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The Elder Scrolls Online Beginner's Guide for Getting Started

The world of Tamriel is full of adventure and complete top-notch exploration experience. There is a lot to see in The Elder Scrolls Online, a distinctive fighting system, intricate crafting mechanisms, several PvP and PvE options, and hundreds of quests. It offers a great variety of things to do and explore, making it complex for newbies to understand. It can be pretty daunting and unfriendly for first-time players, so to make it easier and more entertaining, here is a beginner's guide for The Elder Scrolls Online.

Races and Classes

When opening the game screen for the first time, it will ask you to create your character, and you don't need to make it a hard choice as every weapon in the game is usable by every class. In addition, you are free to level up nearly every skill in the game. Before anything else, you might feel overwhelmed by seeing so many races and classes to choose from. 

There are plenty of ways to build your unique character, but what matters is your personal preference. Race is one of the choices you'll need to make to build your character. There are a total of 10 different ESO races available, which are divided into Alliances:

Daggerfall Covenan




Aldmeri Dominion

Altmer (Highelf)


Khaki it

Ebonheart Pact




Other Races


If you ask me, I would say Race doesn't matter that much. However, it might be helpful to boost your passive skills like stamina and critical strike. Each Race is different in itself, so I recommend choosing the one you like as it doesn't matter.

Conversely, the class can define your role, be it Tank, Healer, or DPS. It would be wise to select a class after a quick review of their roles and tasks. Here's a list of the six available classes:

●        Sorcerer

●        Nightblade

●        Templar

●        Dragonknight

●        Warden

●        Necromancer

All classes have unique skill sets and weapon types, and none class is the best or worst in ESO online. Your class choice affects only your skills as each class has its weapon and armor types.


Skills are at the very core of The Elder Scrolls Online; these will affect everything, such as crafting, lockpicking, stealth, combat, and armor. You gain expertise in each skill the more you use them. Racial benefits can also be used to speed up some skills. 

Some very useful skills for any player are Shadow Rider, Rapid Maneuver, Locksmith, and Undaunted Mettle.

The basis of The Elder Scrolls Online is its emphasis on skills, which impact every aspect of the game, including crafting, lockpicking, stealth, combat, and armor. The more you use each talent, the more proficient you get at it. The skills system lets you tailor your character to your play style. The various skills that players possess are known as ESO Skills. You might be looking for the best skill, but the best skill in the game is often related to your playstyle and objectives. There are three main categories of skills in Elder Scrolls: Ultimate Abilities, Active Abilities, and Passive Abilities.

Ultimate abilities – The ultimate abilities are special in that they scale off a character's top damage stats, which are Magicka or Stamina, Spell Damage or Weapon Damage, and Spell Critical or Weapon Critical.

Active Abilities - Active ability may be activated by paying its activation cost, which frequently consists of mana or tapping but may also involve many other elements.

Passive Abilities - Passive ability that is perpetually active is called a passive ability. They are not always displayed in your spellbook or tooltips, however, some are. In addition, many innate abilities and racial characteristics are passive.

Advancing to higher levels of experience, finishing missions, obtaining Skyshards, and Exploring public dungeons from all over Tamriel are ways for players to gain skill points.


Armour and weapons play a crucial role in ESO gameplay. In The Elder Scrolls Online, there are numerous methods to acquire equipment. It can be obtained from adversaries and is hidden in dungeons and open-world chests. It can also be purchased from merchants in Tamriel, made by you or other players, or obtained through guild stores.

But gaining these types of equipment requires you to spend ESO Gold, the in-game currency. There are various ways to get the gold, from farming to selling times in the player Guild Store, but the best way is to purchase them to make faster and easy progress in the game.

If you need them, you can click on our website MMOPixel to buy ESO Gold. We will provide you with the best service.


Crafting is one of the most important skills and can be the trickiest in the game. It allows every adventurer to build items for themselves. There are several different crafting professions, including alchemy, blacksmithing, clothing, enchanting, provisioning, woodworking, and jewelry crafting. First, you will have to level up the professions most relevant to your character. 

The right professions for each character will depend on class and preference. Then you'll need to locate a crafting station. There you will find stations like Alchemy Station, Blacksmithing Station, Clothing Station, Cooking Fire, Enchanting Station, Jewelry Station, and Woodworking Station. Crafting Stations are locations where you can engage in the vocations related to crafting. Simply choose the items you wish to create, and promptly you will have them. You'll need to go out into the wild and gather the appropriate materials before you can truly begin crafting.

Ingredients - They can be acquired in a variety of ways. The first and most common method is to kill enemies and obtain loot.

Ore - The simplest method of obtaining ores is merely to extract them from a node. Doing so will consistently receive between 3 and 4 ores every single time.

Runes - These are usually found next to bridges, ruins, and temples in the field. Runes can also be extracted from glyphs and obtained via rune nodes.

All other materials needed for crafting can be freely gathered by wandering Tamriel. But you'll need to give your time and explore as much as possible.

Enjoy the journey

The Elder Scrolls Online is a bit complex game; it is impossible to understand everything by reading a blog. The things you read here will help you a lot in the game but are not sufficient to make you fully understand the game. To grasp the game hard, you have to play it yourself and experience some things beyond this guide. 

From my side, it is recommended that you go with the flow, take your time, complete missions and activities that you find interesting, and gradually advance toward completing levels. Just enjoy the amazing details of the virtual world and its story rather than hastily completing levels. 

This guide only provides you with basic information regarding what to do at the start, but to master every aspect, you will have to spend your important hours with the game. As time progresses, you will start enjoying exploration, interaction with other gamers, resource gathering, and many other things. You may find my thoughts obsolete or me conservative, but I believe that every game should be played in the way it is meant to be played.

The Elder Scrolls Online is a massive game with many things to do. Sometimes this huge amount of option availability might be overwhelming for a complete beginner; it's easy to get confused after seeing such a variety. This beginners guide for The Elder Scrolls Online is just to build a strong foundation. Now, as you've learned the basics, it's your time to explore the vast land of Tamriel and learn it on your own.

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