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Star Citizen Combat Guide

In Star Citizen, you can participate in various activities in the Persistent Universe. These include trading, mining, legal, illegal, and combat or non-combat. In this article, we will be discussing the basics of combat. Combat can occur on the ground (without ships) or in space (with ships). 

Star Citizens combats with ships

But we will discuss only the ship combats. Ship combat is not as easy as it seems if you are not familiarized with the basic concepts of ship combat. We will discuss each component important for Ship combat. So without further ado, let's begin.


Before the battle, knowing your ship and how to operate it is important. If you have read our beginner's guide, you must know how to take off and fly the ships.

Now, let's look at how our ship moves through space to get a better understanding of how the flight model in Star Citizen works. There are three different types of thrusters on each ship.

The main thrusters on a ship are typically the most powerful. They're normally found towards the back of your ship, and they give your ship the maximum speed. So, if you want to drive incredibly fast, rotate them in the appropriate direction to maximize your speed. Isn't that wonderful to have a thruster like that?

Ship Thruster boost ship performance

Your Maneuvering thrusters are the next most critical thrusters. It's a pair of mini thrusters that will assist you in maneuvering. They assist you in strafing up and down, as well as left and right. You can also use the Maneuvering thrusters to help roll your ship. When escaping an incoming fire, you'll be using your Maneuvering thrusters a lot.

Want to decelerate your ship? Then you will require the Retro thrusters. These are other powerful thruster that will allow you to strafe backward. Using these thrusters, you can avoid bumping or crashing into objects.

How to set your Thrusters?

Setting the thrusters in the right way will help you maximize their output. In order to do so, turn off the G-safe. G-safe might prevent you from getting into trouble while maneuvering and limits the thrusters. Of course, you can always back off when you are about to run out of power, but turning G-Safe off will only give you more control of your ship. You can disable this by going to the game settings and disabling G-Safe. This will let you use your thrusters to their maximum potential, rather than being restricted by a safety mode.

Proximity assist is another setting that restricts your thrusters. When your ship gets too close to an object, this will slow it down. This is primarily utilized for landing but can also influence you during combat, limiting your thrusters if you get too close to asteroids. You can utilize your speed limiter to slow down your ship if you have problems landing with this turned off.

You can disable proximity assist by heading to the game settings and turning it off. This will allow you to use your thrusters to their maximum potential, rather than being limited by proximity assist.

Star Citizen: Ship Weapon Modes

You know how thrusters operate and how to set them up for maximum effectiveness, but what use is maneuverability if you can't fight back? Keeping this in mind, let's look at the weapons that your ship can use in a battle. There are two modes for weapons – fixed or gimbaled.

Star Citizen VariPuck Gimbal Mount aim at enemy

Fixed armaments allow you to equip the largest weapon possible on your ship. However, your big guns will be locked forward, and you must maneuver your ship to get on target. Fixed weapons do greater damage than gimbaled weapons, but you lose the ability to aim your guns independently and don't get any assistance to aim.

On the other hand, gimbaled weaponry allows you to aim your weapons on targets independently without changing your flight path. This can be accomplished by using a VariPuck Gimbal Mount. As a result, the maximum weapon size you can equip on your ship will be reduced by 1 unit. However, your guns will be able to aim independently, and you will be able to get aim support, losing damage power.

By pressing G on your keyboard, you can cycle through various weapon modes, although you'll only be able to do so if your weapons are gimbaled, as fixed weapons only have one mode.

Weapons systems

Star Citizen also features three separate ship weapon systems. Ballistic, Energy, and Distortion Weapons are the three types.

Ballistic weapons use ammunition to launch a solid or explosive projectile. As a result, ballistic weapons only penetrate a small number of opposing shields, depending on the shield type, and deal the rest of the damage to the hull. Projectile weapons utilize less energy and produce less heat and signature when fired, but they do require ammo to fire. Typically, these projectiles are slower than energy projectiles.

Star Citizen Ballistic Weapons

Energy Weapons fire lasers rather than bullets. Hence your ammo supply is infinite. Energy weapons attack a ship's shields first, and after they're down, they move on to the hull. Compared to ballistic weapons, energy weapons consume more energy and produce more heat and signature when fired, and projectiles are usually faster too.

Distortion Weapons differ from Energy Weapons in some ways. They're designed to disable ships and sap their power. Distortion Weapons don't utilize any ammo and drain the ship's shields and components until it shuts down. They're mostly employed to defeat an opponent ship without causing damage to the hull.

These weapons systems are available in various weapon types, including cannons, repeaters, and scatterguns. Each weapon type has advantages and disadvantages, so you'll have to experiment to see which you like.

Running low on ammunition or other weapons? Don't know where and how to buy them? Worry not. You can always use the Star Citizen Credit to buy new weapons and upgrade existing weapons on your ship. It might take time to get Star Citizen Credit, so we have made it much easier to buy them. 

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Other Weapons: Missiles

Your ship also possesses missiles that can assist you in combat, and each missile has a unique technique for monitoring its target.

Infrared (IR) missiles use heat and infrared emissions to track ships. On ships that are running "hot," an easier lock can be obtained using energy weapons or less heat-efficient components. You can check your ship's IR on the monitor panels onboard your ship.

Electromagnetic missiles can also be used to track Ships. Due to its electronic weapons and other similar components, ships possess EM emissions. The EM signature of a ship can be reduced with careful energy management and efficient components, making locks more difficult.

Ships are tracked by Cross-Section (CS) missiles based on their cross-section and appearance. The lock-on time is longer than IR and EM locking, but it is more difficult to fool and less likely to follow the erroneous target.

To lock your missiles, keep your target in sight, and then push the scroll wheel on your mouse. Once the scroll wheel is locked, you can hold it down to launch your missiles. You can lock multiple missiles simultaneously if you click the scroll wheel many times. However, you can only lock a maximum of four missiles at a time.

For size one missiles, the lock-on range is similarly limited; you must be at least 1000 meters away before you can begin to lock on a target. The greater the size of your missiles, the greater the distance you must be from your target before you can lock onto it.


Your ship comes with various components, which you may inspect by using your mobiGlas and visiting the vehicle loadout manager. These components can be upgraded or replaced, but some can be overclocked for increased performance.

Go to your ship panels, click on the menu in the left corner, find the power icon, then go to items to overclock your components. You'll locate all of your ship's overclockable components here.

Overclocking your weapons will usually enhance the rate of fire, but it will also cause them to overheat more quickly. You can also boost the performance of your shields and other components by overclocking them.


All ships are equipped with radars that can detect IR and EM signals. You can get near your target without their recognition if you keep your IR and EM signals low. This can be accomplished in various methods, including using a stealth ship or equipping your spacecraft with stealth components. You can also turn off components to reduce your ship signals and only use them when necessary. Traveling to your ship's panels will allow you to check your own IR and EM signal. If you wish to hide from your target, keep your IR and EM as low as possible.

This will be all from us for now. We hope our article has helped you improve your game-playing experience. 

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