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New World Woodworking Levelling Guide

Woodworking is processing unprocessed wood materials obtained through the logging skill and employed in various engineering recipes as well as town projects. In addition, raw materials gathered through gathering techniques are refined into usable materials for crafting and other valuable products.

Players can refine fibers into more superior pieces of wood material for constructing better gear as they advance in their woodworking skills. It is carried out at a Woodshop, which is frequently located in settlements. By accepting Town Projects, woodworkers can raise their Tier level. It should be noted that a particular tier level is necessary to produce each sort of wood material. This tier level is equivalent to the tier level of the Woodshop. 

You will need to either upgrade your settlement's Woodshop or find another one with one of a higher tier if it doesn't satisfy the criterion. The player must also have the required level of woodworking to turn fibers into cloth. The procedure of leveling up in woodworking is simple. Players need to process raw wood to advance in the skill consistently. However, gathering resources involves more work and can be more challenging.

Identifying the type of wood, you'll require and how to obtain it is the best way to plan your forestry efforts. New World has the following options of woods available:

  • Timber

  • Lumber

  • Ironwood Planks

  • Wyrdwood Planks

  • Glittering Ebony

New World Woodworking

Get a Logging Axe

One of the essential tools in the New World is the logging axe since it is necessary to harvest the materials required for numerous occupations. Even the development of Settlements depends on it. The Logging Axe can be obtained in the following ways, along with information on resources that can be collected and occupations that use it as a base tool.

Tools have several tiers, the same as weapons. Better tools are available as your level increases. For example, the Logging Axe has five stages, each with progressively better bonuses:

Tier I - Flint Logging Axe:

  • Must equip at Level 1.

  • 100% gathering effectiveness.

Tier II - Iron Logging Axe:

  • Must equip at Level 1

  • Gathering rate: at least 125%.

Tier III - Steel Logging Axe:

  • Must equip at Level 17

  • Gathering rate: at least 250%.

Tier IV - Starmetal Logging Axe:

  • Must equip at Level 37

  • Gathering rate: at least 400%.

Tier IV - Orichalcum Logging Axe:

  • Must equip at Level 60

  • Gathering rate: at least 635%.

Logging axes are available from the following sources:

  • Crafting at a camp

  • Crafting in a community at a crafting station

  • As compensation for finishing quests

  • Drops by adversaries

  • Trading Posts

Just Tier 1 tools can be produced in your camp, so keep that in mind. The crafting station requires engineering and is the best place to find improved logging axes. You could also purchase some money to get yourself a high-tier axe.

 To aid you, you can also just visit MMOPixel and purchase New World Coins

Wood-gathering fundamentals (Logging)

It's time to cut down some trees to get wood after you have a logging axe in your hand. Starting at Logging level 0, you can begin chopping young trees of any size. By cutting young trees, you can get green wood, a necessary component for woodworking.

Use more sophisticated instruments that accelerate your gathering speed, such as iron or steel logging axes, to improve your logging skill. Additionally, axes with special features like improved durability, higher logging production, and greater chances of discovering rare materials would be beneficial. You will be able to cut down mature, Wyrdwood, and Ironwood trees once your logging skill improves.

Crafting Greenwood

You need a lot of Timber early in your adventures because it is one of the most fundamental refinable woods. The numerous young trees that dot the terrain in low-lying areas are where you can find the Green-Wood used in their construction.

Requirements- To craft in the New World, you need Tier 1 Woodshop or higher as well as 4 Green Wood.

Crafting Lumber

The key ingredient is Aged Wood, which you must collect from Mature Trees. Although they are less numerous than Young Trees, there are still plenty of these for potential woodworkers with no issues.

Requirements-In New World, you must have at least Tier 2 Woodshop and a level 50 Woodworking skill. The recipe for crafting Lumber also calls for 2 Timber and 4 Aged Wood.

New World Lumbar

Crafting Wyrdwood

Raw Wyrdwood must first be collected from relatively uncommon Wyrdwood Trees, and it must then be combined with Lumber in a woodshop to produce the finished good known as Wyrdwood Planks.

Requirements -To utilize a Tier 3 Woodshop, you must have woodworking abilities of 100 or higher. For example, to make Wyrwood Planks in the New World, you need 2 Lumber and 4 Wyrdwood.

New World Wyrdwood

Crafting Ironwood

Ironwood, or vice versa, is wood formed from iron. Therefore, Ironwood is required to manufacture these Tier 5 planks, and hard Ironwood trees must be felled to obtain them.

Requirements - The Woodworking skill and Tier 4 Woodshop should be at level 150 or higher. To manufacture Ironwood Planks, you need 4 Ironwood and 2 Wyrdwood Planks.

