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Star Citizen Money Making Guide

If you are new to Star Citizen and looking for ways to make money to buy ships and other important gear, then this article is for you. Our Star Citizen money-making guide has compiled various ways to help you earn rewards and money. Some of these tasks would be time-consuming as well. So, it's totally up to you whether you want to do it or not. Let's begin with the very basic options.


Missions are the basic option for making money. For those new to this game, completing missions should be your priority. You can check for available missions through mobiGlas. In Star Citizen, you have various types of missions – Bounty missions, Special investigation missions, Skimmer Destruction missions, etc. As you progress further into the game, the number of missions will increase. For beginners, it is advised to begin with easy missions and then build on your profile and make more money. 

Delivery Missions are the easiest. These missions have pros and cons; they are not risky but low rewarding and consume a lot of your time. At the same time, Special Investigation Missions (P.I Wanted) is a Story mission. Don't be afraid to try your hand at bounty hunting tasks. Even if you die, you will respawn on the planet and be able to collect your ship via insurance for free. These are the easiest missions; if you are a beginner, then you should try these missions for quick money.

Another way to earn money in Star Citizen via missions is by joining Shared missions. As the name suggests, you can join other online players in their quests. But to join, you have to invest a small amount of money first. If you can't invest, you can also sell some of your items. You will earn UEC, the in-game currency, when you complete the shared mission.

UEC can be used to purchase equipment/items and upgrade or repair the ships. So having more UEC will make things much simpler for your journey. The best way to get more and more UEC is by purchasing them; it will enhance your gameplay experience in various ways. 

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If you don't want to do missions, then mining could be an alternative. After all, this is the most sought-out job with decent rewards. Mining is mineral extraction found on various planets, moons, and asteroids. These can be further sold for profit. There are various mining options from which you can earn money. You can use ships built especially for mining or do hand mining. The main objective behind mining is to earn UEC. There are various ships for the task, but you should refrain from buying one in the game's early stages. However, you can also rent the ships for a day. 

Mining Types include – Surface Mining and Sub-surface Mining. Surface mining is the extraction of minerals from a planet's, moon's, or asteroid's surface. Surface mining is the most prevalent sort of mining in the universe, as this is where most minerals are found. The prospecting, fracturing, and extraction of a mineral deposit are all done with the help of a ship's mining head.

Whereas the extraction of any minerals from underground caves and dungeons is known as subsurface mining. In sub-surface mining, harvestable minerals are usually the only minerals discovered. "FPS mining," or "Hand mining," is a mining method that does not necessitate the employment of a specialized mining ship.

Talking about mining vessels – we've MISC Prospector, ARGO Mole, and RSI Orion. Prospector is the most preferred ship for miners who like to go solo. It features high-tech mining tools and dedicated storage where you can store the items you extracted during the mining. ARGO Mole is a multi-crew ship. RSI Orion is a premier-sized ship for multi-crew functionality. Finding something highly valuable in your first few attempts is rare, so don't lose hope if you don't get anything in the beginning. But if you don't want to do missions, then mining is something you can try to earn money. 


Trading is easy, but you need to have some capital to start trading. Buy goods and then trade them for profit. You can sell virtual space ships to earn money. There are a few things to keep in mind while trading. First, you require enough money to trade big items. If you don't have enough money to begin your trading career, then you can only trade for small items where the profit margin is quite less. Also, there is a risk of losing your entire cargo and the investment you made in it in case of a crash. So, we advise you not to invest a huge amount. Trade only legal items; Illegal trading might give you an ore profit, but it's not worth taking risks.

Becoming an Aurora

Want to take more risks and earn money through combat? Then this job is for you. With an Aurora, you can make decent money if you can handle a modest fraction of combat. This strategy is appropriate for newcomers to the game. It's also an excellent way to gain money if you can unlock a Widow drug lab. The amount of money you earn in Star Citizen is determined by the contracts you execute. 

Using Cargo Ships

Cargo Running is a way to gain money if you have a cutter ship. To acquire more credits, you must purchase a huge ship. You can have a go at these. In Star Citizen, the more goods you have, the more likely you will make money. You can use a bigger budget for other tasks if you have one. You can also rent the cargo ships in addition to completing your tasks and assignments to earn some extra money.

Unlocking new Missions and Completing Multiple missions at once

Unlock as many new missions as you can. You will earn more money as you complete more missions. As you earn credits, you'll be able to purchase more expensive ships and equipment. Missions are also available for you to participate in. Some of these aren't lucrative, but they'll help you make money. You can earn a lot of credits by completing several tasks at once. But, this is only advised when you know the basic game mechanics (give the link to the beginner's guide here). 

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