sateen per 3 coins - or 1.53 Sateen per coin.

If the price for the Wireweave is 0.08 gold, and 78% of Weaving 50 provides an additional chance to craft Sateen items, then you will receive 1.78 Sateens for 3.48 coins - 0.51 per coin.

Weaver's Equipment can be used to increase the yield of your Weaving. Each piece gives a +2% bonus when creating items, meaning that equipping all four parts would give you an extra 10%. 

The Weaver's set is comprised of:

  1. Weaver's Hat, which has been looted from the Elite Ancient Chests

  2. Weaver's Shirt, which has been looted from the Elite Ancient Chests

  3. Weaver's Pants which have been looted from the Elite Ancient Chests

  4. Weaver's Gloves which have been looted from the Elite Ancient Chests

  5. Weaver's Shoes which have been looted from the Elite Ancient Chests

Levelling Weaving:

  1. 0-50 Levelling:  XP needed- 14065

  2. 50-100 Levelling: XP needed- 152925

  3. 100-150 Levelling: XP needed- 187050

  4. 150-200 Levelling: XP needed- 9796875

Aptitude System:

  • 3 experience, 20-50 Wireweave, 3 Blisterweave, and 3 Scalecloth. Also, a chance for Suspended Azoth Vial.)

  • 310-1,608,750 experience. Crate of Weaving Materials: 20-100 Wireweave| 3 Blisterweave| 3 Scalecloth | 1 Vial Suspended Azoth.

  • 3/29-2,413125 experience. Package of Specialized Weaving Materials: 20-150 Wireweave Ingots 3 per slot; 15 Blisterweave ingots for slots 4 & 7; Scalecloth (3 in 1 thru 2) and Vials Suspended Azoth as needed.


Hopefully, all the new players will be able to benefit from this guide and make the right choice in choosing their professions to level up in the New World.

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