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Trade has been the main mechanism for games recently and it is increasing rapidly with the gaming industries. Star Citizen, as we all know, was sleeping on this mechanism for quite some time, and recently, the developers started adding some stuff to the mix.

Still, the game itself isn’t that furnished around the Trade Mechanism, but you can take part to earn some money, while also calling yourself a trader in an out-space journey. So, without any further delay, let’s hop into the details of the Star Citizen Trade guide.

Working of Trade in Star Citizen

Just like any other game where you purchase items and sell them for a higher value to make a profit, the same is the concept with Star Citizen. While the game is still in its development phase, things aren’t that clear.

In Star Citizen, there is only a system of placeholders where commodities are ferried to the landing zones from those outposts. More or less, the future of Trading lies to be a career for players.

There is an introduction to the Trading and Shipping Console that is available in various outposts, cities, and even zones for landing. As the game progresses you will be able to not only sell the items from inventory, but you will also be able to make a trade of your data.

Illegal vs Legal Trade

As we all know that there are missions to deliver in Star Citizen. One thing people don’t know is that Transporting Cargo is another similar thing that is associated with Trading in Star Citizen. Yes, you can go for both illegal and legal substances, but the risk factor is there.

You can sell legal cargo in large quantities to an area, but your main goal is to trade and it takes time between larger quantities before you can make the next trade. Going illegals include hidden trading consoles that trade alcohol, drugs, and soon. The reset time for illegal substances is not that much, but the quantity is small.

Things you should know as a trader?

Trading has always been a fishy thing in Star Citizen, especially when we are talking about making a living out of it. There are some things that every trader knows, especially those who are new to it like;

Global Economy: It is not essential that your items aren’t being sold somewhere else. There are other servers in the game where the same thing might be bought by people on a different server

Replenish Time: Every Shop in Star Citizen has a different type of attitude, but one thing is sure these shops replenish stock slowly. Gamers refer this time to the refresh rate and you can see that in the Stock Details. So, this opens a possibility of gambling rare items in trade or playing safely in the game.

Price Change: In the world of Star Citizen, the shops change their price depending on the availability of stock. If a hot seller item has less stock left, then the remaining will be higher priced.

Making Money While Trading

There are various panels throughout the verse that you can use to trade items in Star Citizen. But there is that one-stop popular for being a trade center. Yes, that spot is none other than HDMS Bazdek.

Take your ship, pack your stuff, and use the Quantum Travel to reach there. Keep in mind that there are sometimes people waiting for you to lank your ship there and then clean everything afterward. So, take a look around, make sure everything is clear and land your ship in an area that is open on the sides.

After you have landed, simply turn the engines off because it removes the possibility of the ship getting damaged or destroyed by a natural event.

Exit the ship carefully and grab some commodities. You can do so by reaching the Trading and Shipping Console. Use F and Mouse to interact with the console. Voila, there are some commodities in front of you to pick up.

Trade and Shipping Console

There are various options in this console, like on the top mid you can see there are two separate tabs for buy and sell. Here we are buying the commodities so, you should be in the buy tab, rather than the Sell tab.

On the Right Top Corner, you can see that aUEC amount and besides that, you see an X mark. Simply click that mark to get out of the console. On the left-hand side, you can see various drop-down lists along with Standard Cargo Units (SCU) and the number of Ships.

Did this guide help you with anything? Well, if your answer is yes, feel open to check out other guides on MMOPIXEL.

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Getting Commodities

So, for starters, you should be only focusing on Laranite and Titanium because these are best for trading at this spot. Other materials are also good but these truly shine in Trading.

There are two things you can go for. Either go for everything full because you have an aUEC and a big ship to carry that cargo or you don’t have those luxuries and want to get the best out of your small ship/less aUEC.

So, in both cases, you should try to fill your cargo space because it is the most efficient thing out there to do. If you have an aUEC and cargo space, fill the cargo space with Laranite. On the other hand, if you don’t have enough Laranite, go for full cargo with Titanium or other material.

After you have made a decision, simply put the cursor to the right bottom side and pull that slider to the right side. If the cargo space is full, you will see it written there on the end, or if you have insufficient aUEC, you will also see that written there.

Proceed with the payment and you are good to go with the commodities to trade. Finally, leave the area and go to your ship to head for that trade.

Emergency Situation

There are chances when you will find people around your ship or on the front. There is only one way to get onto the ship and its front, while it is fully covered by people to steal your commodities.

So, for this to never happen, you can simply put up a Respawn at the ship with Carrek and when you are going to die, the respawn will be that ship instead of the graveyard. Fast forward to the save scenario where people are hanging on your ship to steal, you can simply press Backspace and you will wake up at Carrick. It is an emergency, so it is only when you don’t have anywhere else to go except losing your cargo.

Selling the Commodities


Now that you bought the commodities and safely bought them for your ship, you can head over to Lorville to sell these items. Your journey is to Central Business/ central station and you will have to take the commerce line route to that location.

It is surely a long way, but this is the same for every planet out there. So, whichever route you will take, the things will be nearly the same.

Running for quite some time, you will reach the location to your left and there you will see that Trading and Shipping Console. Interact with that, go to the Sell menu, and select the vehicle. Your vehicle has all those commodities already present in cargo, so it will be sold after you select the amount at the bottom right.

After selling you will get a little bit of profit and you have to pass through this same painful way to earn a living through it.

Final Verdict

Trading isn’t that much furbished in Star Citizen, but you can make a profit out of the commodities you purchase and later sell. There is a chance of danger in Star Citizen of people trying to steal your stuff or hurting you in the process and for that, you will have to be extra careful.

Still, as of now, the Star Citizen Trade mechanism is not that great and you will have to be extra patient to make a living out of it. Ultimately, even if you want to have a taste of trading, you can check out this guide to know exactly what you need to do.

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