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Star Citizen CCU Guide

There are mechanisms and strategies in Star Citizens that need exploration, just like the Star Citizen CCU which is sometimes a mystery to gamers. Well, if you have enough cash to effortlessly buy a ship pack in Star Citizen, then you don’t need to consider knowing about CCU. Still, there are chances it might come in handy.

Moreover, it is great for people who want to upgrade the ship to something new and retain their properties. Here we have the Star Citizen CCU Guide to help you figure out what this is, why you should consider it, and provide you with every detail on it. So, without any further ado, let’s hop into the details

What is CCU?

In Star Citizen CCU is referred to as the Cross Chassis Upgrades, but what does it do? Well, this mechanism in the game gives you a chance to upgrade your ship to a higher-valued one.

When you are changing your ship for something of less or similar values, then you won’t be able to get the opportunity to downgrade. There is only space for upgrades when talking about CCU.

But there is a catch here. All the upgrades for Ship are permanent and can’t be reverted. The only opportunity you have for getting that ship back is to reclaim the pledge and then do the purchasing again. You won’t have the ship upgrades anymore, but you get the ship back alongside that pledge.

Where to Find CCU?

It isn’t hard to find the CCU in Star Citizen. In the Pledge Store, you will find an option with the Ship Upgrades title. This will show you the tools to upgrade the ship. On the left side, you will have to choose your ship and then find the ship on the right side. After selection, you will be able to see that ship's purchase cost, along with its availability.

Things change in the Pledge; in case some certain ship isn’t available, you can simply wait for it to reappear for purchasing here.

Why CCU?

Not everyone has the luxury of purchasing newer ships for the same price again and again. CCU or Ship Upgrade allows you to get the newer ships in exchange for something older while retaining the perks of the ship you own.

The real beauty of CCU comes at the sale time when you can get the new ships for cheaper rates and want to sell the old ship that you one time loved and cared for. All in one, CCU is for people who want to save some hard-earned cash on newer ships to enjoy them.

Factors Associated with CCU

When we are talking about the CCU, certain factors need understanding, like the Stock Limited Ships, Insurance, and so on. Here in this Star Citizen CCU Guide, we will discuss these factors in detail.

Stock Limited Ships

There are certain ships in Star Citizen that you know to exist in the world of Star Citizen, but can’t buy for now. These Ships are referred to as the Stock Limited Ships because they are limited stock and can’t be purchased for now.

Certain ships are only available in a specific month, they are also in the category of Stock Limited Ships and you can buy them in that month accordingly.

So, the CCU helps you in this scenario because it is an upgradation, not a basic purchase. When you are exchanging the ship for a better or favorite one, you can find these ships sometimes being available, while other times they follow the same rules as Stock Limited Ships outside CCU.

If the Star Citizen CCU Guide helped you get the most out of your budget, then feel free to check out our service of Star Citizen aUEC at the budget and most comfortable price.


When you purchase a ship with cash, not the in-game credit, you will have better insurance. Sometimes, you can see that a certain ship has Lifetime Insurance meaning there is no limitation to it.

After you upgrade a ship using CCU, the next ship you will own also comes with a Lifetime Insurance. But, when you have 6 months of insurance on a ship and you pledged it, then the next ship will have those 6 months’ insurance marks on it.

Most people don’t consider this factor when considering CCU. Still, it makes a lot of difference in Star Citizen.

Package Accessories

Alongside insurance, there is one more thing to keep in mind. Whether you have the multiple-ship package or a single one, whatever the original purchased Package contained, you will keep it with the upgraded ship as well. Nothing is lost in the process of CCU.

How to do the Upgrade/CCU?

It isn’t a secret that all purchases for Star Citizen are from Robert Space Industries (RSI) website. In the main menu, you will see various options on top. Select the one that is titled “Pledge Store”.

  • You will be brought to a different window, related to the Pledge. At the mid, you will see various options again. Simply, select the one titled “Ship Upgrades” and this brings that famous Ship Upgrade Module, allowing you to change one ship for another.

  • There are two options here, on the left you can see the ship you own and, on the right, you have the option of choosing the ship that you want to own. Keep in mind that you can only select or find the ship that you own in the hangar.

  • When you click the “All Ships” option, you can see the ships that are available in Star Citizen, showing both the owned and not-owned ships.


  • Now, on the right side, you can select a specific ship you want to upgrade the currently selected ship to.

  • After the selection is done, you can click “Add to Cart” and it will bring you to a separate window. You can add store credits as well here for the upgradation. Besides this, if you have a coupon code, you can enter it and there are various perks you can get besides this upgradation.

  • It is time to press the “Continue” option and then “Place Order” to bring the Payment Method option.

  • One important thing to keep in mind here. If you need the Ship the same day, you need to select the “Credit Card” option, otherwise, the various options need to be cleared before bringing you the ships in-game.

  • Finalize the Payment and get things done, to get the ship in-game.

You can note that the upgraded ship isn’t available in the Hanger. Well, it is because the ship is under Billing and Subscription. Once the purchase is done, you need to refresh the page, and then the ship will be available in the Hanger.

Applying the Upgrade

Now that you have an upgrade ship available, you can see that there are options for gifting and exchanging the ship. But, one more option is also there which is Upgrading the Ship. Simply click on “Upgrade Ship” and it will bring you to the Apply Window.

Type in the required details like Password and it will apply the upgrade to your ship. The upgradation has been made and you can see all the previous accessories along with the new ship you own.

Final Verdict

Buying Ships in Star Citizen isn’t cheap and costs a lot of cash. Sometimes, you spend your hard-earned money on a package with certain perks and want to get the same thing in newer ships. The CCU or Ship Upgrade mechanism provides you an exchange for the older ships to get something new at much cheaper rates.

There are even sales on ships, mostly the newer ones and to save the expensive cost on those, you can use the CCU mechanism. Here, we have a complete Star Citizen CCU Guide to help you figure this thing out reliably.

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