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Throne and Liberty Guide to Best Dagger and Longbow Melee DPS Build

Welcome to our Throne and Liberty Guide to Best Dagger & Longbow Melee DPS Build. In this article we are going to discuss everything about this Build. This article aims to enhance your understanding of the Throne and Liberty game’s Dagger & Longbow weapons, and guide you in making informed decisions, particularly if you are getting started with it. We will explore the approaches for utilizing these weapons in both close combat and ranged DPS settings. Ensure that you go through the entire article to capture every detail. Let's commence by examining the basic build setup that you should aim for.

Build Setup of Dagger & Longbow

Dagger & Longbow is a Melee/Ranged DPS build for Throne and Liberty. This build is designed for both PvP and PvE content. Having information about the build setup is paramount before moving on with the usage and combination of these weapons with any powerful build. In this section we will breakdown the entire build set and have a look at each and every component of the Dagger & Longbow. We will be looking at the components like Skills, Stats, Equipment,Weapons Main/Off-Hand, and Passives. Let’s start this section by discussing Stats.


There are many stats of the Dagger & Longbow Build, but two of the most important stats are:

  • Perception- Perception is an important stat that allows you to have an enhanced Ranged Damage and hit chance.

  • Dexterity - Dexterity is another crucial stat that can be used for an enhanced Evasion speed. This stat is also useful to get increased movement speed and Crit Chance. It also helps to increase the damage that you dealt on your target.


  • Dagger is used in Main Hand

  • Longbow is used in Off-hand

The main hand weapon is the Dagger and the Longbow is used for the off-hand. This combination of the weapons gives you a wonderful opportunity to deal critical DMG. This makes it one of the best melee or ranged DPS builds that can be used in both PvP and PvE matches.

Throne and Liberty Longbow Melee DPS Build


When you start with this build, don’t hurry and sweat too much for the aspects of your gear. There will be a time when you need to worry about it, but it’s not when you are just getting started with the build. When you get to reach the Level 50 of the game, then only you will need to think about the various gear aspect options. So, it is quite simple what you should do. You should only focus on getting bonuses and leveling up faster. Till level 50, equip yourself with everything that you can find and don’t worry too much about the aspects.


In this section we will be providing the list of skills that we can use with the Dagger & Longbow Build. Currently, there are 9 skills that can be used with Dagger and 3 skills that can be used with the Longbow. 

Skills of Dagger

  • Predatory Strike – Imparts 490% Damage + 80 additional damage initially, followed by an extra 40% Damage consecutively. Inflicted damage sees a 9% augmentation when the target is subject to your ongoing Poison, Curse, or Burning Damage.

  • Camouflage Cloak – Lets you conceal yourself from enemy’s attacks for 6.5 seconds. No one can see you and no one can attack you as well. The initial magical, ranged and melee Attack executed while concealed ensures a forceful impact. Visibility is forfeited upon any offensive action or morphing. That means you can be seen by the opponents if you do so.

  • Ankle Strike – Inflicts substantial damage with an 80% chance of inducing Prone when applied to individuals who are Sleeping, Bound, or Stunned. The Prone condition persists for a duration of 3 seconds. Essentially, this skill mirrors Ascension Slash but with a dagger as a weapon.

  • Inject Venom – This skill can be used to Add Enfeeble. It allows you to add poison to every attack for 6 seconds. Though the poison is only there for 6 seconds, it will continue to deal damage continuously. It will also stop the regeneration of health.

  • Shadow Strike – This dagger skill allows you to get past an enemy and attack the target from behind to deal damage. 

  • Brutal Incision – It can deal high damage and enhances Critical hit rate for the opponents who have 50% or less in terms of health.

  • Knife Throwing – Lets you attack with 3 daggers in a specified direction. Helps to reduce the movement speed of your target.

  • Black Wind Spirit – damage is dealt to every opponent in the range of 4-meters.

Skills of Longbow

  • Decisive Sniping – This skill of longbow is used to deal damage. Using this skill you can enhance the Critical Hit Chance in terms of the health left with your target. When you manage to strike a critical hit, the cooldown time would reset.

  • Deadly Marker – you can put a target on any opponent with a 90% possibility. This will result in an increased rate of Critical and normal hit.

  • Ensnaring Arrow – This skill lets you deal damage to opponents. Grants you a bind chance for a total of 3 seconds with 80% possibility of landing it.



  • Wrathful Edge – This Dagger Passive enhances the Critical Hit Damage dealt by you by 21%.

  • Vicious Fangs – This passive enhances the Magical , Melee and Ranged critical hit chances of your attacks when you are striking an opponent who is inflicted by Poison from your attacks.

  • Assassin’s Instincts – This passive enhances the Magical , Melee and Ranged critical hit chances of your attacks.

  • Profuse Poison – This passive can boost the duration for which the Poison can last by about 51%. The damage of the poison, as a result, will also increase. It’s 11% for the daytime and 51% for the night time.

  • Shadow Walker – Shadow Walker comes into effect after the use of Mobility. It helps in boosting the Magic and Ranged Evasion for 6s up to 690.

  • Assassin’s Step – If you manage to beat your target then your speed increases in terms of Mana Regeneration, attack and movement for 6s. Whichever skill you chose to deploy first in that time period, won’t take any mana. For the night, this time is increased to 9s.


  • Firm Aim – if you are attacking targets who are Bound, then it will boost your Magic, Ranged and Melee Crit Chance.

  • Devoted Shield – activates in case of Enfeebled. It gives a 7.5% chance of creating a shield. This shield has 3,000 HP and remains there for 3s.

Throne and Liberty Dagger Melee DPS Build

Playing Dagger & Longbow Build in Throne and Liberty

We have discussed how you can set up the build of Dagger & Longbow. Let’s have a look at various combo moves that you can do to maximize the effects of the build with these weapons.

Dagger & Longbow Build can be played by using basic skills and do nothing special for it. But there is a downside to it. Those who are experienced in making use of these skills and passives will prevail while those who are just getting started might face some issues. But these passives and skills can be used in a certain order so that it can boost the damage dealt. Here are some of the most used combos that can be used in the game. These combo attacks depend upon various situations so you are advised to use them carefully. Here is a possible combo attack:

Vicious Fangs -> Inject Venom - With the former you can boost chances of critical hit for the poisoned enemies and with the latter you can inject more poison keeping that target in the poisoned state for a much longer time.


This was all about the Throne and Liberty Guide to Best Dagger and Longbow Melee DPS Build. We have seen what are the most important components that you should look out for while combining these weapons with the build. Dagger and Longbow of Throne and Liberty can be used for increased damage but that requires you to use them carefully and in a situation where they can be used to maximize the damage output. We have also discussed a combo move that can be used with it. Make sure to try it and tell your experience in the comments. This will be all from us for now. Stay tuned with us for more updates.

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