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Star Citizen - Location Guide

Players will initially feel overwhelmed by the expansiveness of the Star Citizen Verse when they first enter the game’s planet. In addition, they are lost in this vast globe. However, since players are already aware of the game’s fundamental settings, they will need to take further steps to get to know this title. 

Players can search the verse for the important locations that are currently in use. Gamers can read this article to learn more about them and what they can do in various areas. Additionally, because it can be difficult to locate some rare resources through missions, you can buy Cheap Star Citizen aUEC to purchase them from the store at the stations in the verse.

Brand-new Babbage-Microtech-Landing Zone

The cold planet of tiny Tech is the last planet that can be explored in the Stanton system. The owners of mobiGlas own this location; however, it has recently been plagued by extreme weather and relentless storms.

Star Citizen  Microtech Landing Zone

The previous company’s headquarters are in New Babbage, a high-tech metropolis that is the ideal location. You can choose your mobiGlas model from the local retailer or visit Stanton to find the newest trends. Additionally, you can practice yoga and the open gym. For players in the vicinity, Walley’s Bar is a nice hangout.

These locations have a variety of purposes in the Star Citizen universe, and players can recall and locate them during exploration. And if you want to locate a nice ship for your voyage in Star Citizen, you can Buy Star Citizen UEC when you want to update or replace your current ones.

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Hurston-Lorville-Landing Zone

Due to the Hurston family’s widespread resource depletion, the planet of Hurston is an ecological nightmare. The capital city, Lorville, is filthy and decaying, and to shield themselves from the noxious air, its inhabitants frequently cover their heads with inexpensive plastic bags.

Hurston contains various biomes that may be explored, with rugged savannas, poisonous oceans, abandoned ruins, and scorched deserts offering a tonne of possibilities for anybody who wishes to go around.

Star Citizen Hurston Lorville

Magda, Arial, Aberdeen, Ita, and the Everus Harbor orbital space station are among the moons that call Hurston home. In addition, Hurston is home to numerous security outposts that must be protected from pirates and drug labs that must be raided, making the system a mission-filled playground for mercenaries. These missions are accessible on the planet’s moons and the main planet.

Many bounty hunting missions originate at Hurston, creating exciting, atmospheric dogfights and encounters with hostiles in deep space. Hurston also offers the Arlington Gang objectives, which take players through a series of conflicts before they finally face the enemy Hammerhead!

If new players want a system with all of the current gameplay loops and a lot of different places to explore, Hurston should be their home base.

The City Gates have vehicle terminals, while Teasa Spaceport allows for the summoning of starships, making Lorville one of the few places in Star Citizen where players can summon both starships and ground vehicles.

Crusader Orbital Station in Port Olisar

The gas giant Crusader is home to Crusader Industries, breathtaking scenery, beautiful buildings, and cherry blossom skylines. The Crusader show floor, where players can purchase a Mercury Star Runner or one of the Hercules heavy transports, is located in the Crusader capital city of Orison. Cousin Crow’s Custom Craft is another excellent place to shop for ship components.

Hurston is home to three interesting stations: the orbiting capital space station Port Olisar, the pirate port of GrimHex, and the moons Daymar, Cellin, and Yela.

Star Citizen Crusader Orbital Station

The Stanton center of operations for the NineTails pirate gang is Crusader, via GrimHex. So the fact that there is a lot of NineTails activity to contend with, from mercenary bunker raids to a wide variety of profitable tasks for bounty hunters, is only fitting. If the AI is still young, the asteroid ring surrounding Yela is a great spot to chase pirates and can result in some spectacular encounters.

Once more, couriers may do the full spectrum of delivery tasks, and cargo drivers can transport food and medical supplies. Unfortunately, Crusader’s mineral resources don’t seem as plentiful as elsewhere, although this could change.

Grim Hex- Yela- Orbital Station

This station, which can be found within Yela’s ring, was originally a Green Imperial Housing Exchange. Everline Structures Incorporated placed it within a hollowed-out asteroid to give miners cheap housing. Unfortunately, when jobs stopped, the station’s main sign was changed to read GrimHEX, and it eventually fell into disrepair. Since then, the station has developed into a safe haven for people trying to elude the law and those without anywhere else.

Star Citizen Grim Hex

The fearless will discover special trade and contract opportunities, as well as the same repair, re-arm, and refuel amenities found at other, more honorable rest-stops, free from the restrictions of UEE control.

Those who accept contracts from Ruto, the station’s most notorious occupant, will probably need to use the available EZ-habs to “lay low” for a while.

Area 18- Landing Zone for Arccorp

The globe of ArcCorp is an ecumenopolis or a collection of enormous cities. Imagine Coruscant from Star Wars if Syd Mead, the designer of Blade Runner, had created it. Skyscrapers, neon city streets drenched in the rain, and enormous holographic advertisements combine to give the universe a tiny bit of a cyberpunk vibe.

Star Citizen Area 18

Lyria and Wala are two of ArcCorp’s moons, and Bajini Point is the capital city’s orbital space. ArcCorp is the host of the 890Jump defense operation and has many outposts that must be protected from invasions by NineTails pirates. ArcCorp offers plenty of activities for mercenaries; however, there are only two bunkers on the planet.

The moon Lyria is now the greatest spot to mine Quantanium because abundant deposits of easily mineable ore exist, and the adjacent ARC-L1 refinery station makes transporting the risky metal considerably safer.

The mining outposts on Lyria and Wala offer lots of expensive commodities for cargo haulers to buy, and the ArcCorp Trade District is conveniently located next to Riker Spaceport.

This will be all from us for now. Stay tuned with us for more updates.

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