New World Ironwood

Crafting Glittering Ebony

Like Ironwood Planks, Glittering Ebony is a Tier 5 refined resource. However, getting it will be much more challenging because it needs high-tier parts and random drop resources. In addition, the rare loot from Ironwood Trees, Barbvine, and Wildwood, must also be cut down in large quantities.

Requirements - To use a Tier 4 Woodshop, you must have woodworking skills of level 200 or higher. For example, to manufacture Glittering Ebony, you need 4 Ironwood Planks, 2 Wyrdwood, 1 Barbvine, and 1 Obsidian Sandpaper.

New World Glittering Ebony

Quickly leveling woodworking

You must simultaneously improve your logging skills so that you can cut high-level trees if you want to level woodworking quickly in the New World. Furthermore, mining will be beneficial, like the commodities obtained from supply chests.

Level 0 - 50:

You must create 391 Timber to obtain Woodworking level 50. Therefore, you must gather 1564 pieces of green wood.

Level 50 - 100:

Create 575 pieces of Timber to raise the skill's level. required resources

  • 1150 x Timber 

  • 575 x Coarse Sandpaper 

  • 2300 x Aged Wood

Level 100 -150:

Switching to producing higher-quality goods is worthwhile once your woodworking skill reaches level 100. Make 713 Wyrdwood Planks at this time. To accomplish this, you'll need:

  • 4278 x Wyrdwood

  • 3204 x Aged Wood

  • 1602 x Timber

  • 801 x Coarse Sandpaper

  • 713 x Obsidian Sandpaper

Level 150 - 200:

1157 Ironwood Planks must be made as the last phase, and to do so, the following materials must be crafted:

  • 9256 x Ironwood

  • 8000 x Aged Wood

  • 4000 x Timber

  • 3780 x Coarse Sandpaper

  • 1157 x Obsidian Sandpaper

Putting Refined Wood for sale to People Who Enjoy Engineering and Furniture

Players could be unsure about what to do with all of their polished wood after collecting a large quantity. However, there is a sizable market for refined wood, especially high-tier like Glittering Ebony and Ironwood Planks, which players can sell if they need money. This is because many people specializing in engineering and furnishing don't wish to chop down or refine wood independently. Again, this comes from the abundance of crafting abilities in the New World.

Those who pursue Furnishing and Engineering have likely had to engage in some Woodcutting and Woodworking to reach where they are. The Furnishing and Engineering abilities, which utilize the most refined wood, can be explored by players who want to see their refined wood products put to good use personally. Players can manufacture furniture using any planks they create while woodworking. Gamers can make goods like trophies or incense that can offer potent passive benefits in addition to assembling beautiful furnishings to beautify their homes.

The items that may be created with Engineering are a little more complicated. However, players should be aware that Furnishing and Engineering use the Workshop workstation to assemble things.

Other resources required for woodworking


By chopping down Ironwood, you can acquire this resource. It's Tier 5, which makes it extremely precious and uncommon. In particular, it is employed in the creation of Glittering Ebony.


Due to its rarity, you may be able to farm it with some luck. The Glittering Ebony craft, which is unlocked at Woodworking 200, also uses it. Additionally, it is used in the crafting of Warpwood, which is a legendary item for archers.


You can begin harvesting Wyrdwood trees after your logging level reaches 100. After that, however, you might be able to drop Quillbark from Wyrdwood trees, depending on your luck. Nevertheless, it is frequently employed, particularly in the manufacture of medium-caliber firearms.


You can obtain it by chopping down the Wyrdwood tree-like Quillbark. It is rarely used as a crafting material. However, it may be necessary to create several Arcana goods. Whisperwood You can find this Tier 3 material from various places, including dead, mature, young, cacti, and tree stumps.

Petrified Wood 

The Petrified Wood It is a Tier 2 resource that may be obtained by felling virtually any tree, such as Whisperwood.

You can begin harvesting Wyrdwood trees after your logging level reaches 100. After that, however, you might be able to drop Quillbark from Wyrdwood trees, depending on your luck.

Tips and Tactics to keep in mind

  • Be sure to consistently chop down trees when playing the game's introductory level. Make Timber out of the trees you've cut down rather than Charcoal

  • Make use of Iron Pickaxe with its bonus features while you reach level 40. Your farm will grow faster as a result

  • Maintain logging level 100 when your character level hits 40.

  • Avoid putting your harvested Timber up for sale on the trading post. Once your level in woodworking hits 50, start storing them instead and making Lumber.

  • In each quest you complete, try to open a supply container. Since woodworking crafting operations commonly require sandpapers, you will extract them.

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