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Popular Legendary Drops To Farm in New World 2023

Right now, players in New World have a great chance to get some quite helpful Legendary goods without exerting too much effort or needing to grind expertise. With the Brimstone Sands update, Amazon Game Studios gave New World players alternate routes to really essential things. Still, it's possible they weren't prepared for some of the farming areas the gamers discovered. Legendary is now the biggest treasure rarity tier, and most of the items fall into this category. However, a lot of new players, are unsure about where to acquire the best treasure and how can they obtain Legendary goods in the New World.

How can you acquire legendary items in the New World?

Farming expeditions or mobs and monsters of high level is typically your best chance if you're looking to obtain new legendary items. Expeditions and named monsters both have a tendency to drop more legendary items than other New World activities. Fortunately, the expansive open world of New World is filled with Expedition sites and places to cultivate named monsters. Expeditions offer the easiest access to farming locations, but they call for more players.

It can be pretty overwhelming to obtain these items if you are not well equipped, you can use gold coins to upgrade your player and fight off the enemies easily.

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Top farms for legendary items in the New World

Most of the bosses in the following places are from the Brimstone Sands region and will require extra measures if you have not already arrived there. In essence, you must finish the Strider of the Sands task and be level 60 or higher.

Colossus of Qebui

Players can locate the Colossus of Qebui, in the Brimstone Sands area of New World. The fight drops two items—Weighted Greaves and Colossal Storm —but is designed for players around level 63. This boss may be found in New World Brimstone Sands at the following location:

  • Located at Colossus of Qebui


  • Items: Colossal Storm (Heavy Chestpeice) and Weighted Greaves (Heavy Legpeice)


  • Level: 63+

New World Colossus of Qebui


Players can find a second boss in Brimstone Sands after the last one. The legendary items awarded by the monster, Sabnekh, are the Psychopomp's Ma'at and Grasp of Ammit. Sabnekh can be located and killed here.

  • Located at the Oasis Spontanea


  • Items: Psychopomp's Ma'at (Ice Gauntlet) and Grasp of Ammit (Void Gauntlet)


  • Level: 63

Colossus of Karnak

The Colossus of Karnak offers legendary items in a similar manner to the Colossus of Qebui. Killing Karnak may also result in the drop of legendary Wallbuilder and Horizon Line equipment. The location listed below is where players can discover the Colossus of Karnak.

  • Located at the Great Wall of Nebet-Het


  • Items: Wallbuilder (Hammer) and Horizon Line (Spear)


  • Level: 66

Colossus of Memnon

The Colossus of Memnon, which is located in the same area as Karnak, is another Colossus that players can farm on the southern portion of the Great Wall of Nebet-Het. The Chiromancer's Palm and Colossi-Crumbler 4000 are the items that the named boss/mob will drop.

  • Located at the Great Wall of Nebet-Het


  • Level: 66


  • Items: Colossi-Crumbler 4000 (Blunderbuss) and Chiromancer's Plam (Void Gauntlet)

Leviathan of the Deep

You can discover the named boss Leviathan of the Deep close to Ambusti Superior. Unlike to many bosses, this boss has the potential to reward players with a number of goodies. The location of the Leviathan of the Deep in the New World is as follows:

  • Located at the Ambusti Superior


  • Items: Slayer (Blunderbuss), Timekeeper's Hand (Sword), Lifeforce (Great Sword), Torrent (Great Sword), Volcano Smasher (Hammer), Bloody Valentine's Ring (Ring Jewelry), and Eyes in the Abyss (Amulet)


  • Level: 66

New World Leviathan of the Deep

Some extra places to farm legendary items

The developers first had to block a few bosses who were too powerful for farming, although there are still certain monsters that can drop amazing things if you knew where to look.

Primus Falco

Primus Falco is the first of them, and he can be located at Crassus' Rise, to the west of the Acropolis, not far from the first outpost you come across when you arrive at Brimstone Sands.

You must ascend to the fort's summit, where it's possible that there will be a lot of other players looking for the mobs to spawn so they may harvest him. Consequently, it could be smart to form a group with other participants to increase your chances of each receiving sufficient donations to be eligible for drops.

Primus Pyre, Legate's Ring, and Hand of the Primus are among the items Falco drops, Legate's Ring, being the standout and an excellent piece of jewelry for anyone using a build with cutting damage.

Heka of the Crossroads

The next miniboss that is excellent for farming is Heka of the Crossroads. Unlike Falco, you'll need a large party to farm this one because it is entirely encircled by strong enemies.

Fortunately, Heka has excellent drops, so it's likely that you'll find a lot of individuals to farm with. Ensure you don't abandon the location before obtaining Heart of Heka and Regular Pants because both are excellent items to have.

While farming Heka, you can also use a distant weapon to drag Ophois the Joyful so you can access his drop pool, but Heka's pants and ring are the actual stars of the show.


Legendary is the biggest treasure rarity tier, and most of the best goods fall into this category. However, most new players, are unsure about where to acquire the best treasure and how to obtain Legendary goods in the New World. Hope this guide will help you to find all the legendary items you are looking for.

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