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Throne and Liberty Guide to Weapons - List of All Weapons

Throne and Liberty is renowned for its inventive gameplay features, which include a time of day cycle and dynamic weather system that can greatly affect fighting and exploration. A comprehensive and intricate character customisation mechanism in the game enables players to craft strong, distinctive personas.

In Throne and Liberty, weapons are necessary for fighting, much like in any other massively multiplayer online role-playing game. The weapon you select will greatly influence your fighting effectiveness and playstyle. Upgraded weaponry will provide you an advantage over your opponents with increased damage output and improved stats.

Weapons in Throne and Liberty

Weapons in Throne and Liberty are divided into eight different types:

  • Greatsword

  • Bow

  • Crossbow

  • Magical Staff

  • Sword and Shield

  • Dual Wield

  • Daggers

  • Wand and Tome

Greatswords Playstyle

With their enormous size and lethal power, greatswords provide a distinct playstyle in a variety of games, role-playing games, and fantasy environments. The greatsword playstyle, its advantages and disadvantages, and some advice on how to use greatswords efficiently are summarised here:

  • Powerful and Heavy: Greatswords typically deal heavy damage and require strength and technique to wield effectively. Because of their size and weight, they frequently move more slowly than lighter weapons.

  • Wide Arc Swings: They are well known for their wide swings, which are useful for dealing area-of-effect damage or eliminating formations since they may strike several targets at once.

  • Balanced Offence and Defence: Certain greatswords allow players to deal damage as well as block or parry assaults, providing a balance between offence and defence.

Pros of Using Greatswords

  • High Damage Output: Greatswords often deal substantial damage per strike, making them effective for taking down enemies swiftly.

  • Area Control: With their wide swings, they can cover a larger area, making them useful against multiple opponents or for controlling crowds.

  • Balanced Attributes: Some greatswords offer a balance between offense and defense, allowing for effective blocking or parrying.

Cons of Using Greatswords

  • Slower Speed: Due to their size and weight, greatswords tend to be slower in comparison to lighter, faster weapons, leaving users vulnerable to quicker opponents.

  • Stamina Drain: They often consume more stamina or energy per swing, affecting the number of consecutive strikes a player can perform before needing to rest or recover stamina.

  • Limited Mobility: Greatswords can limit the player's movement and agility, making it harder to dodge or evade attacks.

Tips for Using Greatswords Effectively

  • Timing and Patience: Greatswords require good timing and patience due to their slower speed. Learning the timing of swings and enemy patterns is crucial.

  • Manage Stamina: Keep an eye on your stamina bar; using greatswords can quickly drain stamina. Learn to manage it effectively to avoid being defenseless.

  • Positioning and Distance: Utilize the greatsword's wide swings by maintaining proper positioning and adjusting the distance between you and your enemies to maximize the effectiveness of your strikes.

  • Master the Moveset: Practice and master the various attack combinations and special moves unique to your greatsword to optimize your combat strategy.

  • Combo Attacks: Learn to combo attacks or pair greatsword strikes with other abilities or maneuvers for maximum impact.

Throne and Liberty Greatswords

Bow Playstyle

A bow playstyle in Throne and Liberty offers a unique and rewarding experience. Here's an overview of the bow playstyle, its pros and cons, and some tips for using bows effectively:

  • Range and Precision: Bows are generally ranged weapons, allowing players to attack from a distance. They often require aiming and precision to hit targets effectively.

  • Stealth and Strategy: Bows can be associated with stealth gameplay, allowing players to attack silently from a distance, making it a choice for players favoring strategic approaches.

  • Utility in Diverse Situations: They might have various types of arrows, like fire arrows for causing damage over time or poison arrows for debuffing enemies, providing versatility in combat situations.

Pros of Using Bows

  • Distance Advantage: Bows allow players to attack enemies from afar, avoiding direct confrontation.

  • Stealth and Silent Kills: Enables silent takedowns and stealthy approaches due to their quiet nature, letting players take out enemies without alerting others.

  • Versatility: Different arrow types can provide various effects, offering adaptability in combat scenarios.

  • Precision and Skill-based: Using bows often involves aiming skills, rewarding players who excel in accuracy and timing.

Cons of Using Bows

  • Limited Close Combat: Bows are less effective in close combat situations, and players might struggle if enemies get too close.

  • Aiming and Patience: Requiring steady aim and patience, using bows can be challenging for players who prefer faster-paced combat.

