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Star Citizen How to Make Money

 Star Citizen is made to match our real-life scenarios. You need currency to purchase things, but that currency comes at the cost of working. Yes, you have spent your game starting credits to purchase stuff and now you are completely broke. We are exactly here for that specific reason.

Star Citizen Comes is massive and comes with a lot of ways to earn a living, some of them are safe while others require risk. There is also a system of legal and illegal in the game that makes total sense. Being a beginner or even an amateur in the game, you might suffer in the Money-Making part of the game and for that reason, we have a guide on it here.

So, without any further delay, let’s hop into the details of Star Citizen’s How to Make Money.

Missions in Star Citizen

As the updates are rolling out in Quarter 1 of 2022, the only real and prominent way of making money in Star Citizen is through the missions. There are various categories of Missions available for you to try out. Some of them don’t require weaponry to do, while some do, some are risky but grant you more reward and others are safe but don’t reward you that much



This and the shift you recently got are your best friends if you want to earn money in-game. So, by pressing the F1 key, you can open the MobiGlas, and below you have various options to choose from. Head over to the last one, which is referred to as the Contract Manager.

Here you can see all the types of missions/jobs with various options. For example, in General, you can see that there are various types of missions. Below, we will go through each tab one by one to give an idea of Missions.

General Tab

In the General Tab you will see missions;

Delivery: These types of missions will give you the job to deliver boxes from one place to another.

Service Beacons: These are the missions where NPCs require your assistance in combat and your job is to save them before they die along with their ship.

Investigation: These are versatile missions, meaning you will see them change from time to time. But the general concept involves exploration of caves where you will mine to gain credits.

Maintenance: It involves the collection of biowaste and disposal

Bounty Hunter: This means you will hunt down people with bounties on them to earn credits. You might have heard about them and how they are the best way to credit. Yes, those talks are all true and we will get that in a minute.

Mercenary: It involves a mix of ground and space combat missions.

Personal Tab

These are the missions that are sent to you directly and hence will give you exceptional rewards for completion. On the other hand, these missions are usually the Gray or Black-Market contracts. In other words, there are chances you will have to do something illegal or bad in these missions, just like we said at the beginning of the article.

Hero Missions: These missions are specifically for characters who have their animations and storylines that we play as a part of.

Accepted Tab

After you find a mission in the suitable tab from Personal or General, you can check the accepted missions in this Tab. If another player takes the mission before you, then they will disappear.

Furthermore, after you accepted them and can see them in the Accepted Tab, there are several things you can do with the Mission;

Abandon: This will terminate the mission, resulting in no reward for you

Track/Untrack: You can keep a close eye on the missions you accepted by tracking them or you can also put them a bit back after untracking them.

Share: Yes, you can also share the mission with your friends at the party, and then the profits will be split evenly between people. If the number of people is three, then the profit will be shared between three people.

Easy Earning

There are Call Arms Missions available in the Mercenary Tabs available. You need to get them as quickly as possible because they are quick, can be easily done, and pay well.

In these missions, you will get money for killing Space Pirates that you run into occasionally. If you don’t accept this offer while killing that pirate in space during some other mission, you won’t get the credits. So, it is important to get this before exploring the vast world of Star Citizen.

Earning Money in Star Citizen

For this guide we divided it into two sections; the non-combat earning and the combat earning. First of all, we will discuss the non-combat earning as it is easier and beginner-friendly, while the combat one is a bit opposite.

Making Money Through Non-Combat Missions


Mining Missions

For you to earn while exploring, you will need some essential things. First of all, you will need the GreyCat Multitool and orbit mining bit attachment. Then, you will need to get a backpack that can allow you to store higher capacity.

Furthermore, these types of missions are affiliated with the Investigation tab. Like you have to sometimes search for the missing bodies and in return explore the caves. While doing so, you can mine the caves by using that equipment to make a living.

