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New World Winter Convergence Festival Event Guide

The New World Update 1.2, marked the introduction of the Winter Convergence Festival. It consists of a number of features that together make for a rather well-rounded event. It will take some time to reach there, but it can also be quite rewarding. This guide given below will teach how to complete the Winter Convergence Festival Event in detail and also how to enhance your experience. We also cover various aspects of this event like rewards and quests.


The annual holiday event for New World comes in the form of the Winter Convergence Festival. You will assist a Yeti known as the Winter Wanderer in this Event by helping him in regaining his memories and putting an end to the Winter Warriors. Other Yetis who want to create Aeternum "Forever Winter" are the Winter Warriors. There are numerous ways to assist the Winter Wanderer, and each one will net you special rewards and riches. Let's discuss all that this event will be offering. There is a quest line that pits you against all-new Elite foes. Trees of Light are a temporary recent addition to towns that can be modified via Town Board objectives to aid in hastening your advancement through the event.

Earning Winter Tokens, which are obtainable from the Winter Wanderer in each Winter Village, is the main objective of every aspect of this event. These tokens may then be used at the Winter Convergence Festival Shop. The selection at the Winter Convergence Festival Shop similarly grows as the reputation with the Winter Wanderer improves. Your efforts to accumulate Winter Tokens will advance your standing in this shop.

New World Winter Convergence Festival

New Changes this time!

The second year of the New World Winter event (2022) has had a substantial enhancement. Like the Halloween event, you should absolutely make plans to bring a large group of friends—ideally, 15 to 20. Winter Warrior will spawn across the map in various places, therefore it takes a good number of people. Because he has allies that are minion-sized out to aid him in the fight, he is a powerful giant. He possesses a variety of combat skills, and he'll be raining down these large, heavy hailstones, sending shockwaves to cause them to explode, and overall causing difficulty in everyone's lives.

The fact that this is Brimstone Sands' inaugural event, it makes this year extra special. They have included many new features in addition to some new skins. They have also increased the size of Winter Convergence from the previous year in order to improve it this time around, make it fresh & big for gamers who may not have yet experienced it, making it fresh for returning players.

Purchasing different in-game things like weapons and armour may be necessary for a mission to be completed. We highly suggest using real-world money to purchase additional New World Coins in order to get the desired resource more quickly.

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How to start the Winter Convergence Festival?

The Winter Wanderer, a friendly Yeti who also serves as the Event Shop Vendor, will be the start for all of the Winter Convergence Festival event missions. Any Winter Village can have the missions. The following places are where you can find the Winter Villages:

  • The Dreadscythe Spirit Shrine, in Monarch's Bluff's southern end.

  • The Bearclaw Spirit Shrine,in the eastern portion of Everfall

  • The Wolfbough Spirit Shrine in northeastern Brightwood.

  • Mallory's Refuge Spirit Shrine in Northern Weaver's Fen.

New World Winter Convergence Festival Guide

Quests available in the Event

Visiting the Holiday Right

The first mission of the New World Winter Festival is fairly simple; all you have to do is speak with any of the holiday stores. In the store, you may also exchange gleamite for winter tokens as well as missing items. Return to Wanderer after finishing the first quest in order to begin the second.

The Tree of Light

You can now visit any of the settlement and check the town board. You may notice a project planned to improve the tree of light in the upper left corner. The event reputation as well as territory status will improve as a result of completing these objectives. After checking the town board, go back to Winter Village to speak with the NPCs, finish the quest, and move on to the next.

Lost Presents

Now you must either find a lost gift or move to the mission's point on the map. Going to the marker as soon as you find a present makes it simpler to complete the objective by fast travelling to Everfall. It's time to return to Winter Village so you can speak with the Yeti one last time to complete the task.

Gleamite Meteors

This quest is very identical to the previous; you must locate a gleamite or visit the quest marker. When you arrive, you will receive a gleamite chart which you'll need to obtain. Return to the Winter Wanderer and speak to him once more to finish and accept the next task.

The Tree Yetis

This time, you must exterminate three Yetis in 3 different caverns:

  • Start in Rame's Refuge with the Yeti known as Rames, since Winter Village is not too far from his cave. If you have your teammates inside the cave, ensure that you kill Yeti immediately because he is merely level 25 and can be put down very quickly. You will need to wait for him to respawn otherwise.

