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Star Citizen Trading Guide

As an avid Star Citizen player, it is essential to have enough money on your side to purchase various in-game items present in-game. One such method that can help you amass wealth is trading. There is a lot to the art of trading, and knowing what to do, which ships to use, and which routes to take can help you earn up to a million aUEC in an hour. This guide will teach you the optimal ways, and be sure to follow these tips!

What is Trading?

Let's start by tackling the most straightforward question, what is trading? Similar to the real world, it's the act of purchasing and selling assets at specific locations to earn a profit. In this game, these assets are usually cargo you acquire from various places, and you sell them at trading and shipping centers located in cities, outposts, etc.

Trading is hailed to be one of the most profitable activities in the game, giving real mining competition. It is pretty easy to get into (provided you own a ship), and once you know what you are doing, it can be a fun gameplay experience.

Star Citizen Trading

Best Ships

Trading can be very profitable, provided you pick the right ship for yourself. There is a vast array of ships to choose from, and it can get very confusing if you aren't knowledgeable in this aspect. Many ships are viable, from the Avenger Titan to the C2 Hercules. The ships we recommend are:

  • Constellation Taurus 

  • Freelancer Max 

  • The Caterpillar

These ships have excellent cargo space, preventing you from going back and forth. You can do full runs of filled space with commodities at a relatively low cost, netting you high profits. If you have any other ships you want to use, check their cargo space and size, as the money is directly proportional to those aspects.

Trading Locations

There are two types of places affiliated with trade in this game; places where you buy commodities and places where you sell them. There are optimal routes you take to maximize your trading profits. Choosing which places you trade in, following your cargo will help you optimize your runs. Popular places are favored by their location, so if you plan on going there, be prepared for high competition and long times for your sale.

Some good locations for your trade are:

Jumptown (Stanton > Crusader> Yela), Nuen Waste Management (Stanton > Crusader > Daymar), Benson Mining Outpost (Stanton > Crusader > Yela). These locations are good for buying commodities.

Grim Hex, Calliope, and Port Olisar are good places to sell your goods. If you plan your routes well, you can make an optimized route, saving heaps of time.

Several apps and discord servers can help you find the optimal trade route, trade locations, and commodities, which are available for free on the internet. These sites are updated in real-time and provide useful trade information. Make use of these sites well.

Some locations can be more ideal than others, as each station has a limited stock of items. If you aren't limited by money, you are limited by the supply on the trading outpost. 

How do I purchase commodities?

Once you have landed at the trading station, purchasing some commodities is time. There are various items you can purchase, but it's usually advised to buy those items that are in demand, which can yield you a lot of profit.

Once you reach an outpost to purchase goods, ensure your surroundings are safe and land carefully. You should find a building that has an orange antenna on it. Simply enter the building, buy your items, and you can leave. 

Confused about what to buy? The trade items can fluctuate heavily. One day you could have the best luck, and the other day, the worst profits. We cannot tell you what items are best, but we can tell you that, similar to locations, some sites help you determine the type, quantity, and cost of items. Use these sites daily if you are active in your trading endeavors.

Once you enter the outpost, you can see a screen like this. The right side shows you what you can purchase and its varied statistics. The left side shows you details regarding your ship, like your capacity, current commodities, and the legal status of your cargo. 

It is important to note that selling your cargo can be more profitable if your cargo is illegal. However, a separate risk entails it: you cannot sell these goods at normal outposts. Instead, you must enter places like Grim Hex to sell your items.

Ideally, it is advised to fill your cargo to the brim for maximum profits. This will increase your profits as you are making more profit per volume purchased.

Star Citizen Trading Console

Where do I sell my items?

Once you have loaded up your ship with your items, it's time to sell them. So head on over to your trading station. 

Once you reach your destination, you must use a transit system to go to the Central Station, where you will sell your items. You will use the commerce line, a green line you can notice on the transit board. It's a relatively long trip, so sit back and relax!

Once you reach the location, you should find a similar terminal when buying your commodities. This time, you will go to the sell tab, choose your ship, and sell the items you bought. You can sell select items, although it is usually recommended to sell everything in your ship for optimized runs.

During this entire process, be wary of intruders. Griefing is a prevalent activity in this game, and if you aren't careful, they can enter your ship and harm you while you are out purchasing/selling goods. Also, be aware of people hanging around your ship, waiting on the chance when you open your main door to enter.

Star Citizen Trading Sell

Trading is a viable way of earning heaps of money. It is a fun aspect of the game, similar to merchant activities. However, it can get quite grindy and risky at times. People might not be interested in such a heavy grind. Sometimes they may not have the required aUEC to get started on trading. This can be painful.

Fortunately, there is a way to skip the grind phase and end up right at the fun phase. You can purchase aUEC for very cheap and affordable rates.

If you need them, you can click on our website MMOPixel to buy Star Citizen aUEC. We provide the best service.


Waiting for the server to refresh is normal, as it helps refresh stock. This can help you reach maximum capacity, thus reaching high-profit numbers.

Laranite, Agricium, and Medical Supplies yield high profits usually. Keep in mind to always check sites for the best items to buy, but if you are in a hurry, these items are a good commodity for profit.

Don't invest all your money in trading; keep some buffer money (around 50-100k) in case of emergencies/unfortunate incidents 

To conclude, trading is a fun, profitable activity that can amplify your gameplay experience, provided you know what you are doing. Hopefully, this guide helped you understand and utilize this activity, and we hope to see you stocking up on items on your ship!

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