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Hand Mining

You can use the hand mining to get some extra on these missions as you explore the Verse. There is no secret here, simply use the hand mine equipment to burn the spot and when it gets green it will pop and you will get rocks out to put into your backpack. Don’t just let it burn, otherwise you will lose that extra gain.

Box Delivery Missions

As we already mentioned that Box Delivery is one of the safest ones out there, you can do them to earn a living. They are also non-combat, but there are chances you can get attacked by a Space Pirate or an NPC when you are exploring during these missions. But, when you don’t want to fight in return, things turn out to be pretty okay.

So, the Box Delivery missions are just the right thing when you don’t want to explore in deep, while also familiarizing yourself with Star Citizen Verse. Whereas, you are earning alongside it, which is always a plus point.

Your task here is to go towards a zone where you will pick up a package from an Orange Old Box. Opening the box represents you with the package. For these missions, you must bring a ship with a space to put the package inside.

When it comes to beginners, Box Delivery can be the best deal because you can chain them together from the same origin to the same delivery location.

Escorting Missions

These missions might have combat in them, but most are safe for beginners to try out. In these missions, you will have to escort an NPC to a specific point and get credit in return. Keep in mind that there are higher chances of meeting Pirates in these missions along the journey.

The best thing about this mission is that they are easy to do and when you want to familiarize yourself with the combat of Star Citizen but don’t want to die in the process.

Making Money Through Combat Missions


Claim Jumper Missions

When you are ready to take a notch further into the combat of Star Citizen, then these Claim jumper Missions are the right one for you. They reward you quite well but sometimes turn into one of the most difficult missions out there.

In these missions, they will pitch you against a bunch of turrets that you need to destroy and then a bunch of prospectors comes to swarm and kill you. The key here is to kill all the torrents and then kill the prospectors. If you don’t do it, you won’t get the CDF Missions which get you a good amount

Bounty Hunting Missions

These are the best-paying missions out of the bunch, while also the most dangerous and thrilling. Every place in Star Citizen has specifically its Bounty Hunting Contract available that you need to pass before going into the missions.

After passing that jurisdiction, you will be given contracts only in that specific area. While all other missions deal with NPC this is where things get serious because you will get to bounty hunt on real players.

How to tell a difference between NPC and Real Player?

Once you open the contract manager, you can view the name of the person whom you want to kill to get the bounty claimed. Their name tells all the difference, if there is CS1 to CS 5 in their name, then they are NPC. On the other hand, if there are bounty issues and then simply their name, then it is a real player.

Our recommendation is to take the Real Player Contracts only when you are efficient in this game enough to take on extreme combat without any issue. There could be a one-player or several players in a big ship.

Personal Missions

These missions are in a category of their own and it means they are going to be big. A one-notch up than the Bounty Missions, these personal missions pay the sweetest amounts, but the risk is even more.

There is a stat in Virtue that is hidden in the game and when you take these Gray/Black Mission one virtue is taken away. All of this means that your reputation is affected after doing these missions and it will in return affect the community that provides you with missions.

If you want to correct the things you did, then you surely have to spend some time behind bars or simply redeem yourself by killing bad guys. Lastly, you are also on the bounty hunter lift after being a criminal doing these missions.

It isn’t something wrong, but rather a part of gameplay and if you want to challenge yourself while earning the best amounts in Star Citizen, this is where the fun lies.

Final Verdict

The only piece of advice is to be patient when pushing your way from the early game onwards. Yes, you do need equipment, and credits and want to take part in fights, but don’t jump the levels too soon. Star Citizen is realistic and there is a return for everything you do in the game.

Your reputation matters but the reward for taking the risk is fun and fruitful. You surely don’t want to go to prison, but making contacts there is an essential part of the game. Everything in Star Citizen is sorted out and to earn a living you will have to go up a notch slowly.

There are some missions like mining and then comes trading where you can earn a living but these concepts aren’t fully furnished. The developers are slowly revealing stuff and until then, the trading concept is to be left alone for money.

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