  • Afterwards, we move on to the second Yeti, Harri, and repeat the process. You can allow other players to kill the Yeti after you have already done with the first one.

  • Beating the Yeti known as Sunit is the last step in this quest. Do the same thing without trying anything new or complicated, then go back to Winter Village. To complete the mission and begin the next one, speak with the NPC.

High-Level Yetis

This time, you'll be hunting two yetis each possessing a portion of the rune necessary to start the "Winter Warrior" Fight. The first one begins at Level 61 and ends at Level 65. These continue to be Gold Elites, rendering them pretty big and much simpler to deal with as a group, but they may be rather difficult to deal with alone.

  • Sesa, a Level 61 Yeti who lives in Serenity Sanctuary in the middle of Ebonscale Reach, comes first. Quick Travel to the Pilgrim's Rest Spirit Shrine and then enter Serenity Rise's deeper area to get there the quickest. This area is frequently a hub for corruption too though, making even traveling alone to Sesa risky.

  • Then we go after Isvari, a 62 Level Yeti that lives in Isvari's Isolation, which is a small distance from the Shattered Mountain border in Northern Edengrove. Generally, the fastest method to reach here is to Quick Travel to the Gatherer's Road Spirit Shrine, then take the road north before turning east towards Shattered Mountain.

Once these two have been vanquished, the Winter Warrior, a Level 65 Yeti, will be encountered in the last location. Spelunker's Demise in Shattered Mountain, a cave situated immediately to the north of ‘Mountainrise’ Outpost, is home to the Winter Warrior.

New World Winter Convergence Festival Yetis

The Winter Warrior

The last rival in the questline is known as Winter Warrior. He is a 65 level angry earth boss who is quite powerful. Therefore, employing coatings and honing stones may be beneficial. Make sure to set up a camp near to the cave as well. Be alert and try to attract not more than two or three mobs at once. It is preferable to eliminate them so that you are not diverted from the boss. The Winter Warrior and a number of mobs will come the moment you place a rune. It may be cumbersome to kill him at such a low-level, thus it is preferable to bring a few extra players with you. Be aware that this boss has the ability to drop obsidian gypsum.

Since the Winter Warrior is an Angry Earth, it is strongly advised to utilize Fire Damage in this battle because of its extreme vulnerability to Fire. Your attacks will be significantly more damaging as a result. Surprisingly, unless you're using a melee weapon, the boss itself isn't that deadly. It seems to simply get stunlocked or stunned repeatedly in most of the encounters. It won't take very long for this large yeti to be defeated if there are enough players on your team.

Your main concern, when equipped with ranged or magical builds will be unintentional add hits from the Warrior that cause them to lose aggro. If you have an avalanche between yourself and the Winter Warrior, the only thing you need to be mindful of is your location to avoid being struck by Ice Breath or the avalanche bombs. After putting down this yeti to the ground, you finish with all the quests in this event!

Winter Convergence Rewards

Since the New World Winter event lasts the whole holiday season, you should all have sufficient time to acquire all the prizes that can be purchased using winter tokens, which serve as the game's currency. To obtain all the items in the so-called Winter Convergence shop, similar to the present faction system & shop, you must build your reputation.

Winter Furniture

There are a total of 12-new placeable items. There are five tiers; all placeables cost premium winter tokens, although the majority of things, at least in the first four tiers, cost normal winter tokens. You have the quest line to finish that will earn you both reputation as well as tokens of both types, as each premium token equals 25 regular ones.

Winter Weapons

Weapons are among the truly crucial things to consider. Some weapons are more difficult to locate and find than others, while other weapons will be easily available. How many elite zones, dungeons, etc. you have completed will determine this the amount of weapons you receive. More importantly, the Iceburst sword is beneficial especially because it has a 2.4% look on, and any shield with a 2.4% look on is also good.

Winter Food

In general, food items will add 33 to all of your stats. When you reach level 60, for instance, the convergence cake has 33 strength, which actually makes the food quite effective and just costs two tokens. These are some excellent methods for obtaining it because you will already be collecting gifts, gleamite shards, and other useful items as you travel around Aeternam.


That concludes our guide to the New World Convergence Festival. You should not have too many problems enjoying this wonderful and rewarding festival now that we have discussed everything you'll want to learn about this festival.

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