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Tree of Savior launched

Through a long period of beta, Tree of Savior finally been launched on May 10. The launch includes a new South East Asian server. Tree of Savior is officially free-to-play and ready to download on Steam as of today’s maintenance.
This morning, the peak playerbase has already tripled in size from last week to today. IMCGames plans to open more servers across the regions “should the number of players in another server justify it.

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Tree Of Savior Patch Note for July 5th

Bykevin|July 5, 2016

Saviors! We ushered the new Scheduled Maintenance of Tree Of Savior. IMCGAMES added some new New Items and fixed some Bugs in this Maintenance.

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Tree of Savior banned over 3000 accounts

Bykevin|April 20, 2016

Tree of Savior's company said that they banned over 3000 accounts (blocked 1394 bots and banned an additional 1678 exploiters) because of cheat.

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