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Star Citizen Stealth Mode Guide

In Star Citizen Stealth Mode, you can't lock onto a target, nor can you send out a targeting request. This means that you are undetectable on the enemy's radar. The enemy will only see the last known position of the ship that fired.

If you are in stealth mode and lock onto a target, you will remain invisible. However, if your ship is hit, it will be detected. The enemy can also see your ship if they have their weapons fixed on the area that you are in.

If you are detected, then the enemy will see the last known position of your ship. After that, you will no longer be invisible.

You can only use the cloaking device or stealth mode while traveling at sub-light speed. Once you reach light speed, you will automatically leave stealth mode. You can reactivate it by dropping out of light speed again.

There is an exception to this rule, however. If you have a probe droid deployed, and it is following your ship while you are in stealth mode, then you can enter light speed. Your probe droid will remain in stealth mode and will be able to detect enemy ships and relay this information to you.

Star Citizen Stealth Mode

More about Stealth Mode

When it comes to space combat, Stealth is a massive advantage for star soldiers. This can be especially true when playing the "Squadron 42" or "Star Citizen." These two games are very different in their styles, but both can be played in a Stealthy way. 

  • In "Star Citizen," players can use Stealth to their advantage. This can be done in a variety of different ways. For instance, players can choose to turn off all their ship lights, including their running lights, weapons, and engines. 

  • This makes it extremely difficult for enemies to detect the player's ship. However, this is only possible if the player has upgraded their sensors to the point where they can see in the dark. 

  • If this is not the case, the enemy ship's running lights will still be visible, and the enemy will be able to detect the player's ship.

  • Players can also use Stealth by selecting a weapon that does not make noise when fired. The auto-cannon and dumbfire rocket launcher are two of the weapons that are very effective in the dark. 

In addition to this, some players choose to use silent weapons in order to maintain Stealth. All of these things can be done with a player's ability to turn off their ship's running lights and engines. This is all part of the "Star Citizens" Stealth system.

The Stealth system in "Star Citizen" stands out from other games because it is straightforward. The developers have made it so players can use Stealth by turning certain things off on their ships. They can also use specific weapons to maintain Stealth.

These things are part of the "Star Citizen" Stealth system. It allows players to secretly attack enemy ships without being detected. This is an essential part of gameplay that "Star Citizen" players enjoy using frequently.

Star Citizen Stealth

Ships in Stealth Mode

In the game, Star Citizen players can move and hide in space without being detected. They can also use Stealth Mode to sneak up and attack other players. A player can only use one Stealth mode ship at a time. Each ship has different features and abilities that depend on its role. 

The following are the different Stealth ships:

1. The Stalker Stealth Fighter

The Stalker is a single-seat skirmisher craft for reconnaissance and long-range intercept missions. The proprietary R4 interplanetary propulsion system provides a maximum delta-v of 3.3 (3.1 quoted) km/s, allowing the pilot to relocate from one fight to the next quickly. 

The Stalker can be operated out of a carrier or deployed from a surface hangar. The craft is armed with 12 hidden launcher tubes that can deploy missiles or munitions up to 3.2 km away. Additionally, an internal AI can assist the pilot with target identification and tracking.

2. The Gladius Stealth Fighter

The Gladius Stealth Fighter is one of the smallest fighters available in the game. However, it still has some great features. For example, it has a Stealth mode that can make it invisible to enemies. The ship also has a backup battery that allows it to stay cloaked for a long time.

3. The Avenger Titan

The Avenger Titan is a heavy bomber with ample cargo space. It is tough to detect if you have turned off your signature. The ship is also excellent at avoiding enemy fire.

The Avenger Titan is one of the best ships in the game because it can carry a great deal of cargo. The ship can carry up to four people, and the cargo hold has room for multiple containers.

This ship is one of the more expensive in the game, but you will get your money's worth. The Avenger Titan has a strong hull and two weapons that can be used against enemies. 

This ship is one of the smallest in the game and has very little armor. However, the ship can reach high speeds and has a cloaking device. The ship is excellent for racing.

The ships require upgrades and maintenance, so you have to spend in-game currency, UEC. If you fall short of currency at any moment, you can buy it anytime from our website for a very reasonable rate.

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4. The P-52 Merlin

This is one of the fastest ships available in the game. It is perfect for racing, but it is not well-suited for combat. It has armor that can take a lot of damage, but the ship does not always have room to carry cargo.

5. The P-72 Archimedes

This futuristic-looking ship has two wings that fold into a compact form when you are traveling through space. It is incredibly fast and has powerful weapons. Unfortunately, the ship does not have armor, but it is still an excellent option for any player.

The P-52 Merlin is one of the fastest ships in the game. It can reach speeds of up to 275 m/s. The ship is not well-suited for combat because it has very little defense, but it can be instrumental in a race.

6. The Scout

This is one of the most miniature ships in the game. It is an excellent option for any player that wants to travel through space at high speed. The ship has weak armor but can carry a decent amount of cargo.

Star Citizen The Scout


Stealth mode is a valuable option that can be enabled to protect your ship. However, it's not as helpful as it looks. The only way to stay undetected is to use thrusters and steer clear of anyone who might be looking for you. Unfortunately, that can make flying challenging, especially in combat situations. 

Most ships are better suited for travel in space than for combat. However, a few are more suited to fight than to fly. The X-Wing will be your best option for action, but it is the most expensive ship in the game, and you may not be able to get one until you are a high-level player.

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