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Throne and Liberty Mounts Guide

Tired of the same old trot-and-gallop grind in MMORPGs? Throne and Liberty throws away the dusty stable keys and unleashes a revolutionary twist on travel: you control the reins, or scales, or fins. Imagine soaring through majestic canyons as a majestic eagle, slicing through sapphire waves as a sleek dolphin, or charging across sprawling plains as a mighty wolf. This is no passive mount system; in Solisium, you embrace the beast within and unlock a primal kind of freedom.

Whether you're a lone adventurer craving exhilarating exploration, a cunning tactician plotting the perfect PvP ambush, or a dungeon-crushing warrior seeking an edge in chaotic raids, these wild transformations aren't just for show. They're tools to conquer the land, dominate the skies, and plumb the depths of the ocean, all with the raw power and agility of the animal kingdom. So shed your saddle and prepare to unleash the inner wolf, hawk, or leviathan - Solisium awaits, and only the boldest shapeshifters will truly claim its secrets.

Roam the Wilds: Land Mounts of Solisium

The vast plains and rolling hills of Solisium beckon your inner explorer, and what better way to answer than with the wind whipping through your fur as a wolf, the earth pounding beneath your hooves as a mighty steed, or the thrill of the hunt coursing through your veins as a stealthy panther? Let's explore the realm's formidable land mounts:

The Stalwart Steed

Horses are classic for a reason. These trusty companions offer swift ground cover, making them ideal for traversing open stretches and outpacing rivals on the battlefield. Choose from agile palominos for quick bursts of speed, sturdy workhorses for carrying heavy burdens, or even noble destriers for a truly knightly entrance.

The Furtive Stalker

Wolves are more than just loyal allies; they're masters of the hunt and agile navigators of treacherous terrain. Unleash your inner alpha and sprint across grasslands, stalk enemies through dense forests with your unmatched stealth, and scale rocky cliffs with ease thanks to their surefooted paws.

The Unyielding Guardian

Bears are nature's tanks, offering formidable defense and raw power. Charge into the fray, knocking down enemies like bowling pins with your imposing bulk, or hunker down and weather a storm of attacks with your thick fur. Some legendary bears can even swim short distances, making them surprisingly versatile companions.

Beyond the Big Three

Solisium offers a menagerie of unique land mounts, each with their own strengths and quirks. Ride a majestic stag for a graceful exploration experience, bound across chasms with a nimble mountain goat, or even lumber through dense jungles atop a giant rhinoceros. The possibilities are truly wild!

Remember, your choice of land mount isn't just aesthetic. Consider your travel needs, preferred combat style, and the terrain you'll be traversing most often. Each mount shines in its way, so experiment and find your perfect four-legged (or eight-legged!) partner for adventures on the ground.

Throne and Liberty Mounts

Soar Above the Clouds: Taking Flight with Air Mounts

Forget the stuffy confines of carriages, in Throne and Liberty, the clouds themselves become your highway. Unleash your inner avian, mythical, or even downright fantastical with a diverse roster of air mounts that let you paint the sky with your majestic form. But this freedom comes with its own set of rules:

Mastering the Skies: Flight in Solisium isn't a static affair. You'll need to manage your stamina, just like sprinting on land. Soaring high and performing daring maneuvers burns through it quickly, while gliding gracefully and resting near updrafts replenishes it. Altitude also plays a key role - venturing too high will drain your stamina faster and expose you to dangerous winds. Meet the Winged Wonders:

The Soaring Hawk

A classic predator of the skies, hawks offer swift, low-altitude flight, perfect for scouting enemy positions, surveying the land, or ambushing opponents from above.

The Legendary Griffin

For those seeking raw power and unmatched presence, the griffin reigns supreme. These majestic beasts take to the skies with a thunderous beat of their wings, leaving trails of fire in their wake. Their powerful talons shred enemies apart, and their piercing gaze can spot hidden secrets from afar.

The Enigmatic Wyvern

For those who crave the truly fantastical, the wyvern offers a flight experience unlike any other. With its serpentine body and bat-like wings, it navigates the air with unmatched agility, darting and weaving through tight spaces and unleashing blasts of elemental fury upon its foes.

