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The Final Fantasy XIV Starlight Celebration is upon us once again

By kevin|June 18, 2021 3:21 PM|56 Views

Final Fantasy XIV will roll into the winter holidays with its annual seasonal event, Starlight Celebration. From December 14 until 31, players can obtain a festive Snowman Bell mount and furniture items. Provided you are one of the lucky players who own an in-game house, you can furnish it with icy brick walls, pine trees, and snow-covered platforms.

Players will need to be level 15 and above to participate. Speaking to Amh Garanjay in Old Gridania will initiate Starlight Celebration's quests. After participating in the Final Fantasy XIV Starlight Celebration festivities, players will be given a Snowman Bell. The Snowman Bell with beckon the new mount, which is a festive snowman.

In addition to the seasonal event, players have plenty of new content to explore.
Here are the rewards for joining the event:

Snow-Dusted Tree – Few realize the "snow" that rests on the boughs of this outdoor furnishing item is in fact cake icing.

Unmelting Ice Partition – One of the few furnishings that must rely on mystic energies simply to maintain structural integrity.

Unmelting Ice Loft – Though the ability to defy the laws of gravity and nature is certainly impressive, the best thing about this handy platform is that footprints can be made in the thin layer of snow on top. Go ahead, try it!

Snowman Bell – For some reason, ringing this bell summons forth a behatted and begloved embodiment of festive cheer. With that in mind, it would be rather a shame not to ring it.

Aside from that, today starts the launch of FFXIV Online Digital Holiday Card. Square Enix invites the community to share the season's greetings from Eorzea with friends, family, and Free company members by making their own animated Digital Holiday Card. They can be downloaded and shared with those they can about to celebrate the season together.

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