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Star Citizen Beginner's Guide

Star Citizen is an in-development multiplayer space trading and combat simulation game for Windows and Linux. This game features a first-person space fighting experience for the players. Unfortunately, Star Citizen is still in the Alpha phase and has not been completely released. This means that players will have to figure out most of the game mechanics by themselves, as the tutorials are not fully available yet. 

Though the game is not that difficult to figure out, it still can be overwhelming for beginners who just got started with the game. With that in mind, we've created this Star Citizen beginner's guide for players facing difficulties adjusting to the gameplay. This guide will help you get through the first few levels until you are familiar with the game mechanics. So, Let's begin.

In this article, we will mainly focus on the Gameplay of the Star Citizen. Star Citizen is being developed and published by Cloud Imperium Games, led by Director Chris Roberts. Star Citizen features space shooter mechanics similar to the director's other space simulator games.

Star Citizen Gameplay

Star Citizen will feature a combination of space simulator, multiplayer, and FPS (First-Person Shooter) games across four game modes, aka modules. But before starting with any module, remember to change the graphics setting that suits you best. Of course, you can play with the default settings, but with the proper resolution, you can play much better. 

Star Citizen Controls

It's essential to have information about the controls while playing a game. Similarly, with Star Citizen, it's highly advised to get the hang of controls as soon as possible. First, learn about the basic controls for movement (W-A-S-D keys) and then gradually about other keys. We've mentioned some of the controls below:

F-key – This key is used to open doors and other panels and pick up items around you. When you press the F-key, anything which can be interacted with will be highlighted as yellow and orange when you are in range.

I-key – To open the inventory management screen, which will allow you to sort or change your gears and equipment. 

F4-keyWhen trying to find the exit location, it's easier to switch to third-person camera mode. F4-key is used for this purpose. 

F1-keymobiGlas is one of the most important tools in the Star Citizen game. It controls most of the things in the game. You can use the F1-key to see mobiGlas.

Space Flight

Once inside the spaceship and on the Pilot's seat, you can press F-key to start the ship. Next, press F11 to open contacts, and from the Friends menu, go to the spaceport. Take permission and take off for battle. Use Space Bar to Strafe up. Use W-A-S-D for lateral movement and mouse buttons for firing.

The ships use three types of combat weapons: Ballistic Weapons, Energy Weapons, and Distortion Weapons. These weapons are deadly for the opponent, but at the same time, there are equal chances of your ship getting damaged by the enemy's attacks. So a need arises to look after the ship, repair them, enhance the equipment, etc. The best way to do so is using the Star Citizen Credit. There are many ways to acquire Star Citizen Credit, but buying them is still the simplest. 

Don't you want to try this simple method to get a perfect game experience?

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Star Citizen: Game Modes/Modules

As mentioned already, Star Citizen has various game modes known as modules. These modules feature both online or offline single-player or multiplayer gameplay. The main module is the Persistent Universe Module, while the other modules – Hangar module, Arena Commander module, and Star Marine module appear in the Persistent Universe module. 

Arena Commander Module

Arena commander module offers both single-player and multilayer space battle experience. In this module, you can compete against other players or AI opponents. 

 It features various combat modes and a single racing mode. These game modes are – 

Battle Royale

Free Flight

Classic Race

Capture the Core

Pirate swarm

Squadron Battle

Vanduul Swarm

Hangar Module

Hangars can be used to store components of a vehicle or ship or the entire ship and vehicles in the Persistent module universe. In this module, you can discover or enhance your ships. 

In Hangars, you will witness different tiers for hangar types that will decide which or how many vehicles and ships can be stored. Higher tiers will allow you to store larger ships or multiple smaller ships. 

Star Marine Module

Star Marine module features a round-based multiplayer battle mode. The game modes offered within the Star Marine module are – Elimination and Last Stand modes. The former is a free fight-to-the-death game, while the latter features two teams who fight, capture, and hold points to score more and win it for the team. 

Last Stand is a type of capture and holds game mode. In this, two opposing teams compete to seize one or even more control points in order to score points. Score points faster while playing as a team by capturing more control points. Elimination mode is different from Last Stand. In this, you won't have to fight as a team. Instead, you individually begin your fight, and the player with the highest kills at the end of the match is declared the winner.

Persistent Universe Module

The persistent Universe module is the main game module of Star Citizen. It is the center where all the action takes place. This multiplayer module allows up to 50 players at a time. This module features Exploration, Space Combat, Contracts, and Persistence. In addition, Persistent Universe combines the aspects of Hangar, Arena Commander, and Star Marine game modes. 

In this module, you get to create your own avatars. When you enter this module, you will be starting at a space station or any of the available planets of the game. You will be allowed to choose a profession like trading, mining, completing missions, or bounty hunting. Not only this, there will be a system that tracks a player's activities and penalizes them if they are involved in criminal activity. There are many more features of the modes which you can discover as you progress through the game. But, let's discuss some of the important features of this module.

Exploration – This part is fun. Explore not just a planet but a variety of Star systems consisting of a diverse collection of planets, space stations, and other objects.

Space Combat – The PvE or PvP fight can take place anywhere in space except at Armistice Zones. Communication arrays are used to keep a tab on planets and space stations. When you commit a crime, for instance, destruction or homicide, it will result in a Crime Stat.

Contracts – A range of missions are available, ranging from basic jobs such as carrying packages from one location to another to more difficult tasks such as assisting a ship that pirates have boarded. For additional information, visit the Contracts portal.

This will be all from us for now. There is still a lot to learn in Star Citizen. But by now, we hope you have a grasp on the gameplay mechanics – including gaming modes and basic controls. We hope this guide helps you best to get started with the game. 

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