  • Ammunition Dependence: This relies on arrows, and running out of ammunition can leave players vulnerable if not properly managed.

  • Skill Requirement: Mastering the bow's accuracy and timing can take time and practice, making it a bit challenging for beginners.

Crossbow Playstyle

Similar to the bow, the crossbow is a ranged weapon that is more potent and has a faster rate of fire, but it is less precise. Crossbow users usually choose a mid-range position in combat, moving around the battlefield fairly swiftly and striking adversaries from a distance.


  • High damage output

  • Fast attack speed

  • Good mobility


  • Low accuracy

  • Vulnerable to close-range attacks

Tips for Using Crossbows Effectively

  • Use your fast attack speed to apply status effects to enemies.

  • Be aware of your surroundings and avoid getting caught in enemy attacks.

  • Use cover to your advantage when attacking enemies.

Throne and Liberty Crossbow

Magical Staff Playstyle

The magical staff is a ranged weapon that can be used to cast a variety of spells. Users of magical staffs can change the course of battle, hinder adversaries, strengthen allies and oneself, and inflict damage on enemies.

In battle, magical staff users usually take a backseat position, keeping out of harm's way while using spells to help comrades and vanquish adversaries.


  • Versatility

  • High damage output

  • Can buff allies and debuff enemies

  • Can control the battlefield


  • Low mobility

  • Long cast times

  • Vulnerable to close-range attacks

Throne and Liberty Magical Staff

Sword and Shield Playstyle

The sword and shield is a balanced combination of offense and defense. Sword and shield users can attack enemies while also protecting themselves from damage. Sword and shield users typically play a frontline role in combat, leading the charge and protecting their allies from harm.


  • Good balance of offense and defense

  • High survivability

  • Can protect allies


  • Low mobility

  • Can be outmatched by more specialized builds in certain situations

Throne and Liberty Sword and Shield

Dual Wield Playstyle

Players that adopt the fast-paced, aggressive playstyle of dual wielding can simultaneously strike foes with two different weapons. Dual wielders usually on the offensive in battle, dispatching opponents swiftly thanks to their great damage output and mobility.


  • High damage output

  • Good mobility

  • Can apply status effects quickly

  • Can interrupt enemy attacks


  • Low defense

  • Requires careful positioning to avoid getting hit

Tips for Dual-Wielding Effectively

  • To avoid enemy assaults and move into position for your own attacks, make use of your mobility abilities.

  • Make rapid use of your high damage output to eliminate foes with low health.

  • Use your two weapons to apply different status effects to enemies.

Throne and Liberty Dual Wield

Dagger Playstyle

Daggers are swift, compact weapons that work well for simultaneous damage to several foes. When wielding a dagger, a person usually flanks the adversary by moving quickly and deftly to get behind their lines and eliminate them.


  • High mobility

  • Good damage output

  • Can apply status effects quickly

  • Can backstab enemies for increased damage


  • Low defense

  • Vulnerable to crowd control effects

Throne and Liberty Dagger

Wand and Tome Playstyle

The wand and tome is a combination of ranged and magical attacks. Wand and tome users typically play a backline role in combat, attacking enemies from a distance while also being able to protect themselves with melee attacks.


  • Ranged and magical attacks

  • Good versatility

  • Can buff allies and debuff enemies

  • Can control the battlefield


  • Low mobility

  • Long cast times

  • Vulnerable to close-range attacks

Choosing the Right Weapon

In a game or combat situation, selecting the appropriate weapon entails a number of considerations that can have a big impact on your enjoyment and efficacy.

Things to Take Into Account While Selecting a Weapon:

  • Game Mechanics: Understand the game mechanics, such as weapon stats, special effects, and scaling with your character's attributes. Some weapons may work better with specific character builds.

  • Enemy Types: Consider the types of enemies you're facing. Some weapons may be more effective against certain enemy types or have elemental advantages.

  • Combos and Synergies: Assess how a weapon pairs with other in-game abilities or equipment. Some weapons may have unique synergies or combo well with other gear or skills.

Finding the Best Weapon for Your Playstyle:

  • Customization and Upgrades: Some games allow weapon customization or upgrades. Enhance or modify your chosen weapon to better suit your playstyle.

  • Adaptability: Sometimes a weapon might not immediately feel right but could become effective as you adapt your tactics. Don't dismiss a weapon too quickly; give it a fair chance.


So this was all about Throne and Liberty Guide to Weapons - List of All Weapons; we discussed every weapon in the game with their pros and cons and gave some tips for using some weapons.

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