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Throne and Liberty Guide to Level Up Fast

We are here with a Throne and Liberty guide to help you level up fast and increase the gameplay experience. It will help you the most because levelling up quickly gives you an unparalleled advantage.

In MMORPGs, levelling up may be a challenging process that frequently takes you through phases where you might feel like your progress is going very slowly. Explaining how Throne and Liberty's level system functions is crucial. This background is important, especially in light of the developers' promises to completely redesign the system. Although the core MMORPG concepts will remain the same, the development team has tried to incorporate novel aspects into their work. We reveal the techniques for quickly levelling Throne and Liberty, guaranteeing that you will advance through all 70 stages with unparalleled accuracy and speed. Our techniques and insights will enable you to overcome the obstacles that lie ahead, regardless of your level of experience or familiarity with the field.

Mostly, in Throne and Liberty, fulfilling missions or contracts is a common way to speed up levels. It's crucial to remember that Throne and Liberty have undergone substantial changes in this area of levelling. 

Dynamic Events

Dynamic Events take place in Throne and Liberty every few hours, occasionally even more frequently. Along with helping to upgrade materials, these events offer excellent experience points. Thus, taking part in Dynamic Events in-between quests is crucial to levelling up! Events can take the shape of World Boss Events, and more. 

Lastly, every few hours, there are also World Boss Events. Bosses offer fantastic stuff and experience points as rewards. A major tenet of Throne and Liberty is events. You should go to as many of the events that are appearing all across the map as possible. In-game, an Event tracker is also available. In this manner, you can choose the event you want to attend in advance. 

Simple objectives like killing as many monsters as you can in a set amount of time are frequently assigned to you during events. They are a must-do on your levelling-up list in Throne and Liberty since they award a tonne of EXP and stuff.

Daily Quests

Dailies help you garner those rewards which reset daily and hence give you the chance to hoard them in a bunch and also give you experience points periodically to speed up the levelling process. 

Throne and Liberty Daily Quests

Quests Contracts 

There are mainly four main types of Quest contracts in Thrones and Liberty. Each of the four requires different efforts and playstyle and gives a wide range of rewards along with levelling XP. They are designated four different colours blue, purple, yellow, and green. 

  • For a new character, the Purple Main Storyline Contracts are crucial. They offer you a tonne of experience points in addition to teaching you the fundamentals of the game and other helpful Throne and Liberty tips and tricks. You also receive excellent rewards from the purple quests.

  • You are encouraged to interact with different NPCs and explore the realm of Throne and Liberty by completing the Blue Exploration Contracts. Make sure to unlock the Waypoints you approach while exploring.

  • At level 11, the Yellow Daily Contracts become accessible. In addition to providing valuable experience points, the daily gifts can help you level up your equipment.

  • Since guilds are the only ones that may obtain the Green Guild Contracts, be careful to join one.


Exploring Dungeons is a great way to garner EXP and level up fast. When you reach level 20, Spectre Abyss is unlocked by your very first Paola’s Dimension Circle (set of 6 different Dungeons). Remember that the quantity of Dimension Tokens you can use each day to claim rewards from these dungeons is limited.

Wolf Hunting Contest 

Just above Kastleton, in the Blackhowl Plains, is where the Wolf Hunting Contest is conducted. You must kill Wolves to farm as many Wolf Tails as you can during the event. The next step is to put them in one of the three nearby Delivery Chests. The fact that only the player who inflicts the greatest harm on a wolf will receive a tail is the only issue with this. And there are going to be a tonne of players. It's conceivable that players at a higher level will steal your Wolf Tails. For this reason, you should make sure to locate a comfortable area where you won't be bothered all the time.

Skill Enhancements

Working on your skills is one of the best methods to guarantee a smooth sailing way up to level 50. You can make your way into tougher Quests without problems and can acquire XP faster and easier. To improve your skills, gather as many Marins as you can from dungeons and events. Upgrading them not only makes them more effective in combat but also opens up new effects. 

Mob Locations

Take into account the mobs' level range to make sure they offer enough experience points without being unduly difficult, enabling effective grinding. Selecting the ideal site is essential for successful mob grinding. Seek out regions where there is a high concentration of easily defeated mobs, as this will guarantee a constant supply of adversaries without requiring a lot of time to recover between hits. 

When it comes to Throne and Liberty, mob grinding is a good strategy for levelling up quickly. It centres on methodically taking down groups of foes, to gain experience points and advance your character. This method is all about fighting certain kinds of monsters all the time that are known to give good experience points.

 Reset rates and mob pathing are essential for effective mob grinding. To reduce the amount of time between kills, pick locations where creatures regenerate quickly. Additionally, to maximise your grinding path, become familiar with the creatures' movement patterns.

Throne and Liberty Mob

Some Additional Tips

  • Make careful to join the party whenever you can since you can gain extra experience points. Going to Abyss Dungeons to farm mobs will be very beneficial as it will grant you extra Experience Points and Weapon Points.

  • Make sure you utilise all of the Contracts that are offered. You'd be better off using them in Canina Village, where the objective is easier, as Contracts will transport you there.

  • Remember that enhancing your weaponry and damaging abilities frequently will make content clearing much easier. 

  • You lose a portion of your total experience points (EXP) with each death. Not only that, but you also become weaker and that lowers movement speed and damage. Up until they expire, you can recover your lost experience points and undo death by using Restoration Coins or Sollant. So, make sure to not die and stay alive. 


Overall levelling up is pretty daunting and requires work and effort in Thrones and Liberty but this can be made much easier by referring to the guide. Make sure to stay alive, complete side quests and main quests, additional quests, and grind through mobs to hoard experience points and make your way to the top. This concludes our guide, Happy Gaming!

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