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What is the maximum level you can reach in New World?

If you're not already familiar with it, New World is the upcoming and long-awaited MMORPG from Amazon Games Studios. And that wait is almost over, given that New World is finally launching to the public next month on August 31st.

As a quick rundown, this is an action-focused MMO that features everything from faction warfare to a rich open world that's dotted with quests, treasures, and discoverable locations and settlements and having spent some time with it now, I'm confident in saying that it's coming together nicely. This last week, I was given a whole five hours to run around, leveling up my own character from scratch - a process which had me venturing through the very first zone, Windward, which spans the first ten levels of gameplay and then some - and then jumping into a session of New World's PvPvE mode, Outpost Rush. And then, finally, I was given a tour through one of New World's endgame dungeons - The Lazarus Instrumentality - which is aimed at parties of five characters who have reached level 60.

As with any MMO, throughout the questing players will complete objectives to gain XP and level up their characters along the way. There are a variety of different ways that players can earn XP through all the game modes New World has to offer.

What is the max level in New World?

In New World, the highest level you can currently reach in the game is level 60. At level 60, players will have access to end game content including high-level expeditions, PVP, and other PvE experiences not available to players of a lower level.

At Level 60, New World's end-game content will kick in, involving high-level dungeons, invasions, and plenty of opportunities to have fun in both PvE and PvP situations.

In the future, it's very likely that New World's max level will increase as more content is added to the game. But as things currently stand, Level 60 is the cap. If you're intent on getting to the end-game as quickly as possible, you should focus on completing the main and side missions in the game, because they give you XP at by far the highest rate of other in-game activities such as fishing or crafting.

New World has been a massive success since it was released in closed beta, and there's a lot of classic MMO content that fans adore; and within New World, there's plenty of weapons for players to experiment with so they can find the ones best suited for their playstyle. Our website will be launched New World coins. Help you choose weapons faster.

If you're into ARPGs or action-focused open-world games, and you're also a fan of MMORPGs with a faster-paced feel to them, then New World is likely to be your cup of tea.

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