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Star Citizen aUEC Farming Guide

Star Citizen is a futuristic MMO filled with unique features and graphics. It has a vast open world that encourages you to explore it fully, the combat feels smooth, and you have the freedom to do and pursue whatever you want.

Akin to our real lives, you do, however, need a financial system to support yourself. Grinding for aUEC (Alpha United Earth Credits), the in-game currency, can be a pain if you aren't aware of the methods, and you could be locking yourself out of some excellent gear sets. Earning money is something you can start from the get-go, and we highly suggest you do so.

Do I need to have a ship to earn money?

Having a ship is integral to the process of earning money. However, that is not to say that the absence of a ship means your dreams of minting money are dead. Various methods allow you to earn aUEC without owning a ship. Some ways described below that help you make aUEC are:

Star Citizen Ships


Mining is a viable method and can be done without the usage of a ship. You can go to the entrances of caves by asking other players to help you. This won't take long as usually someone is kind enough to help you; this is an MMO, after all.

Before you head out, you should own three items that help you hand mine. These items are – The mining tool (500 aUEC), Mining attachment (350 aUEC), and Rucksack (3000 aUEC). An optional but essential thing we recommend is the spacesuit. These items allow you to mine in the depths of caves. Get these items at refinery locations.

Once you enter the cave, look for deposits and mine as much ore as you think you need. It is pretty profitable, as mining can get you thousands of aUEC. The drawback with this method is it can be risky, and you run a high risk of death. It can also be quite grindy, looking for various deposits. Once you die, you could lose your equipment, which can be a net loss considering you came to grind money.

The brilliant idea is to kill two birds with one stone, i.e., complete missing persons' quests while doing your mining. Of course, you might get lost, but it's a pretty sweet payout if you don't.

Completing Missions

Various missions aid you in the quest to make money. These missions can be pretty rewarding if you know what you are doing and have the correct gear. However, if you fail quite often, I suggest you give up and find another mission.

Some missions include clearing bunkers/space stations. Try to find people who will help you complete the mission to earn money. Finding a crew shouldn't take as long.

Shared missions are also a viable method wherein you can complete missions together. They can carry you pretty hard, thus being a fairly easy and laidback method. However, finding players that would partake in such a method can be challenging, and you may become overly reliant on this method.

Once you have amassed enough wealth from non-ship money grinding, it's time to purchase a ship. A ship will significantly expedite your aUEC grind, make traveling and combat easy, and elevate your gameplay experience.

Star Citizen Missions

Which ship should I buy?

Some starter-level ships we recommend are:

RSI Aurora is a great starter ship, as it is cheap and helps you travel. The downside is since it is so cheap, it can only do so much, and you will need an upgrade soon.

CL Aurora is a cargo-based ship. Some missions are based heavily around trading and delivery, and this is where this ship truly shines.

Mustang Alpha is also a very cheap spacecraft. However, this one is more combat-oriented, allowing you to partake in combat missions and earn a fair bit of aUEC.

MISC Prospector is a fairly expensive ship, but one that is well worth it. Go for this one if you earned enough aUEC during your no-ship escapades. It specializes in mining and can get you a heap load of money. If you cannot go for it/need to grind more, you can return to it later.

Choosing the right ship is integral to your gameplay. There are many other ships to choose from, each with its niche. Be sure to explore them all and make the correct decision!

What do I do with a ship?

A ship is your source of income. Therefore, knowing your ship's qualities, strengths, and weaknesses will help you focus your time and efforts on specific activities, yielding you a lot of money.

If you have a multipurpose ship, you can do anything. Combat, trading, and mining are all viable methods of earning money. They are, however, a jack of all trades and a master of none, which is why we usually recommend specialized ships such as cargo ships. Nevertheless, they can keep gameplay fresh for you and offer variety, so don't be so quick to dismiss the idea.

Money Making Techniques

The most sought-after and highly recommended method is completing bounties. The prerequisite is a mission (nothing too hard), and they provide a fair bit of aUEC. There are specific areas that may be better than others. One such example is GrimHex, as you can complete several bounties there, making your grind time efficient. This method should land you about 150,000 per hour if you are efficient in your methods.

Cargo Missions are another method we recommend. Purchasing a ship centered around transportation can allow you to carry many cargo. However, it can have different payout amounts based on distance, risk, cargo, etc.

Mining is the most profitable but the most expensive to get into. However, once you have set yourself up for success and own a prospector, you can procure heaps of minerals for quite a lot.

Star Citizen Cargo

Black Market can be a profitable place to earn some aUEC. You buy and sell illegal, stolen goods. Complete smuggling missions to know the locations of various black markets. We recommend going to GrimHex to perform black market activities; however, it can get crowded as it's a trendy place.

The methods we listed CAN get very grindy, especially in the earlier parts of the game. Earning aUEC is an integral part of the game, yet it can be so painful that it can turn off many players who could enjoy the game experience if they kept it.

Fortunately, there is a way to skip the grind phase and end up right at the fun phase. You can purchase aUEC for very cheap and affordable rates.

If you need them, you can click on our website MMOPixel to buy Star Citizen aUEC. We provide the best service.

To summarize, there are many ways to earn yourself a good amount of aUEC, whether from combat, missions, trading, or just purchasing some. Each method is viable; the decision is just yours to make.

We hope this guide gives you an in-depth guide on how to earn currency, and we better see you in space, working hard for your money!

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