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Selecting New World Factions - Which One Is Best For You?

In case you don't know New World, this is the new title from Amazon Games – the leading digital publisher – that’s looking to compete with other well-known MMOs. The innovation in this game is that it uses a class-less system, and you can only have one character at a time per server.

This makes you think things through before creating your character and the playstyle you want to follow.

The Faction influence in MMORPGs has been common since it came out in traditional multiplayer games such as WoW, Lineage, MU, etc. Forming part of one of these groups allows you to represent them and get more people to know within the same faction.

Choosing a faction in New World is not an easy task. Besides customizing your character and selecting a server, your Factions determine the playstyle and unlock certain features that otherwise you wouldn’t have available.

There are three factions in New World, each with different benefits, control, and utility. So, if you don’t know how to choose a New World Faction, their benefits, tax rates, and more, this guide will help you go through it.

Table of Contents

What is a New World Faction?

What Do You Get In a New World Faction?

Three Factions

Picking a Faction In New World

Playing Alone or With Friends

Server Conditions

Changing Factions In New World

New World Factions - Summary

What is a New World Faction?

New World Factions

A Faction is a group of people allied that represent a common goal. The concept works the same in New World. Even though we are in the free nation of Aeternum, you need to join one if you want to advance in your story.

There are three New World Factions in total. The one you choose will affect your game forever since there are benefits and limitations to doing that, for example:

  • You can’t switch factions for the next 120 days.

  • You can only match with companies from your faction.

  • When you flag your character, players from other factions can declare PVP to you and vice versa when you’re not in a safe area.

  • You can join a party with fellow faction members.

  • Get Faction tokens to access better gear.

Now, you act as a faction representative, which means you can complete faction missions like:

  • Battle in Faction Wars.

  • Participate in 50v50 PvP battles.

  • Fight opposing factions over the control of a settlement.

Under a faction’s control, the settlement can be changed. You can modify developments, tax rates, add local buffs, and more. This is why it’s so important to be part of a faction. The real New World action begins when you go further than the usual PvE quests or PvP quests.

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New World Factions sets

What Do You Get In a New World Faction?

Even though there are different factions, all players get the same benefits. Here’s what you can receive for joining one of the three factions in New World.

  • Use Faction currency to purchase special items in the Faction’s shop.

  • Equip faction gear – armor, head, shield, boots, pants, etc. – such as the Plague Doctor set.

  • Earn money faster.

  • Have access to more safe areas.

  • Participate in a PvP warfare.

  • Have access to conquering settlements and crafting special consumables.

  • Govern settlements and other important locations for several years.

  • Participate in special PvP missions.

  • Complete faction-related PvE missions.

  • Join a community of people that have the same interests as yours.

  • Find support and help in your team.

  • Earn and claim Faction rewards in special events.

New World Factions availability

Three Factions

Below, we describe the three New World Factions. Decide wisely, because after you make a choice, other players will become your enemies.


New World Factions marauders

The Marauders is a ruthless military force bent on creating a new world based on strength. They have a rather simple philosophy and use Aeternum for commercial and personal purposes. 

According to them, all-natural and magical resources are available or can be purchased. This includes magical knowledge, real estate, food, and everything the land offers.

They don’t look for justice, intellect, or joining holy missions in the land. They want to shoot, burn and build as much as they can and see their enemies kneel before them.

The Marauders follow a simple rank structure:

  1. Tier I - Soldier.

  2. Tier II - Gladiator.

  3. Tier III - Ravager.

  4. Tier IV - Destroyer.

  5. Tier V - Commander.

  6. Tier V - Legatus ( special epic quality rank).


New World Syndicate faction

The Syndicate is a knowledge-driven faction – sometimes called a secretive organization – and the most popular faction of the game. 

They think knowledge can be as important as power, so they are looking for boundless guile and intellect while searching for forbidden knowledge to bring a new age of enlightenment to Aeternum.

The Syndicate attracts a lot of magical users, but other users with different builds can also enter.

If you’re looking for the faction that approves of espionage, this is the place for you. Each member needs to complete quests to rank up and increase their influence in the faction. 

The Syndicate takes this seriously, so you will receive specific missions – they can be PvE or PvP faction missions – that are part of the initiation process. You may be charged with spying on an opposing faction to discover their secrets.

As the Marauders faction, the Syndicate has Tiers. To increase your Tier, you need to complete a trial. These are the Syndicate levels you can reach:

  1. Tier I - Adepts.

  2. Tier II - Scrivener.

  3. Tier III - Chronicler.

  4. Tier IV - Cabalist.

  5. Tier V - Alchemist.


New World Covenant faction

The Covenant faction is a fanatical order that has self-claimed the duty of cleansing the land of heretics and defilers. They are trying to make the true holy nature flourish again while applying justice on their own.

Players who join the Covenant have a strong sense of what’s fair or not. They are passionate warriors that love to battle corruption. The Covenant despises conflict; they will defend themselves and attack when they feel threatened.

The Covenant hates the Marauders, so they will fight for territories, safe zones, trusted partners, and other important places in this open world.

On the other hand, they think the Syndicate is a big part of the problem hurting Aeternum’s future and freedom.

Among their ranks, there are:

  1. Tier I - Initiate.

  2. Tier II - Templar.

  3. Tier III - Excubitor.

  4. Tier IV - Lumer.

  5. Tier V - Adjudicator.

  6. Tier V - Inquisitor.

Picking a Faction In New World

Selecting what should be the best New World Faction for you is not an easy task. You first need to go to the three faction representatives in the settlement on a particular territory you’re located in. You’ll have to complete the introductory quests and choose one.

Now, there are a few things you need to think about before you join a New World Faction.

Playing Alone or With Friends

Player joining the Covenant

There’s a difference between playing with friends in a sort of alliance and joining a server alone. If companions are more experienced than you, they probably already are in a Faction. So you should consider joining the same company if you don’t want to fight them eventually.

If you play solo, you can go for any Faction you like.

Server Conditions

New World servers list

The server’s condition is an important matter of the game. Ths single issue could change your entire gameplay. It’s important to know which faction controls the server, which one is the smaller Faction, and more details about them.

With this information, you can join the biggest faction – which will give you tons of bonuses – and use its influence, but you will have less chance to go to war against rival factions or encourage large groups of companions in PvP missions. 

You can ultimately go with the smaller guilds. This will be a challenge because the course of the server and regions aren’t in your favor. 

However, you’ll have more chances of claiming your own company during PvP if you manage to conquer an area. It’s an opportunity that gives you more profit to prosper in New World but requires you to focus on quickly scaling ranges.

Changing Factions In New World

If you feel that your allegiance is flopping or that you struggle to align with a Faction’s principles, you may consider changing your Faction. You can only do this 120 days after selecting your first Faction.

You also can’t switch to the biggest faction.

New World Factions - Summary

Playing New World is not like other MMOs such as Elder Scrolls Online or World of Warcraft. There are many situations that can hurt gamers’ experience, one of which is not joining one of the three factions.

Adventuring alone can be dangerous for a solo player. You need to be supported by a group of people with the same goal as you. So, to have a successful character and be part of New World’s lore, you need to join a New World Faction.

Once you have chosen one, you will start to see its benefit and accept the importance of its role in the region.

Engage other players, defend your zone on the map, look closely to other factions to undermine their efforts, hurry to solve declared wars, and aim to work on behalf of the ultimate Faction goal, dominance.

New World is an MMO like no other. If you’re looking for more New World guides, visit the rest of the site.

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