These are just a taste of the incredible air mounts awaiting you in Solisium. Be warned, though, that aerial combat demands skill and awareness. Master the art of dogfighting, utilize your altitude to your advantage, and rain down destruction upon your enemies from the heavens. Remember, the skies are yours to conquer but respect their unforgiving nature.

Plunge into the Depths: Unveiling Solisium's Sea Mounts

The shimmering blue expanse of Solisium's oceans beckons with hidden treasures, ancient ruins, and creatures unseen by mortal eyes. But venturing into this watery realm requires a different kind of mount - one that can dance with the currents, whisper through coral reefs, and face the lurking dangers of the abyss. Dive into the world of Solisium's aquatic mounts:

Exploring the Liquid Frontier: Underwater exploration in Throne and Liberty isn't just a side activity; it's a whole new world waiting to be discovered. Your sea mount is your key to this realm, allowing you to explore shipwrecks teeming with treasure, navigate labyrinthine coral formations, and uncover secrets hidden in the darkest trenches. The oxygen meter may tick down, but the thrill of uncovering something unknown will keep you pushing deeper. Masters of the Deep:

The Agile Dolphin

Dolphins are the playful acrobats of the seas, weaving through kelp forests and coral gardens with unmatched grace. Their speed and maneuverability make them ideal for dodging predators and scouting hidden pathways. Dive deep with playful clicks and emerge with a smile – the dolphin is your guide to the ocean's mysteries.

The Fearsome Shark

For those who prefer a more intimidating approach, the shark reigns supreme. Glide through the water with silent menace, using your sleek form and razor-sharp teeth to dominate the underwater food chain. Unleash a feeding frenzy on unwary prey or rip through enemy divers with chilling efficiency. The shark is the apex predator of the deep, and few dare challenge its reign.

The Wise Turtle

Don't underestimate the ancient wisdom of the sea turtle. Their massive shells offer both protection and powerful ram attacks, ideal for crushing through coral or fending off aggressive foes. Turtles can dive to incredible depths, unlocking access to sunken treasures and forgotten ruins. Their slow but steady pace allows for careful exploration and resource gathering.

These are just a few of the incredible sea mounts waiting to whisk you through the vibrant underworld of Solisium. Remember, underwater combat takes on a whole new dynamic. Utilize your mount's strengths, navigate the currents to your advantage, and unleash surprise attacks from the depths. The ocean holds immense power, and with the right sea mount, you can command it.

Throne and Liberty Mounts Guide

Unlocking and Unleashing Your Inner Beast: Mount Acquisition and Customization in Solisium

The thrill of a new mount isn't just about the speed or the swagger – it's about the journey of acquiring it. In Throne and Liberty, your stable won't fill overnight. Each mount tells a story, earned through your grit, your cunning, or your willingness to delve into the unknown.

From Humble Steeds to Mythical Beasts:

  • Quest Master: Earn your trusty steed through classic hero's quests, slaying beasts, clearing dungeons, and proving your worth to the realm. Each successful journey brings you closer to unlocking a reliable companion, ready to carry you through your early adventures.

  • Achievement Hunter: Push your limits and surpass expectations. Conquer challenging feats, collect hidden treasures, and master daring combat skills. As you rack up prestigious achievements, the gates to exclusive mounts, each boasting unique abilities and visual splendor, gradually unlock.

  • Treasure Seeker: Unveil the secrets of Solisium. Explore ancient ruins, decipher cryptic puzzles, and delve into forgotten temples. Unearthing these hidden caches not only rewards you with rare loot but also grants access to legendary mounts, whispered about in forgotten lore.

  • The Cash Shop: While the most rewarding mounts often lie at the end of epic journeys, Throne and Liberty offers a curated selection in the cash shop. These options provide convenience and visual variety, allowing you to find an aesthetically pleasing companion right away.


So this was all about the Throne and Liberty mounts guide. In Throne and Liberty, mounts are more than mere transportation; they're extensions of your very being, unleashing the primal power and freedom of the animal kingdom. 

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