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Tree Of Savior Patch Note for July 5th

Saviors! We ushered the new Scheduled Maintenance of Tree Of Savior. IMCGAMES added some new New Items and fixed some Bugs in this Maintenance.
Maintenance Period: 01:00 to 05:00 (EDT) July 5, 2016. Let take a look for more details.
New Items

New Premium Hairstyles
- Noble Dandy Cut (Male)
- Braid Ponytail (Female)
Zombie Capsule
- The Zombie Capsule is an item that allows you to summon a zombie and can be used by characters who have learned the Bokor’s Zombify skill.
- Using the capsule will summon one zombie of the same level as the summoning character.
- Even using the Zombie Capsule, you character will not be able to summon more zombies than the maximum number allowed by the Zombify skill.
- This item will cost 300 silver and can be purchased from the Bokor Master or Bokor Submaster NPCs.
- The Zombie Capsule has a cooldown time of 27 seconds.
Bugs Fixed

- The problem of material items not being applied to refilled poison pots when they’re crafted using both poison and material items has been fixed.
- The problem where clicking the Cancel button after opening the Refreshment Table and Base Camp skill menus would make the description and icon in the corresponding UI disappear has been fixed.
- The jumping height of female Musketeer characters will now be displayed correctly.
- The error where certain untradeable items were still able to be sold in shops has been fixed.
- The light beads in the Residence of the Fallen Legwyn Family gimmick will now move towards the character even when the gimmick’s monster is defeated by a summon.
Happy Gaming.
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